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Named graph
Named graphs are a key concept of Semantic Web architecture in which a set of Resource Description Framework statements (a graph) are identified using a URI, allowing descriptions to be made of that s
Hockey stick graph
A hockey stick graph or hockey stick curve is a graph, or curve shape, that resembles an ice hockey stick, in that it turns sharply from a nearly flat "blade" to a long "handle". In economics,marketin
Smith graph
In the mathematical field of graph theory, a Smith graph is either of two kinds of graph. * It is a graph whose adjacency matrix has largest eigenvalue at most 2, or has spectral radius 2 or at most
List of graphs
This partial list of graphs contains definitions of graphs and graph families which are known by particular names, but do not have a Wikipedia article of their own. For collected definitions of graph
Gallery of named graphs
Some of the finite structures considered in graph theory have names, sometimes inspired by the graph's topology, and sometimes after their discoverer. A famous example is the Petersen graph, a concret
Table of the largest known graphs of a given diameter and maximal degree
In graph theory, the degree diameter problem is the problem of finding the largest possible graph for a given maximum degree and diameter. The Moore bound sets limits on this, but for many years mathe
Graph (abstract data type)
In computer science, a graph is an abstract data type that is meant to implement the undirected graph and directed graph concepts from the field of graph theory within mathematics. A graph data struct
Graph flattenability
Flattenability in some -dimensional normed vector space is a property of graphs which states that any embedding, or drawing, of the graph in some high dimension can be "flattened" down to live in -dim