Category: Graph theorists

Víctor Neumann-Lara
Víctor Neumann-Lara (1933–2004) was a Mexican mathematician, pioneer in the field of graph theory in Mexico. His work also covers general topology, game theory and combinatorics.
Ralph Faudree
Ralph Jasper Faudree (August 23, 1939 – January 13, 2015) was a mathematician, a professor of mathematics and the former provost of the University of Memphis. Faudree was born in Durant, Oklahoma. He
S. L. Hakimi
Seifollah Louis Hakimi (1932 – June 23, 2005) was an Iranian-American mathematician born in Iran, a professor emeritus at Northwestern University, where he chaired the department of electrical enginee
Rudolf Halin
Rudolf Halin (February 3, 1934 – November 14, 2014) was a German graph theorist, known for defining the ends of infinite graphs, for Halin's grid theorem, for extending Menger's theorem to infinite gr
Gerhard Ringel
Gerhard Ringel (October 28, 1919 in Kollnbrunn, Austria – June 24, 2008 in Santa Cruz, California) was a German mathematician. He was one of the pioneers in graph theory and contributed significantly
Robin Thomas (mathematician)
Robin Thomas (August 22, 1962 – March 26, 2020) was a mathematician working in graph theory at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Thomas received his doctorate in 1985 from Charles University in Pra
Kenneth Appel
Kenneth Ira Appel (October 8, 1932 – April 19, 2013) was an American mathematician who in 1976, with colleague Wolfgang Haken at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, solved one of the most
Claude Berge
Claude Jacques Berge (5 June 1926 – 30 June 2002) was a French mathematician, recognized as one of the modern founders of combinatorics and graph theory.
Emanuels Grīnbergs
Emanuels Donats Frīdrihs Jānis Grinbergs (1911–1982, westernized as Emanuel Grinberg) was a Latvian mathematician, known for Grinberg's theorem on the Hamiltonicity of planar graphs.
Raymond Paley
Raymond Edward Alan Christopher Paley (7 January 1907 – 7 April 1933) was an English mathematician who made significant contributions to mathematical analysis before dying young in a skiing accident.
Andrew M. Gleason
Andrew Mattei Gleason (1921–2008) was an American mathematician who made fundamental contributions to widely varied areas of mathematics, including the solution of Hilbert's fifth problem, and was a l
Hassler Whitney
Hassler Whitney (March 23, 1907 – May 10, 1989) was an American mathematician. He was one of the founders of singularity theory, and did foundational work in manifolds, embeddings, immersions, charact
Vadim G. Vizing
Vadim Georgievich Vizing (Russian: Вади́м Гео́ргиевич Визинг, Ukrainian: Вадим Георгійович Візінг; 25 March 1937 – 23 August 2017) was a Soviet and Ukrainian mathematician known for his contributions
Dénes Kőnig
Dénes Kőnig (September 21, 1884 – October 19, 1944) was a Hungarian mathematician of Jewish heritage who worked in and wrote the first textbook on the field of graph theory.
Mirka Miller
Mirka Miller (née Koutova, 9 May 1949 – 2 January 2016) was a Czech-Australian mathematician and computer scientist interested in graph theory and data security. She was a professor of electrical engi
Regina Tyshkevich
Regina Iosifovna Tyshkevich (Belarusian: Рэгіна Іосіфаўна Тышкевіч; 20 October 1929 – 17 November 2019) was a Belarusian mathematician, an expert in graph theory, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical S
Klaus Wagner
Klaus Wagner (March 31, 1910 – February 6, 2000) was a German mathematician known for his contributions to graph theory.
Arthur Cayley
Arthur Cayley FRS (/ˈkeɪli/; 16 August 1821 – 26 January 1895) was a prolific British mathematician who worked mostly on algebra. He helped found the modern British school of pure mathematics. As a ch
Alfred Kempe
Sir Alfred Bray Kempe FRS (6 July 1849 – 21 April 1922) was a mathematician best known for his work on linkages and the four colour theorem.
Pál Turán
Pál Turán (Hungarian: [ˈpaːl ˈturaːn]; 18 August 1910 – 26 September 1976) also known as Paul Turán, was a Hungarian mathematician who worked primarily in extremal combinatorics. He had a long collabo
Nicolaas Govert de Bruijn
Nicolaas Govert (Dick) de Bruijn (Dutch: [nikoːˈlaːs ˈxoːvərt də ˈbrœyn]; 9 July 1918 – 17 February 2012) was a Dutch mathematician, noted for his many contributions in the fields of analysis, number
Torrence Parsons
Torrence Douglas Parsons (1941–1987) was an American mathematician. He worked mainly in graph theory, and is known for introducing a graph-theoretic view of pursuit–evasion problems (Parsons 1976, 197
Michel Deza
Michel Marie Deza (27 April 1939 – 23 November 2016) was a Soviet and French mathematician, specializing in combinatorics, discrete geometry and graph theory. He was the retired director of research a
Lothar Collatz
Lothar Collatz (German: [ˈkɔlaʦ]; July 6, 1910 – September 26, 1990) was a German mathematician, born in Arnsberg, Westphalia. The "3x + 1" problem is also known as the Collatz conjecture, named after
E. M. V. Krishnamurthy
Edayyathu Mangalam Venkatarama Krishnamurthy (18 June 1934 – 26 October 2012) was an Indian-born computer scientist. He was a professor at the Department of Computer science, Indian Institute of Scien
Ronald Graham
Ronald Lewis Graham (October 31, 1935 – July 6, 2020) was an American mathematician credited by the American Mathematical Society as "one of the principal architects of the rapid development worldwide
Alfréd Rényi
Alfréd Rényi (20 March 1921 – 1 February 1970) was a Hungarian mathematician known for his work in probability theory, though he also made contributions in combinatorics, graph theory, and number theo
Pierre Rosenstiehl
Pierre Rosenstiehl (5 December 1933 – 28 October 2020) was a French mathematician recognized for his work in graph theory, planar graphs, and graph drawing. The Fraysseix-Rosenstiehl's planarity crite
Crispin Nash-Williams
Crispin St. John Alvah Nash-Williams FRSE (19 December 1932 – 20 January 2001) was a British mathematician. His research interest was in the field of discrete mathematics, especially graph theory.
Ruth Aaronson Bari
Ruth Aaronson Bari (November 17, 1917 – August 25, 2005) was an American mathematician known for her work in graph theory and algebraic homomorphisms. She was a professor at George Washington Universi
Miroslav Fiedler
Miroslav Fiedler (7 April 1926 – 20 November 2015) was a Czech mathematician known for his contributions to linear algebra, graph theory and algebraic graph theory. His article, "Algebraic Connectivit
Cecil C. Rousseau
Cecil Clyde Rousseau, Jr. (January 13, 1938 Philadelphia - April 10, 2020 Memphis) was a mathematician and author who specialized in graph theory and combinatorics. He was a professor at The Universit
Herbert Grötzsch
Camillo Herbert Grötzsch (21 May 1902 – 15 May 1993) was a German mathematician. He was born in Döbeln and died in Halle. Grötzsch worked in graph theory. He was the discoverer and eponym of the Grötz
Dan Archdeacon
Dan Steven Archdeacon (1954–2015) was an American graph theorist specializing in topological graph theory, who served for many years as a professor of mathematics and statistics at the University of V
Paul Kelly (mathematician)
Paul Joseph Kelly (June 26, 1915 – July 15, 1995) was an American mathematician who worked in geometry and graph theory.
Kôdi Husimi
Kōji Husimi (June 29, 1909 – May 8, 2008, Japanese: 伏見康治) was a Japanese theoretical physicist who served as the president of the Science Council of Japan. Husimi trees in graph theory, the Husimi Q r
Adolph Winkler Goodman
Adolph Winkler Goodman (July 20, 1915 – July 30, 2004) was an American mathematician who contributed to number theory, graph theory and to the theory of univalent functions: The conjecture on the coef
Gabriel Andrew Dirac
Gabriel Andrew Dirac (13 March 1925 – 20 July 1984) was a Hungarian/British mathematician who mainly worked in graph theory. He served as Erasmus Smith's Professor of Mathematics at Trinity College Du
Henda Swart
Hendrika Cornelia Scott (Henda) Swart FRSSAf (born 1939, died February 2016 [age 77-78]) was a South African mathematician, a professor emeritus of mathematics at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and a
Anton Kotzig
Anton Kotzig (22 October 1919 – 20 April 1991) was a Slovak–Canadian mathematician, expert in statistics, combinatorics and graph theory. The Ringel–Kotzig conjecture on graceful labeling of trees is
Robert Frucht
Robert Wertheimer Frucht (later known as Roberto Frucht) (9 August 1906 – 26 June 1997) was a German-Chilean mathematician; his research specialty was graph theory and the symmetries of graphs.
Ronald M. Foster
Ronald Martin Foster (3 October 1896 – 2 February 1998), was a Bell Labs mathematician whose work was of significance regarding electronic filters for use on telephone lines. He published an important
R. Leonard Brooks
Rowland Leonard Brooks (February 6, 1916 – June 18, 1993) was an English mathematician, known for proving Brooks's theorem on the relation between the chromatic number and the degree of graphs. He was
András Hajnal
András Hajnal (May 13, 1931 – July 30, 2016) was a professor of mathematics at Rutgers University and a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences known for his work in set theory and combinatorics.
John William Theodore Youngs
John William Theodore Youngs (usually cited as J. W. T. Youngs, known as Ted Youngs; 21 August 1910 Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, India – 20 July 1970 Santa Cruz, California) was an American mathematician.
Richard Rado
Richard Rado FRS (28 April 1906 – 23 December 1989) was a German-born British mathematician whose research concerned combinatorics and graph theory. He was Jewish and left Germany to escape Nazi perse
Tibor Gallai
Tibor Gallai (born Tibor Grünwald, 15 July 1912 – 2 January 1992) was a Hungarian mathematician. He worked in combinatorics, especially in graph theory, and was a lifelong friend and collaborator of P
André Sainte-Laguë
André Sainte-Laguë (French pronunciation: ​[ɑ̃.dʀe sɛ̃ɡy], 20 April 1882 – 18 January 1950) was a French mathematician who was a pioneer in the area of graph theory.His research on seat allocatio
Paul A. Catlin
Paul Allen Catlin (June 25, 1948 – April 20, 1995) was a mathematician, professor of mathematics who worked in graph theory and number theory. He wrote a significant paper on the series of chromatic n
V. J. Havel
Václav J. Havel is a Czech mathematician. He is known for characterizing the degree sequences of undirected graphs. It is an important contribution to the theory graphs.
Horst Sachs
Horst Sachs (27 March 1927 – 25 April 2016) was a German mathematician, an expert in graph theory, a recipient of the Euler Medal (2000). He earned the degree of Doctor of Science (Dr. rer. nat.) from
Shimon Even
Shimon Even (Hebrew: שמעון אבן; June 15, 1935 – May 1, 2004) was an Israeli computer science researcher. His main topics of interest included algorithms, graph theory and cryptography. He was a member
Ilona Palásti
Ilona Palásti (1924–1991) was a Hungarian mathematician who worked at the Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics. She is known for her research in discrete geometry, geometric probability, and the theo
Michel Las Vergnas
Michel Las Vergnas (11 January 1941 – 19 January 2013) was a French mathematician associated with Pierre-and-Marie-Curie University in Paris, and a research director emeritus at the Centre national de
Maria Hasse
Maria-Viktoria Hasse (May 30, 1921 – January 10, 2014) was a German mathematician who became the first female professor in the faculty of mathematics and science at TU Dresden. She wrote books on set
Frank Harary
Frank Harary (March 11, 1921 – January 4, 2005) was an American mathematician, who specialized in graph theory. He was widely recognized as one of the "fathers" of modern graph theory.Harary was a mas
Paul Erdős
Paul Erdős (Hungarian: Erdős Pál [ˈɛrdøːʃ ˈpaːl]; 26 March 1913 – 20 September 1996) was a Hungarian mathematician. He was one of the most prolific mathematicians and producers of mathematical conject
Ronald C. Read
Ronald Cedric Read (19 December 1924 – 7 January 2019) was a British mathematician, latterly a professor emeritus of mathematics at the University of Waterloo, Canada. He published many books and pape
Hansjoachim Walther
Hansjoachim Walther (16 December 1939 – 17 January 2005) was a German politician and mathematician. He was leader of the German Social Union, a right-wing party modelled after the Bavarian CSU, during
W. T. Tutte
William Thomas Tutte OC FRS FRSC (/tʌt/; 14 May 1917 – 2 May 2002) was an English and Canadian codebreaker and mathematician. During the Second World War, he made a brilliant and fundamental advance i
Julius Petersen
Julius Peter Christian Petersen (16 June 1839, Sorø, West Zealand – 5 August 1910, Copenhagen) was a Danish mathematician. His contributions to the field of mathematics led to the birth of graph theor
Judith Q. Longyear
Judith Querida Longyear (20 September 1938–13 December 1995) was an American mathematician and professor whose research interests included graph theory and combinatorics. Longyear was the second woman
Philippe Flajolet
Philippe Flajolet (French: [flaʒɔlɛ]; 1 December 1948 – 22 March 2011) was a French computer scientist.