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Adler-32 is a checksum algorithm written by Mark Adler in 1995, modifying Fletcher's checksum. Compared to a cyclic redundancy check of the same length, it trades reliability for speed (preferring the latter). Adler-32 is more reliable than Fletcher-16, and slightly less reliable than Fletcher-32. (Wikipedia).

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Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto no.1 - Maestro Mehta's 80th birthday - Khatia Buniatishvili

Subscribe and click on the bell so you do not miss a single concert! Zubin Mehta, conductor Khatia Buniatishvili, pianist 0:00 Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto no.1 0:52 Allegro non troppo e molto maestoso 19:57 Andantino semplice 26:42 Allegro con fuoco Ancor 36:58 Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody

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Hitler gets a Haircut.


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Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto op.35 & Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture - Live Concert HD

Subscribe for more live classical music: Violinist Alena Baeve and the Düsseldorfer Symphoniker Orchestra conducted by Alexandre Bloch perform Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto op.35 and the Fantasy Overture from Romeo and Juliet (37:15) at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam.

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Rachmaninov, Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini Op.43 (1). Vladimir Ashkenazy / André Previn / LSO

Sergei Rachmaninov, Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini Op.43 p.1, Vladimir Ashkenazy (fortepian) & London Symphony Orchestra, André Previn.(dyrygentura). Nagrania oryginalne z płyty "Sergei Rachmaninov 1873-1943" wydanej przez Deutsche Grammophon /GmbH - Hamburg2000/. -- Zbiory pryw. FULL: h

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Rorschach and Freudians: Crash Course Psychology #21

Herman Rorschach (no, not the guy from Watchmen) came up with the eponymous tests, but what do they mean? Why are we so fascinated with them despite the division in the world of Psychology? Hank tackles these topics as we take a closer look at personality in this episode of Crash Course Ps

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4-6-08 Balcony

an original song written by Taylor Sparks

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Astro Artists Club with Science Friday and Adler Planetarium

Can’t get enough of telescoping with us? Consider making a donation so we can bring you more – give $3.65, because it takes 365 days for Earth to orbit the Sun, or $8, because it takes 8 minutes for light from the Sun to reach the Earth! Really, any amount you give will help us produce our

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Symbolism, Depth, & Romanticism (Isaiah Berlin 1965)

Isaiah Berlin at his very best. This comes from his brilliant series on Romanticism, which you should definitely check out: Isaiah Berlin Overdose:

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The Remote Control: Where did it come from? | Stuff of Genius

Modern TV viewers use remote controls to channel surf from the comfort of their seat -- but it wasn't always this easy. Stuff of Genius tells the story behind everyday inventions. From the bikini to super wheat and everything in between. Viewers will learn the stories of unsung inventor h

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Tut8 Q4 Ex21c

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HAR 2009: Advanced MySQL Exploitation 4/6

Clip 4 Speaker: Muhaimin Dzulfakar This talk focuses on how MySQL SQL injection vulnerabilites can be used to gain remote code execution on the LAMP and WAMP environments. For more information go to:

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D-Day - The German Naval Counterattack

The story of the German Navy's attempts to interfere with D-Day from gunboats to E-Boats, which culminated in a 4-ship destroyer raid against the landing areas on 9 June 1944 and a big naval battle off the coast of Brittany. Special thanks to Frederick at for access to f

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Nazi Symbols - The Story Behind the Imagery

None of the images the Nazis used were created by them, rather they utilised a series of much older symbols from all over the world. Here is the story behind those controversial images. Dr. Mark Felton is a well-known British historian, the author of 22 non-fiction books, including bestse

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(English Version: - 这个三维动画介绍了右髋关节的全髋关节置换术。该手术包括切开、露出髋关节、放置髋臼修复假体(窝)、割掉发炎的股沟头、放置股骨头假体(球)。

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Joe Adler interviewed at Strata NY 2011

Joseph Adler Senior Data Scientist, LinkedIn Joseph Adler has many years of experience in data mining and data analysis at companies including DoubleClick, American Express, and VeriSign. He graduated from MIT with an B.Sc. and M.Eng in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. He is

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