Category: Digital topology

Grid cell topology
The grid cell topology is studied in digital topology as part of the theoretical basis for (low-level) algorithms in computer image analysis or computer graphics. The elements of the n-dimensional gri
Digital manifold
In mathematics, a digital manifold is a special kind of combinatorial manifold which is defined in digital space i.e. grid cell space. A combinatorial manifold is a kind of manifold which is a discret
Pixel connectivity
In image processing, pixel connectivity is the way in which pixels in 2-dimensional (or in n-dimensional) images relate to their neighbors.
Boundary tracing
Boundary tracing, also known as contour tracing, of a binary digital region can be thought of as a segmentation technique that identifies the boundary pixels of the digital region. Boundary tracing is
Digital topology
Digital topology deals with properties and features of two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D) digital imagesthat correspond to topological properties (e.g., connectedness) or topological featu