Category: Hodge theory

Hodge theory
In mathematics, Hodge theory, named after W. V. D. Hodge, is a method for studying the cohomology groups of a smooth manifold M using partial differential equations. The key observation is that, given
Mixed Hodge module
In mathematics, mixed Hodge modules are the culmination of Hodge theory, mixed Hodge structures, intersection cohomology, and the decomposition theorem yielding a coherent framework for discussing var
Hodge structure
In mathematics, a Hodge structure, named after W. V. D. Hodge, is an algebraic structure at the level of linear algebra, similar to the one that Hodge theory gives to the cohomology groups of a smooth
Dolbeault cohomology
In mathematics, in particular in algebraic geometry and differential geometry, Dolbeault cohomology (named after Pierre Dolbeault) is an analog of de Rham cohomology for complex manifolds. Let M be a
Malcev Lie algebra
In mathematics, a Malcev Lie algebra, or Mal'tsev Lie algebra, is a generalization of a rational nilpotent Lie algebra, and Malcev groups are similar. Both were introduced by , Appendix A3), based on
Period mapping
In mathematics, in the field of algebraic geometry, the period mapping relates families of Kähler manifolds to families of Hodge structures.
Mixed Hodge structure
In algebraic geometry, a mixed Hodge structure is an algebraic structure containing information about the cohomology of general algebraic varieties. It is a generalization of a Hodge structure, which
Hodge cycle
In differential geometry, a Hodge cycle or Hodge class is a particular kind of homology class defined on a complex algebraic variety V, or more generally on a Kähler manifold. A homology class x in a
Fontaine's period rings
In mathematics, Fontaine's period rings are a collection of commutative rings first defined by Jean-Marc Fontaine that are used to classify p-adic Galois representations.
Intermediate Jacobian
In mathematics, the intermediate Jacobian of a compact Kähler manifold or Hodge structure is a complex torus that is a common generalization of the Jacobian variety of a curve and the Picard variety a
P-adic Hodge theory
In mathematics, p-adic Hodge theory is a theory that provides a way to classify and study p-adic Galois representations of characteristic 0 local fields with residual characteristic p (such as Qp). Th
Ddbar lemma
In complex geometry, the lemma (pronounced ddbar lemma) is a mathematical lemma about the de Rham cohomology class of a complex differential form. The -lemma is a result of Hodge theory and the Kähler
Hodge conjecture
In mathematics, the Hodge conjecture is a major unsolved problem in algebraic geometry and complex geometry that relates the algebraic topology of a non-singular complex algebraic variety to its subva
Mumford–Tate group
In algebraic geometry, the Mumford–Tate group (or Hodge group) MT(F) constructed from a Hodge structure F is a certain algebraic group G. When F is given by a rational representation of an algebraic t
Hodge–Tate module
In mathematics, a Hodge–Tate module is an analogue of a Hodge structure over p-adic fields. Serre introduced and named Hodge–Tate structures using the results of Tate on p-divisible groups.