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Linear graph grammar
In computer science, a linear graph grammar (also a connection graph reduction system or a port graph grammar) is a class of graph grammar on which nodes have a number of ports connected together by e
Term graph
A term graph is a representation of an expression in a formal language as a generalized graph whose vertices are terms. Term graphs are a more powerful form of representation than expression trees bec
Graph rewriting
In computer science, graph transformation, or graph rewriting, concerns the technique of creating a new graph out of an original graph algorithmically. It has numerous applications, ranging from softw
VIATRA is an open-source model transformation framework based on the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) and hosted by the Eclipse Foundation. VIATRA supports the development of model transformations wit
Tom (pattern matching language)
Tom is a programming language particularly well-suited for programming various transformations on tree structures and XML-based documents. Tom is a language extension which adds new matching primitive
Graph Rewriting and Transformation (GReAT) is a Model Transformation Language (MTL) for available in the GME environment. GReAT has a rich pattern specification sublanguage, a graph transformation sub
GrGen.NET is a software development tool that offers programming languages (domain-specific languages) that are optimized for the processing of graph structured data.The core of the languages consists
Double pushout graph rewriting
In computer science, double pushout graph rewriting (or DPO graph rewriting) refers to a mathematical framework for graph rewriting. It was introduced as one of the first algebraic approaches to graph
Graph reduction
In computer science, graph reduction implements an efficient version of non-strict evaluation, an evaluation strategy where the arguments to a function are not immediately evaluated. This form of non-
Attributed graph grammar
In computer science, an attributed graph grammar is a class of graph grammar that associates vertices with a set of attributes and rewrites with functions on attributes. In the algebraic approach to g
Single pushout graph rewriting
In computer science, a single pushout graph rewriting or SPO graph rewriting refers to a mathematical framework for graph rewriting, and is used in contrast to the double-pushout approach of graph rew