Category: Flooding algorithms

Jump flooding algorithm
The jump flooding algorithm (JFA) is a flooding algorithm used in the construction of Voronoi diagrams and distance transforms. The JFA was introduced at an ACM symposium in 2006. The JFA has desirabl
Flood fill
Flood fill, also called seed fill, is a flooding algorithm that determines and alters the area connected to a given node in a multi-dimensional array with some matching attribute. It is used in the "b
Flooding (computer networking)
Flooding is used in computer networks routing algorithm in which every incoming packet is sent through every outgoing link except the one it arrived on. Flooding is used in bridging and in systems suc
Flooding algorithm
A flooding algorithm is an algorithm for distributing material to every part of a graph. The name derives from the concept of inundation by a flood. Flooding algorithms are used in computer networking