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Takao Nishizeki
Takao Nishizeki (西関 隆夫, Nishizeki Takao, 1947 – 30 January 2022) was a Japanese mathematician and computer scientist who specialized in graph algorithms and graph drawing.
Ramon Llull
Ramon Llull TOSF (Catalan: [rəˈmoɲ ˈʎuʎ]; c. 1232 – c. 1315/16) was a philosopher, theologian, poet, missionary, and Christian apologist from the Kingdom of Majorca. He invented a philosophical system
Mark Lombardi
Mark Lombardi (March 23, 1951 – March 22, 2000) was an American neo-conceptual artist who specialized in drawings that document alleged financial and political frauds by power brokers, and in general
Pierre Rosenstiehl
Pierre Rosenstiehl (5 December 1933 – 28 October 2020) was a French mathematician recognized for his work in graph theory, planar graphs, and graph drawing. The Fraysseix-Rosenstiehl's planarity crite
W. T. Tutte
William Thomas Tutte OC FRS FRSC (/tʌt/; 14 May 1917 – 2 May 2002) was an English and Canadian codebreaker and mathematician. During the Second World War, he made a brilliant and fundamental advance i
Kozo Sugiyama
Kozo Sugiyama (杉山 公造, Sugiyama Kōzō, September 17, 1945 – June 10, 2011) was a Japanese computer scientist and graph drawing researcher.