Category: Subgroup series

Derived series
No description available.
Central series
In mathematics, especially in the fields of group theory and Lie theory, a central series is a kind of normal series of subgroups or Lie subalgebras, expressing the idea that the commutator is nearly
Descendant tree (group theory)
In mathematics, specifically group theory, a descendant tree is a hierarchical structure that visualizes parent-descendant relations between isomorphism classes of finite groups of prime power order ,
Chief series
In abstract algebra, a chief series is a maximal normal series for a group. It is similar to a composition series, though the two concepts are distinct in general: a chief series is a maximal normal s
Fitting length
In mathematics, specifically in the area of algebra known as group theory, the Fitting length (or nilpotent length) measures how far a solvable group is from being nilpotent. The concept is named afte
Lower p-series
No description available.
Upper p-series
No description available.
Composition series
In abstract algebra, a composition series provides a way to break up an algebraic structure, such as a group or a module, into simple pieces. The need for considering composition series in the context
Subgroup series
In mathematics, specifically group theory, a subgroup series of a group is a chain of subgroups: where is the trivial subgroup. Subgroup series can simplify the study of a group to the study of simple