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Maclaurin series
No description available.
Madhava series
In mathematics, a Madhava series or Leibniz series is any one of the series in a collection of infinite series expressions all of which are believed to have been discovered by an Indian Mathematician
Laurent series
In mathematics, the Laurent series of a complex function is a representation of that function as a power series which includes terms of negative degree. It may be used to express complex functions in
Series expansion
In mathematics, a series expansion is an expansion of a function into a series, or infinite sum. It is a method for calculating a function that cannot be expressed by just elementary operators (additi
Schlömilch's series
Schlömilch's series is a Fourier series type expansion of twice continuously differentiable function in the interval in terms of the Bessel function of the first kind, named after the German mathemati
Fox–Wright function
In mathematics, the Fox–Wright function (also known as Fox–Wright Psi function, not to be confused with Wright Omega function) is a generalisation of the generalised hypergeometric function pFq(z) bas
Dirichlet series
In mathematics, a Dirichlet series is any series of the form where s is complex, and is a complex sequence. It is a special case of general Dirichlet series. Dirichlet series play a variety of importa
Taylor series
In mathematics, the Taylor series or Taylor expansion of a function is an infinite sum of terms that are expressed in terms of the function's derivatives at a single point. For most common functions,
Kapteyn series
Kapteyn series is a series expansion of analytic functions on a domain in terms of the Bessel function of the first kind. Kapteyn series are named after , who first studied such series in 1893. Let be