Actor model (computer science)

Actor model later history

In computer science, the Actor model, first published in 1973, is a mathematical model of concurrent computation. This article reports on the later history of the Actor model in which major themes were investigation of the basic power of the model, study of issues of compositionality, development of architectures, and application to Open systems. It is the follow on article to Actor model middle history which reports on the initial implementations, initial applications, and development of the first proof theory and denotational model. (Wikipedia).

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Sarah Bernhardt: The World's First Celebrity

Before social media and summer blockbusters, before even the concept of a “movie star,” one extraordinary woman created the blueprint for the stars of today. Without a single tweet, having never posted on instagram, the woman who has been described as “the world’s first celebrity” captiva

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National Theatre Model On Show (1967)

London. Various hots of the model of the new National Theatre building in London. Sir Laurence Olivier and the architect Denys Lasdun take a close look at the model and then the press ask them questions about the construction. CU. Another model showing the inside the two auditoriums.

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Audrey Hepburn Before She was Famous

Audrey Hepburn (Pre-Fame) in Sauce Piquants Fashions [HD].1950. A very young, unknown, Audrey Hepburn models a dress and is wearing strange headgear with big ears at the Cambridge Circus Theatre in London. Watch Audrey Hepburn in Holland: Subs

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Charlie Chaplin on the silent films of the old days

Excerpt from the BBC interview of 1952.

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Eva Peron In France (1947)

Paris, France. Several shots of Eva Peron (Eva / Evita Duarte) wife of the President of Argentina Juan Peron, leaving plane in Paris and being greeted by French Foreign Minister Georges Bidault. Several shots of the two surrounded by dignitaries and press. More shots of the plane landin

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The Royal Family at the Christening Of Princess Anne (1950) | British Pathé

The Royal Family gathers together for a family portrait after the christening of Princess Anne in this silent footage from 1950. Members of the Royal Family that are present include: Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II), Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth (later the Queen Mother), the

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The Year That Made Me (ABC Radio National interview)

Originally posted by the ABC:

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Charles Laughton (1930)

Full titles read: "Audio Interviews - Charles Laughton - The Well-known Actor, talks about his "make-up" for 'On the Spot'." London. In what seems to be the Pathe Studios, we see a mock-up of an actor's dressing room. Charles Laughton enters and is helped on with his dressing-gown b

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Deep Reinforcement Learning in Python Tutorial - A Course on How to Implement Deep Learning Papers

In this intermediate deep learning tutorial, you will learn how to go from reading a paper on deep deterministic policy gradients to implementing the concepts in Tensorflow. This process can be applied to any deep learning paper, not just deep reinforcement learning. In the second part, y

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Reinforcement Learning Environment for Car Agent - Self-driving cars with Carla and Python p.3

Welcome to part 3 of the Carla autonomous/self-driving car with Python programming tutorials. In this tutorial, we're going to take our knowledge of the Carla API, and try to convert this problem to a reinforcement learning problem. Text-based tutorial and sample code: https://pythonprogr

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Reinforcement Learning 1: Introduction to Reinforcement Learning

Hado Van Hasselt, Research Scientist, shares an introduction reinforcement learning as part of the Advanced Deep Learning & Reinforcement Learning Lectures.

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Everything You Need To Master Actor Critic Methods | Tensorflow 2 Tutorial

In this brief tutorial you're going to learn the fundamentals of deep reinforcement learning, and the basic concepts behind actor critic methods. We'll cover the Markov decision process, the agent's policy, reward discounting and why it's necessary, and the actor critic algorithm. We'll im

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Velocity 2013: Johan Bergström "What, Where And When Is Risk In System Design?" Johan Bergström, Associate Professor at Lund University, Sweden, will introduce the notion of risk in system design.

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Reinforcement Learning in Continuous Action Spaces | DDPG Tutorial (Pytorch)

In this tutorial we will code a deep deterministic policy gradient (DDPG) agent in Pytorch, to beat the continuous lunar lander environment. DDPG combines the best of Deep Q Learning and Actor Critic Methods into an algorithm that can solve environments with continuous action spaces. We w

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Best of Velocity: What, Where and When Is Risk in System Design?

Johan Bergström, Associate Professor at Lund University, Sweden, will introduce the notion of risk in system design. Following up on Richard Cook's highly appreciated talk on safety in complex systems, during last year's Velocity conference, Johan will introduce how our risk management str

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How to Implement Deep Learning Papers | DDPG Tutorial

I'll show you how I went from the deep deterministic policy gradients paper to a functional implementation in Tensorflow. This process can be applied to any deep learning paper (computer vision, natural language processing, generative adversarial networks, etc.), not just deep reinforcemen

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Can a Random Reinforcement Learning Agent Maximize its Score? Soft Actor Critic (SAC) in Tensorflow2

The Soft Actor Critic Algorithm is a powerful tool for solving cutting edge deep reinforcement learning problems involving continuous action space environments. It's a variation of the actor critic method that leverages a maximum entropy framework, double Q networks, and target value netwo

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Richard II by William Shakespeare - Starring John Gielgud - 1960

The audio drama performed by The Shakespeare Recording Society. Sir John Gielgud Sir Michael Hordern Leo McKern Keith Michell and cast Copyright 1960 Caedmon, The Shakespeare Recording Society, Inc. Published by HarperCollinsAudioBooks

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WASM Components: The Interchangeable Parts of Software

In the past year, the standards around Wasm and WASI have started to solidify and become reality. One of the most interesting emerging standards has been the Component Model. Similar to how interchangeable parts dramatically changed manufacturing, Wasm components have the potential to chan

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