Category: Graph description languages

PlantUML is an open-source tool allowing users to create diagrams from a plain text language. Besides various UML diagrams, PlantUML has support for various other software development related formats
GraphML is an XML-based file format for graphs. The GraphML file format results from the joint effort of the graph drawing community to define a common format for exchanging graph structure data. It u
Directed Graph Markup Language (DGML) is an XML-based file format for directed graphs.
XGMML (the eXtensible Graph Markup and Modeling Language) is an XML application based on GML which is used for graph description. Technically, while GML is not related to XML nor SGML, XGMML is an XML
Trivial Graph Format
Trivial Graph Format (TGF) is a simple text-based adjacency list file format for describing graphs, widely used because of its simplicity.
LCF notation
In the mathematical field of graph theory, LCF notation or LCF code is a notation devised by Joshua Lederberg, and extended by H. S. M. Coxeter and Robert Frucht, for the representation of cubic graph
Newick format
In mathematics, Newick tree format (or Newick notation or New Hampshire tree format) is a way of representing graph-theoretical trees with edge lengths using parentheses and commas. It was adopted by
GXL (Graph eXchange Language) is designed to be a standard exchange format for graphs. GXL is an extensible markup language (XML) sublanguage and the syntax is given by an XML document type definition
DOT (graph description language)
DOT is a graph description language. DOT graphs are typically files with the filename extension gv or dot. The extension gv is preferred, to avoid confusion with the extension dot used by versions of
GraphBLAS (/ˈɡræfˌblɑːz/) is an API specification that defines standard building blocks for graph algorithms in the language of linear algebra. GraphBLAS is built upon the notion that a sparse matrix
PGF/TikZ is a pair of languages for producing vector graphics (e.g., technical illustrations and drawings) from a geometric/algebraic description, with standard features including the drawing of point
Graph Modelling Language
Graph Modeling Language (GML) is a hierarchical ASCII-based file format for describing graphs. It has been also named Graph Meta Language.