Category: Categorical logic

Lawvere theory
In category theory, a Lawvere theory (named after American mathematician William Lawvere) is a category that can be considered a categorical counterpart of the notion of an equational theory.
Natural numbers object
In category theory, a natural numbers object (NNO) is an object endowed with a recursive structure similar to natural numbers. More precisely, in a category E with a terminal object 1, an NNO N is giv
Higher-dimensional algebra
In mathematics, especially (higher) category theory, higher-dimensional algebra is the study of categorified structures. It has applications in nonabelian algebraic topology, and generalizes abstract
Categorical logic
Categorical logic is the branch of mathematics in which tools and concepts from category theory are applied to the study of mathematical logic. It is also notable for its connections to theoretical co
Categorical set theory
Categorical set theory is any one of several versions of set theory developed from or treated in the context of mathematical category theory.
Stone's representation theorem for Boolean algebras
In mathematics, Stone's representation theorem for Boolean algebras states that every Boolean algebra is isomorphic to a certain field of sets. The theorem is fundamental to the deeper understanding o
Stone space
In topology and related areas of mathematics, a Stone space, also known as a profinite space or profinite set, is a compact totally disconnected Hausdorff space. Stone spaces are named after Marshall