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Stochastic cellular automaton
Stochastic cellular automata or probabilistic cellular automata (PCA) or random cellular automata or locally interacting Markov chains are an important extension of cellular automaton. Cellular automa
Northern Latitudinal Railway
The Northern Latitudinal Railway (NLR, Северный широтный ход) is a Russian railway line under construction in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District. It is 707 kilometres long, along the Obskaya - Sale
Gaussian random field
A Gaussian random field (GRF) within statistics, is a random field involving Gaussian probability density functions of the variables. A one-dimensional GRF is also called a Gaussian process. An import
Point process
In statistics and probability theory, a point process or point field is a collection of mathematical points randomly located on a mathematical space such as the real line or Euclidean space.Point proc
Random field
In physics and mathematics, a random field is a random function over an arbitrary domain (usually a multi-dimensional space such as ). That is, it is a function that takes on a random value at each po
An -superprocess, , within mathematics probability theory is a stochastic process on that is usually constructed as a special limit of branching diffusion where the branching mechanism is given by its
In spatial statistics the theoretical variogram is a function describing the degree of spatial dependence of a spatial random field or stochastic process . The semivariogram is half the variogram. In
Stochastic geometry
In mathematics, stochastic geometry is the study of random spatial patterns. At the heart of the subject lies the study of random point patterns. This leads to the theory of spatial point processes, h
Poisson point process
In probability, statistics and related fields, a Poisson point process is a type of random mathematical object that consists of points randomly located on a mathematical space. The Poisson point proce
Boolean model (probability theory)
For statistics in probability theory, the Boolean-Poisson model or simply Boolean model for a random subset of the plane (or higher dimensions, analogously) is one of the simplest and most tractable m
Point process operation
In probability and statistics, a point process operation or point process transformation is a type of mathematical operation performed on a random object known as a point process, which are often used
Stochastic geometry models of wireless networks
In mathematics and telecommunications, stochastic geometry models of wireless networks refer to mathematical models based on stochastic geometry that are designed to represent aspects of wireless netw
Interacting particle system
In probability theory, an interacting particle system (IPS) is a stochastic process on some configuration space given by a site space, a countable-infinite graph and a local state space, a compact met
Complete spatial randomness
Complete spatial randomness (CSR) describes a point process whereby point events occur within a given study area in a completely random fashion. It is synonymous with a homogeneous spatial Poisson pro