Functional equations

Aequationes Mathematicae

Aequationes Mathematicae is a mathematical journal. It is primarily devoted to functional equations, but also publishes papers in dynamical systems, combinatorics, and geometry. As well as publishing regular journal submissions on these topics, it also regularly reports on international symposia on functional equations and produces bibliographies on the subject. János Aczél founded the journal in 1968 at the University of Waterloo, in part because of the long publication delays of up to four years in other journals at the time of its founding.It is currently published by Springer Science+Business Media, with Zsolt Páles of the University of Debrecen as its editor in chief. János Aczél remains its honorary editor in chief. As of 2016 it was listed as a second-quartile mathematics journal by SCImago Journal Rank. (Wikipedia).

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Finding Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

In studying linear algebra, we will inevitably stumble upon the concept of eigenvalues and eigenvectors. These sound very exotic, but they are very important not just in math, but also physics. Let's learn what they are, and how to find them! Script by Howard Whittle Watch the whole Math

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Getting Started with Mathematica

This tutorial shows how to start using Mathematica to solve engineering and scientific problems. We show how Mathematica can be used to generate a rich document that includes both text and code. Some of the topics we cover in this video include: -Simple calculations -Cells -Typesetting

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Solving Algebraic Inequalities

We've seen lots of equations, which are constructs that equate two things, but there are also inequalities, which state that two things are not equal, but rather that one is greater than or less than the other. We can solve this just like equations, but there are one or two little differen

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Philippe Eyssidieux More videos on

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Class equation of a group

Now that we have seen conjugation and conjugacy classes up close, we can finally concentrate on the class equation of a group. You can learn more about Mathematica on my Udemy courses:

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Conjugation of a group

Before we carry on to conjugacy classes and the class equation, let's have a closer look at conjugation on an element in a group. You can learn more about Mathematica on my Udemy courses:

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François Charles - Distribution de Frobenius et isogénies exceptionnelles de courbes elliptiques

On discutera une preuve du résultat suivant : si E et E' sont deux courbes elliptiques sur un corps de nombre K, il existe une infinité de places p de K telles que les réductions modulo p de E et E' soient isogènes. Il s'agit d'un analogue arithmétique d'un phénomène classique en théorie d

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Marche aléatoire et course poursuite - Amandine Véber - Mathématiques et mouvements - 13/03/18

Marches aléatoires et course-poursuites Résumé: Les marches aléatoires sont des outils mathématiques utilisés pour décrire toutes sortes de phénomènes, allant du déplacement d'un individu dans un espace à l'évolution d'une quantité physique comme le niveau d'une ressource ou le nombre de

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Hands-on Start to Mathematica 10: Basic Calculations

The "Hands-on Start" book is available! Buy now at Hands-on Start to Mathematica is an 8-part tutorial screencast series that provides step-by-step instruction to get you started with Mathematica. In this third video of the series, you'll discover how intuitive i

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An Overview of Mathematica Online

Get an overview of the Mathematica Online workflow and discover how to create, share, and collaborate in the cloud while taking advantage of integration between Mathematica Online and desktop Mathematica. Licensing options—from individual subscriptions to institutional deployments with the

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Introduction to Wolfram Mathematica for Teachers

In this Wolfram Technology Conference presentation, Radim Kusak shares his experiences in creating the course, Introduction to Wolfram Mathematica for Teachers, for his colleagues at Charles University in Prague. For more information about Mathematica, please visit:

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An Introduction to Mathematica Online

Speaker: Cliff Hastings Mathematica Online brings the world's ultimate computation system to the cloud. Learn to use Mathematica interactive notebooks in your web browser—with no installation or configuration required—and seamlessly share documents and resources in the cloud. Desktop Math

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Wolfram Technology Conference 2010: Stephen Wolfram Keynote Part 1

Wolfram Research Founder and CEO Stephen Wolfram kicked off the Wolfram Technology Conference 2010 by highlighting the year's top developments and sharing insights on new directions for Wolfram technologies. This year's conference keynote featured the unveiling of the forthcoming Mathem

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Mathematica Essentials: Intro & Overview (Wolfram Language)

𝙒𝘼𝙉𝙏 𝙈𝙊𝙍𝙀? Do you think Mathematica is only for Math? Mathematica can be used in ANY computational field, including math, science, finance, data visualization, bioinformatics, speech recognition, machine name it! Mathematica

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Mathematica 8: Performance

New compiler technology optimizes execution performance directly from the Mathematica language using two key innovations: automatic code generation and linking, and automated multicore parallelism. This enhances Mathematica's rapid application development workflow to enable final deploymen

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Colors, Variables, and Functions in Mathematica 8

This is the third video in a series for students learning to use Mathematica. In this video we learn how to define variables and functions, and also how Mathematica uses colors to indicate various information. First video: Second video:

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Integrating C and Mathematica

Today's system builder expects tools to play together and to deploy applications easily. In this talk from the Wolfram Technology Conference 2011, you will understand how and when to use new Mathematica 8 features for C language integration. Soon you'll be calling native C functions and li

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What are the Types of Numbers? Real vs. Imaginary, Rational vs. Irrational

We've mentioned in passing some different ways to classify numbers, like rational, irrational, real, imaginary, integers, fractions, and more. If this is confusing, then take a look at this handy-dandy guide to the taxonomy of numbers! It turns out we can use a hierarchical scheme just lik

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