Category: Numbering in politics

Number of parliamentarians in the Fifth French Republic
The number of MPs and senators are prescribed in the French constitution of 4 October 1958.
Apportionment in the European Parliament
The apportionment of seats within the European Parliament to each member state of the European Union is set out by the EU treaties. According to European Union treaties, the distribution of seats is "
National apportionment of MP seats in the Riksdag
The electoral system in Sweden is proportional. Of the 349 seats in the national diet, the unicameral Riksdag, 310 are fixed constituency seats (Swedish: valkretsmandat) allocated to constituencies in
Number of Westminster MPs
Over the history of the House of Commons, the number of Members of Parliament (MPs) has varied for assorted reasons, with increases in recent years due to increases in the population of the United Kin