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Factorization of polynomials
In mathematics and computer algebra, factorization of polynomials or polynomial factorization expresses a polynomial with coefficients in a given field or in the integers as the product of irreducible
Cantor–Zassenhaus algorithm
In computational algebra, the Cantor–Zassenhaus algorithm is a method for factoring polynomials over finite fields (also called Galois fields). The algorithm consists mainly of exponentiation and poly
Matrix factorization of a polynomial
In mathematics, a matrix factorization of a polynomial is a technique for factoring irreducible polynomials with matrices. David Eisenbud proved that every multivariate real-valued polynomial p withou
Berlekamp's algorithm
In mathematics, particularly computational algebra, Berlekamp's algorithm is a well-known method for factoring polynomials over finite fields (also known as Galois fields). The algorithm consists main
Square-free polynomial
In mathematics, a square-free polynomial is a polynomial defined over a field (or more generally, an integral domain) that does not have as a divisor any square of a non-constant polynomial. A univari
Factorization of polynomials over finite fields
In mathematics and computer algebra the factorization of a polynomial consists of decomposing it into a product of irreducible factors. This decomposition is theoretically possible and is unique for p