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Computational mathematics
Computational mathematics is an area of mathematics devoted to the interaction between mathematics and computer computation. A large part of computational mathematics consists roughly of using mathema
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics
The Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics is a peer-reviewed scientific journal covering computational and applied mathematics. It was established in 1975 and is published biweekly by Elsev
Least-squares spectral analysis
Least-squares spectral analysis (LSSA) is a method of estimating a frequency spectrum, based on a least squares fit of sinusoids to data samples, similar to Fourier analysis. Fourier analysis, the mos
Korovkin approximation
In mathematics the Korovkin approximation is a convergence statement in which the approximation of a function is given by a certain sequence of functions. In practice a continuous function can be appr
Lead–lag compensator
A lead–lag compensator is a component in a control system that improves an undesirable frequency response in a feedback and control system. It is a fundamental building block in classical control theo
Data-driven control system
Data-driven control systems are a broad family of control systems, in which the identification of the process model and/or the design of the controller are based entirely on experimental data collecte
Rise time
In electronics, when describing a voltage or current step function, rise time is the time taken by a signal to change from a specified low value to a specified high value. These values may be expresse
Timeline of computational mathematics
This is a timeline of key developments in computational mathematics.
Material point method
The material point method (MPM) is a numerical technique used to simulate the behavior of solids, liquids, gases, and any other continuum material. Especially, it is a robust spatial discretization me
Natural element method
The natural element method (NEM) is a meshless method to solve partial differential equation, where the elements do not have a predefined shape as in the finite element method, but depend on the geome