Category: Rational functions

Hartogs–Rosenthal theorem
In mathematics, the Hartogs–Rosenthal theorem is a classical result in complex analysis on the uniform approximation of continuous functions on compact subsets of the complex plane by rational functio
In mathematics, the polylogarithm (also known as Jonquière's function, for Alfred Jonquière) is a special function Lis(z) of order s and argument z. Only for special values of s does the polylogarithm
Linear fractional transformation
In mathematics, a linear fractional transformation is, roughly speaking, a transformation of the form which has an inverse. The precise definition depends on the nature of a, b, c, d, and z. In other
Elliptic rational functions
In mathematics the elliptic rational functions are a sequence of rational functions with real coefficients. Elliptic rational functions are extensively used in the design of elliptic electronic filter
Padé approximant
In mathematics, a Padé approximant is the "best" approximation of a function near a specific point by a rational function of given order. Under this technique, the approximant's power series agrees wi
Rational function
In mathematics, a rational function is any function that can be defined by a rational fraction, which is an algebraic fraction such that both the numerator and the denominator are polynomials. The coe
Legendre rational functions
In mathematics the Legendre rational functions are a sequence of orthogonal functions on [0, ∞). They are obtained by composing the Cayley transform with Legendre polynomials. A rational Legendre func
Chebyshev rational functions
In mathematics, the Chebyshev rational functions are a sequence of functions which are both rational and orthogonal. They are named after Pafnuty Chebyshev. A rational Chebyshev function of degree n i