Category: Pi-related people

Srinivasa Ramanujan
Srinivasa Ramanujan FRS (/ˈsriːnɪvɑːsə rɑːˈmɑːnʊdʒən/; born Srinivasa Ramanujan Aiyangar, IPA: [sriːniʋaːsa ɾaːmaːnud͡ʑan ajːaŋgar]; 22 December 1887 – 26 April 1920) was an Indian mathematician. Thou
Zu Chongzhi
Zu Chongzhi (Chinese: 祖沖之; 429–500 AD), courtesy name Wenyuan (Chinese: 文遠), was a Chinese astronomer, mathematician, politician, inventor, and writer during the Liu Song and Southern Qi dynasties. He
Johann Heinrich Lambert
Johann Heinrich Lambert (German: [ˈlambɛɐ̯t], Jean-Henri Lambert in French; 26 or 28 August 1728 – 25 September 1777) was a polymath from the Republic of Mulhouse, generally referred to as either Swis
Ludolph van Ceulen
Ludolph van Ceulen (German: [fan ˈkɔʏlən], Dutch: [vɑŋˈkøːlə(n)]; 28 January 1540 – 31 December 1610) was a German-Dutch mathematician from Hildesheim. He emigrated to the Netherlands.
Jurij Vega
Baron Jurij Bartolomej Vega (also Veha; Latin: Georgius Bartholomaei Vecha; German: Georg Freiherr von Vega; born Vehovec, March 23, 1754 – September 26, 1802) was a Slovene mathematician, physicist a
William Shanks
William Shanks (25 January 1812 – June 1882) was an English amateur mathematician. He is famous for his calculation of π (pi) to 707 places in 1873, which was correct up to the first 527 places. The e
Yasumasa Kanada
Yasumasa Kanada (金田 康正, Kanada Yasumasa, 1949 – 11 February 2020) was a Japanese computer scientist most known for his numerous world records over the past three decades for calculating digits of π. H
Thomas Fantet de Lagny
Thomas Fantet de Lagny (7 November 1660 – 11 April 1734) was a French mathematician, well known for his contributions to computational mathematics, and for calculating π to 112 correct decimal places.
Peter Borwein
Peter Benjamin Borwein (born St. Andrews, Scotland, May 10, 1953 – 23 August 2020) was a Canadian mathematician and a professor at Simon Fraser University. He is known as a co-author of the paper whic
William Rutherford (mathematician)
William Rutherford (1798–1871) was an English mathematician famous for his calculation of 208 digits of the mathematical constant π in 1841. Only the first 152 calculated digits were later found to be
Adriaan van Roomen
Adriaan van Roomen (29 September 1561 – 4 May 1615), also known as Adrianus Romanus, was a mathematician, professor of medicine and medical astronomer from the Duchy of Brabant in the Habsburg Netherl