Category: Reconfiguration

Token reconfiguration
In computational complexity theory and combinatorics, the token reconfiguration problem is a reconfiguration problem on a graph with both an initial and desired state for tokens. Given a graph , an in
In discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science, reconfiguration problems are computational problems involving reachability or connectivity of state spaces.
Rotation distance
In discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science, the rotation distance between two binary trees with the same number of nodes is the minimum number of tree rotations needed to reconfigure one
Cereceda's conjecture
In the mathematics of graph coloring, Cereceda’s conjecture is an unsolved problem on the distance between pairs of colorings of sparse graphs. It states that, for two different colorings of a graph o
State space
A state space is the set of all possible configurations of a system. It is a useful abstraction for reasoning about the behavior of a given system and is widely used in the fields of artificial intell
Nondeterministic constraint logic
In theoretical computer science, nondeterministic constraint logic is a combinatorial system in which an orientation is given to the edges of a weighted undirected graph, subject to certain constraint