Numeral systems | Computer arithmetic

5-3-1-1 code

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Ordered Selections (3 of 3: Considering conditions)

More resources available at

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Singapore Math: Grade 3a, Unit 1 (part 7)

Place value, ordering numbers, number patterns

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Convert Numbers in Different Bases to Base Ten

In the last example 7^4=2401, not 2410 as shown. This is not used in the conversion to base 10 and therefore does not affect the answer. This lesson explains how to convert numbers in different bases to base ten. Site:

From playlist Historical Counting Systems

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03 Placing numbers on a number line #38

In this video we place rational and irrational numbers on the number line

From playlist Skill 13 Attempt 2

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Decimal to BCD

This number systems video tutorial explains how to convert from decimal to BCD or binary coded decimal. Subscribe: Access to Premium Videos:

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Multiplying Decimals

"Multiply decimal numbers."

From playlist Number: Decimals

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Math: What Every 5th Grader Should Know: Algebra Prep (5 of 58) Ch 0: How to Find Prime Numbers

Visit for more math and science lectures! In this video I will show how to find prime numbers. Next video in this series can be seen at:


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Algebra - Ch. 0.6: Basic Concepts (12 of 36) Dividing by Zero

Visit for more math and science lectures! In this video I will show and explain dividing by “0” by various examples of dividing by numbers that approaches “0” and “0” like: 5/0,,,5/0.00000000000000, 0/5=?,5/0=? 0/0=?, and infinity/0=? And when is the answ


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Can You Solve The Code Lock Riddle? A GENIUS Math Shortcut

A safe has a code lock that unlocks if you input the correct four digits, in any order. The lock has a keypad the the digits 0, 1, 2, ..., 9. For example, suppose the unlock code is 1000. The safe will open for any order you input the digits: 1000, 0100, 0010, 0001. How many different unlo

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Multiple Dimension Error Correction - Computerphile

As communications become more complicated, the amount of bits required to succesfully correct an error increases, but by how much? Professor Brailsford talks multi-dimensional parity bits. Professor Brailsford's earlier videos:

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Introduction to Computer Programming for beginners || Coding for beginners

Computer programming is the process of performing a particular computation (or more generally, accomplishing a specific computing result), usually by designing and building an executable computer program. Programming involves tasks such as analysis, generating algorithms, profiling algorit

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ELEC2141 Digital Circuit Design - Lecture 3

ELEC2141 Week 1 Lecture 3: Number Systems

From playlist ELEC2141 Digital Circuit Design

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Amazon Coding Interview Question - Recursive Staircase Problem

Amazon coding interview question and answer - recursive staircase problem! For daily coding problems like this one, I’d recommend this website called Daily Coding Problem. You can find it here: (That’s a referral link, and you can get a 10% discount through that li

From playlist Coding Interview Questions and Answers

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Part III: Linear Algebra, Lec 3: Constructing Bases

Part III: Linear Algebra, Lecture 3: Constructing Bases Instructor: Herbert Gross View the complete course: License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at More courses at

From playlist MIT Calculus Revisited: Calculus of Complex Variables

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Python Programming | Python Programming For Beginners | Python Programming Tutorial | Simplilearn

🔥Artificial Intelligence Engineer Program (Discount Coupon: YTBE15): 🔥Professional Certificate Program In AI And Machine Learning: https://w

From playlist 🔥Python | Python Tutorial For Beginners | Python Projects | Python Interview Questions And Answers | Updated Python Playlist 2023 | Simplilearn

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Mathematical Visualization | The Power of Place Value | The Great Courses Free Lecture

The most powerful visual tool of mathematics was invented around the same time as paper. Of course, the most powerful visual tool of place value can be written ON paper—when your paycheck is for $200 instead of $2,000. Check your decimals (and your heartrate); this video covers both. Pres

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How to Crack a Google Coding Interview - An Ex-Googler’s Guide

This is the process I would personally use to get through coding interviews with Google, or with any other company for that matter. If you liked this video, I would also recommend my Udemy course, "11 Essential Coding Interview Questions":

From playlist Coding Interview Questions and Answers

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Math: What Every 5th Grader Should Know (20 of 25) Ch 3: How to Square Any 2-Digit Number

Visit for more math and science lectures! In this video I will explain the rules and tricks of squaring any 2-digit numbers quickly “in your head.” Next video in this series can be seen at:

From playlist iLecturesOnline: What Every 5th Grader Should Know about Math

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Python Algorithms for Interviews

Learn about common algorithm concepts in Python and how to solve algorithm challenges you may encounter in an interview. ⭐️Contents⭐️ ⌨️ (0:00:00) Big O Notation ⌨️ (0:22:08) Big O Examples ⌨️ (0:43:01) Array Sequences ⌨️ (0:53:23) Dynamic Arrays ⌨️ (1:06:26) Array Algorithms ⌨️ (1:20:40)

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