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Admissible decision rule

In statistical decision theory, an admissible decision rule is a rule for making a decision such that there is no other rule that is always "better" than it (or at least sometimes better and never worse), in the precise sense of "better" defined below. This concept is analogous to Pareto efficiency. (Wikipedia).

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(ML 11.4) Choosing a decision rule - Bayesian and frequentist

Choosing a decision rule, from Bayesian and frequentist perspectives. To make the problem well-defined from the frequentist perspective, some additional guiding principle is introduced such as unbiasedness, minimax, or invariance.

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(ML 11.6) Inadmissibility

Definition of admissible and inadmissible estimators.

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(ML 11.8) Bayesian decision theory

Choosing an optimal decision rule under a Bayesian model. An informal discussion of Bayes rules, generalized Bayes rules, and the complete class theorems.

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10 Adjoint state method

We show the connection between the method of adjoints in optimal control to the implicit function theorem ansatz. We relate the costate or adjoint state variable to Lagrange multipliers.

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Decision-Making Strategies

In this video, you’ll learn strategies for making decisions large and small. Visit for our text-based tutorial. We hope you enjoy!

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(New Version Available) Introduction to Voting Theory and Preference Tables

Updated Version: This video introduces voting theory and explains how to make a preference table from voting ballots. Site:

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Integration 8 The Substitution Rule in Integration Part 2 Example 1

Working through an example of substitution in integration.

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The Product Rule of Differentiation (Introduction)

This video is a new version of the introductory video to the product rule of differentiation. Site: Search:

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Contract Law 54 IV Pacific Gas & Electric v Thomas Drayage

IV. Contract Performance B. Interpretation Pacific gas & Elect. V. Thomas Drayage (steam turbine accident) To access case file, copy and paste link into browser - These video lectures ar

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"My Statistical Consulting Project was Declared Unconstitutional– And I’m Partly Glad"

Dave Hunter, Professor of Statistics, Penn State Department of Statistics Public Lecture Series "My Statistical Consulting Project was Declared Unconstitutional– And I’m Partly Glad" Hunter’s almost-entirely-nontechnical talk will first introduce and discuss clustering, which is generall

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Affirmative action | Civil liberties and civil rights | US government and civics | Khan Academy

What affirmative action is in the United States and major legal cases and initiatives surrounding it. Coverage of Regents of the University of California v. Bakke, Grutter v. Bollinger, and Proposition 209 in California. View more lessons or practice this subject at https://www.khanacadem

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Master of Legal Studies Webinar | ASU Online

Learn all about ASU's Master of Legal Studies online courses such as the program overview, law highlights, application process and admission requirements from Robert J. Dormandy, Asst. Dean of Graduate programs Sarah Hipolito, Asst. Director of Career Services and Rebecca Herrera, Asst. Di

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Oxbridge Application Guide #1: Colleges, courses, student background

This is the first video in a series on applying to Oxford or Cambridge. In this video we answer the following questions: 1. Why should I want to apply to Oxford or Cambridge? (0:45) 2. What do Oxford and Cambridge look for in students? (2:19) 3. Will my school or background change how lik

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Lecture 2: A structure theorem for rooted binary phylogenetic networks and its various applications

This video is one of the two introductory lectures (Introduction to Discrete Mathematical Biology) given by Momoko Hayamizu as part of an omnibus lecture series "Advanced Modern Mathematical Sciences 2" for undergraduate mathematics majors at Waseda University. In this lecture, she gives a

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Catching a Serial Killer: Inside the Investigation | Real Stories True Crime Documentary

Sir Trevor McDonald presents this documentary which explores the extraordinary pursuit of serial killer Christopher Halliwell by detective Steve Fulcher. Twitter: Facebook - Instagram - @realstoriesdocs Subsc

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Victim Impact Evidence (s4c)

Victim Impact Evidence (s4c) Victim impact evidence informs the jury of the impact of the crime on the family and community of the victim. It is controversial, because of its often emotional, even inflammatory, nature. Class readings:

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When Does Migration Law Discriminate Against Women?

It is possible to identify gendered disadvantage at almost every point in a migrant woman’s journey, physical and legal, from country of origin to country of destination, from admission to naturalization. The presentation by Dr. Catherine Briddick draws on this literature to examine whethe

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This is How You Use the Chain Rule in Calculus

This is How You Use the Chain Rule in Calculus

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Real Lawyer Reacts to A Time To Kill (full movie) // LegalEagle

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