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Stefan Mazurkiewicz
Stefan Mazurkiewicz (25 September 1888 – 19 June 1945) was a Polish mathematician who worked in mathematical analysis, topology, and probability. He was a student of Wacław Sierpiński and a member of
Aizik Volpert
Aizik Isaakovich Vol'pert (Russian: Айзик Исаакович Вольперт) (5 June 1923 – January 2006) (the family name is also transliterated as Volpert or Wolpert) was a Soviet and Israeli mathematician and che
Aleksei Ivanovich Markushevich
Aleksei Ivanovich Markushevich (Алексе́й Ива́нович Маркуше́вич, April 2 [O.S. March 20 ] 1908, Petrozavodsk, Olonets Governorate, Russian Empire – June 7, 1979, Moscow, USSR) was a Soviet mathematicia
Dmitrii Menshov
Dmitrii Evgenevich Menshov (also spelled Men'shov, Menchoff, Menšov, Menchov; Russian: Дми́трий Евгéньевич Меньшóв; 18 April 1892 – 25 November 1988) was a Russian mathematician known for his contribu
Konrad Knopp
Konrad Hermann Theodor Knopp (22 July 1882 – 20 April 1957) was a German mathematician who worked on generalized limits and complex functions.
Nachman Aronszajn
Nachman Aronszajn (26 July 1907 – 5 February 1980) was a Polish American mathematician. Aronszajn's main field of study was mathematical analysis, where he systematically developed the concept of repr
Johan de Witt
Johan de Witt (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈjoːɦɑn də ˈʋɪt]; 24 September 1625 – 20 August 1672), lord of Zuid- en Noord-Linschoten, Snelrewaard, Hekendorp en IJsselvere, was a Dutch statesman and a major p
Israel Gelfand
Israel Moiseevich Gelfand, also written Israïl Moyseyovich Gel'fand, or Izrail M. Gelfand (Yiddish: ישראל געלפֿאַנד, Russian: Изра́иль Моисе́евич Гельфа́нд, Ukrainian: Ізраїль Мойсейович Гельфанд; 2 S
Jean Favard
Jean Favard (28 August 1902 – 21 January 1965) was a French mathematician who worked on analysis. Favard was born in Peyrat-la-Nonière. During World War II he was a prisoner of war in Germany. He also
Cathleen Synge Morawetz
Cathleen Synge Morawetz (May 5, 1923 – August 8, 2017) was a Canadian mathematician who spent much of her career in the United States. Morawetz's research was mainly in the study of the partial differ
G. H. Hardy
Godfrey Harold Hardy FRS (7 February 1877 – 1 December 1947) was an English mathematician, known for his achievements in number theory and mathematical analysis. In biology, he is known for the Hardy–
Frank Forelli
Frank John Forelli, Jr. (8 April 1932, San Diego – 5 September 1994, Madison, Wisconsin) was an American mathematician, specializing in the functional analysis of holomorphic functions. Forelli receiv
Joseph L. Doob
Joseph Leo Doob (February 27, 1910 – June 7, 2004) was an American mathematician, specializing in analysis and probability theory. The theory of martingales was developed by Doob.
Menahem Max Schiffer
Menahem Max Schiffer (24 September 1911, Berlin – 11 November 1997)) was a German-born American mathematician who worked in complex analysis, partial differential equations, and mathematical physics.
Raymond Paley
Raymond Edward Alan Christopher Paley (7 January 1907 – 7 April 1933) was an English mathematician who made significant contributions to mathematical analysis before dying young in a skiing accident.
Vladimir Miklyukov
Vladimir Michaelovich Miklyukov (Russian: Миклюков, Владимир Михайлович, also spelled Miklioukov or Mikljukov) (8 January 1944 – October 2013) was a Russian educator in mathematics, and head of the Su
Henri Lebesgue
Henri Léon Lebesgue ForMemRS (French: [ɑ̃ʁi leɔ̃ ləbɛɡ]; June 28, 1875 – July 26, 1941) was a French mathematician known for his theory of integration, which was a generalization of the 17th-century c
Joseph L. Taylor
Joseph Lawrence Taylor (7 April 1941 - 28 July 2016) was an American mathematician, specializing in Banach algebras and non-commutative harmonic analysis.
François Budan de Boislaurent
Ferdinand François Désiré Budan de Boislaurent (28 September 1761 – 6 October 1840) was a French amateur mathematician, best known for a tract, Nouvelle méthode pour la résolution des équations numéri
Luigi Amerio
Luigi Amerio (15 August 1912 – 28 September 2004), was an Italian electrical engineer and mathematician. He is known for his work on almost periodic functions, on Laplace transforms in one and several
Yaroslav Lopatynskyi
Yaroslav Borysovych Lopatynskyi (1906–1981) was a Soviet mathematician. Born in Tbilisi, Lopatinskii acquired wide acclaim for his contributions to the theory of differential equations. He is especial
Sergei Bernstein
Sergei Natanovich Bernstein (Russian: Серге́й Ната́нович Бернште́йн, sometimes Romanized as Bernshtein; 5 March 1880 – 26 October 1968) was a Ukrainian and Russian mathematician of Jewish origin known
Grigorii Fichtenholz
Grigorii Mikhailovich Fichtenholz (or Fikhtengolts) (Russian: Григо́рий Миха́йлович Фихтенго́льц) (June 8, 1888 in Odessa – June 26, 1959 in Leningrad) was a Soviet mathematician working on real analy
Antoni Zygmund
Antoni Zygmund (December 25, 1900 – May 30, 1992) was a Polish mathematician. He worked mostly in the area of mathematical analysis, including especially harmonic analysis, and he is considered one of
Solomon Marcus
Solomon Marcus (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈsolomon ˈmarkus]; 1 March 1925 – 17 March 2016) was a Romanian mathematician, member of the Mathematical Section of the Romanian Academy (full member from 200
Bernard Bolzano
Bernard Bolzano (UK: /bɒlˈtsɑːnoʊ/, US: /boʊltˈsɑː-, boʊlˈzɑː-/; German: [bɔlˈtsaːno]; Italian: [bolˈtsaːno]; born Bernardus Placidus Johann Gonzal Nepomuk Bolzano; 5 October 1781 – 18 December 1848)
Fritz John
Fritz John (14 June 1910 – 10 February 1994) was a German-born mathematician specialising in partial differential equations and ill-posed problems. His early work was on the Radon transform and he is
Mary Celine Fasenmyer
Mary Celine Fasenmyer, RSM (October 4, 1906, Crown, Pennsylvania – December 27, 1996, Erie, Pennsylvania) was an American mathematician and Catholic religious sister. She is most noted for her work on
Ulf Grenander
Ulf Grenander (23 July 1923 – 12 May 2016) was a Swedish statistician and professor of applied mathematics at Brown University. His early research was in probability theory, stochastic processes, time
Elisha Netanyahu
Elisha Netanyahu (Hebrew: אֱלִישָׁע נְתַנְיָהוּ; December 21, 1912 – April 3, 1986) was an Israeli mathematician specializing in complex analysis. Over the course of his work at the Technion he was th
George F. C. Griss
George François Cornelis Griss (30 January 1898, Amsterdam – 2 August 1953, Blaricum), usually cited as G. F. C. Griss, was a Dutch mathematician and philosopher, who was occupied with Hegelian ideali
Ernst Peschl
Ernst Ferdinand Peschl (1 September 1906 – 9 June 1986) was a German mathematician.
Jürgen Moser
Jürgen Kurt Moser (July 4, 1928 – December 17, 1999) was a German-American mathematician, honored for work spanning over four decades, including Hamiltonian dynamical systems and partial differential
Ralph P. Boas Jr.
Ralph Philip Boas Jr. (August 8, 1912 – July 25, 1992) was a mathematician, teacher, and journal editor. He wrote over 200 papers, mainly in the fields of real and complex analysis.
Robert Fortet
Robert Fortet (1 May 1912, Boulazac, France – 3 July 1998, Paris) was a French mathematician working on analysis. His doctoral advisor was Maurice René Fréchet. Fortet was a professor at the Universit
Salomon Bochner
Salomon Bochner (20 August 1899 – 2 May 1982) was an Austrian mathematician, known for work in mathematical analysis, probability theory and differential geometry.
George B. Thomas
George Brinton Thomas Jr. (January 11, 1914 – October 31, 2006) was an American mathematician and professor of mathematics at MIT. Internationally, he is best known for being the author of the widely
Nikolai Günther
Nikolai Maximovich Günther (Russian: Николай Максимович Гюнтер, also transliterated as Nicholas M. Gunther or N. M. Gjunter) (December 17 [O.S. December 5] 1871 – May 4, 1941) was a Russian mathematic
José Sebastião e Silva
José Sebastião e Silva (12 December 1914 in Mértola – 25 May 1972 in Lisbon) was a Portuguese mathematician. Silva graduated from the University of Lisbon in 1937, and in 1942 he received a grant from
Cora Sadosky
Cora Susana Sadosky de Goldstein (May 23, 1940 – December 3, 2010) was a mathematician and Professor of Mathematics at Howard University.
Jean Delsarte
Jean Frédéric Auguste Delsarte (19 October 1903, Fourmies – 28 November 1968, Nancy) was a French mathematician known for his work in mathematical analysis, in particular, for introducing mean-periodi
Edwin Hewitt
Edwin Hewitt (January 20, 1920, Everett, Washington – June 21, 1999) was an American mathematician known for his work in abstract harmonic analysis and for his discovery, in collaboration with Leonard
Eduard Ritter von Weber
Eduard Ritter von Weber (May 12, 1870 in Munich – June 20, 1934 in Würzburg) was a German mathematician. Von Weber attended the and afterward from 1888-1894 pursued studies in mathematics in Munich, G
Niels Nielsen (mathematician)
Niels Nielsen (2 December 1865, in – 16 September 1931, in Copenhagen) was a Danish mathematician who specialised in mathematical analysis.
Carlo Severini
Carlo Severini (10 March 1872 – 11 May 1951) was an Italian mathematician: he was born in Arcevia (Province of Ancona) and died in Pesaro. Severini, independently from Dmitri Fyodorovich Egorov, prove
George Green (mathematician)
George Green (14 July 1793 – 31 May 1841) was a British mathematical physicist who wrote An Essay on the Application of Mathematical Analysis to the Theories of Electricity and Magnetism in 1828. The
Jerzy Neyman
Jerzy Neyman (April 16, 1894 – August 5, 1981; born Jerzy Spława-Neyman; Polish: [ˈjɛʐɨ ˈspwava ˈnɛjman]) was a Polish mathematician and statistician who spent the first part of his professional caree
Charles Loewner
Charles Loewner (29 May 1893 – 8 January 1968) was an American mathematician. His name was Karel Löwner in Czech and Karl Löwner in German. Karl Loewner was born into a Jewish family in Lany, about 30
Mauro Picone
Mauro Picone (2 May 1885 – 11 April 1977) was an Italian mathematician. He is known for the Picone identity, the Sturm-Picone comparison theorem and being the founder of the Istituto per le Applicazio
Kurt Mahler
Kurt Mahler FRS (26 July 1903, Krefeld, Germany – 25 February 1988, Canberra, Australia) was a German mathematician who worked in the fields of transcendental number theory, diophantine approximation,
Guillaume de l'Hôpital
Guillaume François Antoine, Marquis de l'Hôpital (French: [ɡijom fʁɑ̃swa ɑ̃twan maʁki də lopital]; sometimes spelled L'Hospital; 1661 – 2 February 1704), also known as Guillaume-François-Antoine Marqu
Anatoly Karatsuba
Anatoly Alexeyevich Karatsuba (his first name often spelled Anatolii) (Russian: Анато́лий Алексе́евич Карацу́ба; Grozny, Soviet Union, 31 January 1937 – Moscow, Russia, 28 September 2008) was a Russia
Philip Franklin
Philip Franklin (October 5, 1898 – January 27, 1965) was an American mathematician and professor whose work was primarily focused in analysis. Dr. Franklin received a B.S. in 1918 from City College of
E. H. Moore
Eliakim Hastings Moore (/ɪˈlaɪəkɪm/; January 26, 1862 – December 30, 1932), usually cited as E. H. Moore or E. Hastings Moore, was an American mathematician.
Naum Z. Shor
Naum Zuselevich Shor (Russian: Наум Зуселевич Шор) (1 January 1937 – 26 February 2006) was a Soviet and Ukrainian mathematician specializing in optimization. He made significant contributions to nonli
Torsten Carleman
Torsten Carleman (8 July 1892, Visseltofta, Osby Municipality – 11 January 1949, Stockholm), born Tage Gillis Torsten Carleman, was a Swedish mathematician, known for his results in classical analysis
Daniel Rider
Daniel Gisriel Rider, Jr. (23 July 23, 1938, Boston – 11 July 2008, Madison, Wisconsin) was a mathematician, specializing in harmonic analysis and Fourier analysis. After spending his childhood in New
Vito Volterra
Vito Volterra KBE FRS(For) HFRSE (/voʊlˈtɛrə/, Italian: [ˈviːto volˈtɛrra]; 3 May 1860 – 11 October 1940) was an Italian mathematician and physicist, known for his contributions to mathematical biolog
Valery Glivenko
Valery Ivanovich Glivenko (Russian: Вале́рий Ива́нович Гливе́нко, Ukrainian: Валерій Іванович Гливенко; 2 January 1897 (Gregorian calendar) / 21 December 1896 (Julian calendar) in Kiev – 15 February 1
Ilie Popa (mathematician)
Ilie Popa (July 20, 1907 – July 26, 1983) was a Romanian mathematician and Head of the Mathematical Analysis Department at the University of Iași. He is known for his contributions to differential geo
Edward George Effros
Edward George Effros (December 10, 1935, Queens, New York City – December 21, 2019, Portland, Oregon) was an American mathematician, specializing in operator algebras and representation theory. His re
Felice Casorati (mathematician)
Felice Casorati (17 December 1835 – 11 September 1890) was an Italian mathematician who studied at the University of Pavia. He was born in Pavia and died in Casteggio. He is best known for the Casorat
Robert Woodhouse
Robert Woodhouse FRS (28 April 1773 – 23 December 1827) was a British mathematician and astronomer.
George Piranian
George Piranian (Armenian: Գևորգ Փիրանեան; May 2, 1914 – August 31, 2009), was a Swiss-American mathematician of Swiss and Armenian descent. Piranian was internationally known for his research in comp
John Edensor Littlewood
John Edensor Littlewood FRS (9 June 1885 – 6 September 1977) was a British mathematician. He worked on topics relating to analysis, number theory, and differential equations, and had lengthy collabora
Maria Adelaide Sneider
Maria Adelaide Sneider (6 December 1937 – 1 May 1989) (also known as Maria Adelaide Sneider Ludovici, her second surname being "Ludovici") was an Italian mathematician working on numerical and mathema
Ulisse Dini
Ulisse Dini (14 November 1845 – 28 October 1918) was an Italian mathematician and politician, born in Pisa. He is known for his contribution to real analysis, partly collected in his book "Fondamenti
Nazım Terzioglu
Nazım Terzioğlu (1912–September 20, 1976) was one of the first mathematicians in Turkish academia.
K. S. Chandrasekharan
Komaravolu Chandrasekharan (21 November 1920 – 13 April 2017)was a professor at ETH Zurich and a founding faculty member of School of Mathematics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR). He is
Josiah Willard Gibbs
Josiah Willard Gibbs (/ɡɪbz/; February 11, 1839 – April 28, 1903) was an American scientist who made significant theoretical contributions to physics, chemistry, and mathematics. His work on the appli
Leonhard Euler
Leonhard Euler (/ˈɔɪlər/ OY-lər, German: [ˈɔʏlɐ]; 15 April 1707 – 18 September 1783) was a Swiss mathematician, physicist, astronomer, geographer, logician and engineer who founded the studies of grap
Isidor Natanson
Isidor Pavlovich Natanson (Russian: Исидор Павлович Натансон; February 8, 1906 in Zurich – July 3, 1964 in Leningrad) was a Swiss-born Soviet mathematician known for contributions to real analysis and
Thomas Wolff
Thomas Hartwig Wolff (July 14, 1954, New York City – July 31, 2000, Kern County) was a noted mathematician, working primarily in the fields of harmonic analysis, complex analysis, and partial differen
Karl Weierstrass
Karl Theodor Wilhelm Weierstrass (German: Weierstraß [ˈvaɪɐʃtʁaːs]; 31 October 1815 – 19 February 1897) was a German mathematician often cited as the "father of modern analysis". Despite leaving unive
Béla Szőkefalvi-Nagy
Béla Szőkefalvi-Nagy [beːlɒ søːkɛfɒlvi nɒɟ] (29 July 1913, Kolozsvár – 21 December 1998, Szeged) was a Hungarian mathematician. His father, was also a famed mathematician. Szőkefalvi-Nagy collaborated
David Emmanuel (mathematician)
David Emmanuel (31 January 1854 – 4 February 1941) was a Romanian Jewish mathematician and member of the Romanian Academy, considered to be the founder of the modern mathematics school in Romania. Bor
Nina Bari
Nina Karlovna Bari (Russian: Нина Карловна Бари; 19 November 1901 – 15 July 1961) was a Soviet mathematician known for her work on trigonometric series. She is also well-known for two textbooks, Highe
Leo Sario
Leo Reino Sario (18 May 1916 – 15 August 2009) was a Finnish-born mathematician who worked on complex analysis and Riemann surfaces.
Albert Charles Schaeffer
Albert Charles Schaeffer (13 August 1907, Belvidere, Illinois – 2 February 1957) was an American mathematician who worked on complex analysis.
Arthur Milgram
Arthur Norton Milgram (3 June 1912, in Philadelphia – 30 January 1961) was an American mathematician. He made contributions in functional analysis, combinatorics, differential geometry, topology, part
Victor L. Shapiro
Victor Lenard Shapiro (16 October 1924, Chicago – 1 March 2013, Riverside, California) was an American mathematician, specializing in trigonometric series and differential equations. He is known for h
George Herbert Swift Jr
George Herbert Swift, Jr (July 1, 1926, Minot, ND – September 23, 2014) was an American mathematician and computer scientist. Swift attended the University of Oregon, earning a master's degree in math
Otto Frostman
Otto Albin Frostman (3 January 1907 – 29 December 1977) was a Swedish mathematician, known for his work in potential theory and complex analysis. Frostman earned his Ph.D. in 1935 at Lund University u
Andrew M. Gleason
Andrew Mattei Gleason (1921–2008) was an American mathematician who made fundamental contributions to widely varied areas of mathematics, including the solution of Hilbert's fifth problem, and was a l
Frigyes Riesz
Frigyes Riesz (Hungarian: Riesz Frigyes, pronounced [ˈriːs ˈfriɟɛʃ], sometimes spelled as Frederic; 22 January 1880 – 28 February 1956) was a Hungarian mathematician who made fundamental contributions
Harold S. Shapiro
Harold Seymour Shapiro (2 April 1928 – 5 March 2021) was a professor of mathematics at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, best known for inventing the so-called Shapiro polynomial
James Eells
James Eells (October 25, 1926 – February 14, 2007) was an American mathematician, who specialized in mathematical analysis.
Jacques-Louis Lions
Jacques-Louis Lions (French: [ljɔ̃ːs]; 3 May 1928 – 17 May 2001) was a French mathematician who made contributions to the theory of partial differential equations and to stochastic control, among othe
Andrew Browder
Andrew Browder (January 8, 1931 – March 24, 2019) was an American mathematician at Brown University.
Gaetano Fichera
Gaetano Fichera (8 February 1922 – 1 June 1996) was an Italian mathematician, working in mathematical analysis, linear elasticity, partial differential equations and several complex variables. He was
Georges Giraud
Georges Julien Giraud (22 July 1889 – 16 March 1943) was a French mathematician, working in potential theory, partial differential equations, singular integrals and singular integral equations: he is
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
Gottfried Wilhelm (von) Leibniz (1 July 1646 [O.S. 21 June] – 14 November 1716) was a German polymath active as a mathematician, philosopher, scientist and diplomat. He is one of the most prominent fi
David Hilbert
David Hilbert (/ˈhɪlbərt/; German: [ˈdaːvɪt ˈhɪlbɐt]; 23 January 1862 – 14 February 1943) was a German mathematician, one of the most influential mathematicians of the 19th and early 20th centuries. H
Georges Glaeser
Georges Glaeser (8 November 1918 – 1 September 2002) was a French mathematician who was director of the IREM of Strasbourg. He worked in analysis and mathematical education and introduced Glaeser's co
Kōsaku Yosida
Kōsaku Yosida (吉田 耕作, Yosida Kōsaku, 7 February 1909, Hiroshima – 20 June 1990) was a Japanese mathematician who worked in the field of functional analysis. He is known for the Hille-Yosida theorem co
Marvin Knopp
Marvin Isadore Knopp (January 4, 1933 – December 24, 2011) was an American mathematician who worked primarily in number theory. He madenotable contributions to the theory of modular forms.
Jean Leray
Jean Leray (French: [ləʁɛ]; 7 November 1906 – 10 November 1998) was a French mathematician, who worked on both partial differential equations and algebraic topology.
Vasily Vladimirov
Vasily Sergeyevich Vladimirov (Russian: Васи́лий Серге́евич Влади́миров; 9 January 1923 – 3 November 2012) was a Soviet and Russian mathematician working in the fields of number theory, mathematical p
Giacinto Morera
Giacinto Morera (18 July 1856 – 8 February 1909), was an Italian engineer and mathematician. He is known for Morera's theorem in the theory of functions of a complex variable and for his work in the t
Jur Hronec
Jur Hronec (May 17, 1881; Gočovo, Rožňava District – December 1, 1959; Bratislava) was a Slovak mathematician.
William G. Bade
William George Bade (29 May 1924, Oakland, California – 10 August 2012, Oakland, California) was an American mathematician, who did his most significant work on Banach algebras.
James Mercer (mathematician)
James Mercer FRS (15 January 1883 – 21 February 1932) was a mathematician, born in Bootle, close to Liverpool, England. He was educated at University of Manchester, and then University of Cambridge. H
Daniel Bernoulli
Daniel Bernoulli FRS (German: [bɛʁˈnʊli]; 8 February [O.S. 29 January] 1700 – 27 March 1782) was a Swiss mathematician and physicist and was one of the many prominent mathematicians in the Bernoulli f
Roland Glowinski
Roland Glowinski (9 March 1937 – 26 January 2022) was a French-American mathematician. He obtained his PhD in 1970 from Jacques-Louis Lions and was known for his work in applied mathematics, in partic
Henry Wilbraham
Henry Wilbraham (25 July 1825 – 13 February 1883) was an English mathematician. He is known for discovering and explaining the Gibbs phenomenon nearly fifty years before J. Willard Gibbs did. Gibbs an
Siméon Denis Poisson
Baron Siméon Denis Poisson FRS FRSE (French: [ɔ̃ də.ni pwa.sɔ̃]; 21 June 1781 – 25 April 1840) was a French mathematician and physicist who worked on statistics, complex analysis, partial differ
Maxime Bôcher
Maxime Bôcher (August 28, 1867 – September 12, 1918) was an American mathematician who published about 100 papers on differential equations, series, and algebra. He also wrote elementary texts such as
Anatoly Mikhailovich Stepin
Anatoly Mikhailovich Stepin (Анатолий Михайлович Степин, 20 July 1940 – 7 November 2020) was a Soviet-Russian mathematician, specializing in dynamical systems and ergodic theory.
Charles B. Morrey Jr.
Charles Bradfield Morrey Jr. (July 23, 1907 – April 29, 1984) was an American mathematician who made fundamental contributions to the calculus of variations and the theory of partial differential equa
Jean Bourgain
Jean, Baron Bourgain (French: [buʁɡɛ̃]; 28 February 1954 – 22 December 2018) was a Belgian mathematician. He was awarded the Fields Medal in 1994 in recognition of his work on several core topics of m
Adolph Winkler Goodman
Adolph Winkler Goodman (July 20, 1915 – July 30, 2004) was an American mathematician who contributed to number theory, graph theory and to the theory of univalent functions: The conjecture on the coef
Edoardo Vesentini
Edoardo Vesentini (31 May 1928 – 28 March 2020) was an Italian mathematician and politician who introduced the Andreotti–Vesentini theorem. He was awarded the Caccioppoli Prize in 1962. Vasentini was
Brook Taylor
Brook Taylor FRS (18 August 1685 – 29 December 1731) was an English mathematician best known for creating Taylor's theorem and the Taylor series, which are important for their use in mathematical anal
Anatolii Goldberg
Anatolii Asirovich Goldberg (Russian: Анатолий Асирович Гольдберг, Ukrainian: Анатолій Асірович Гольдберг, Hebrew: אנטולי גולדברג, April 2, 1930 in Kyiv – October 11, 2008 in Netanya) was a Soviet and
Hans Rademacher
Hans Adolph Rademacher (German: [ˈʁaːdəmaxɐ]; 3 April 1892, Wandsbeck, now Hamburg-Wandsbek – 7 February 1969, Haverford, Pennsylvania, USA) was a German-born American mathematician, known for work in
Naum Akhiezer
Naum Ilyich Akhiezer (Ukrainian: Нау́м Іллі́ч Ахіє́зер; Russian: Нау́м Ильи́ч Ахие́зер; 6 March 1901 – 3 June 1980) was a Soviet and Ukrainian mathematician of Jewish origin, known for his works in ap
Lamberto Cesari
Lamberto Cesari (23 September 1910 – 12 March 1990) was an Italian mathematician naturalized in the United States, known for his work on the theory of surface area, the theory of functions of bounded
Charles Read (mathematician)
Charles John Read (16 February 1958 – 14 August 2015) was a British mathematician known for his work in functional analysis. In operator theory, he is best known for his work in the 1980s on the invar
Evgenii Nikishin
Evgenii Mikhailovich Nikishin (Евгений Михайлович Никишин, 23 June 1945, Penza Oblast – 17 December 1986) was a Russian mathematician, who specialized in harmonic analysis.
Jaak Peetre
Jaak Peetre (29 July 1935, Tallinn – 1 April 2019, Lund) was an Estonian-born Swedish mathematician. He is known for the Peetre theorem and Peetre's inequality.
Sergey Mergelyan
Sergey Mergelyan (Armenian: Սերգեյ Մերգելյան; 19 May 1928 – 20 August 2008) was a Soviet Armenian mathematician, who made major contributions to the Approximation Theory. The modern Complex Approximat
Boris Levitan
Boris Levitan (7 June 1914 – 4 April 2004) was a mathematician known in particular for his work on almost periodic functions, and Sturm–Liouville operators, especially, on inverse scattering.
Friedrich Hartogs
Friedrich Moritz "Fritz" Hartogs (20 May 1874 – 18 August 1943) was a German-Jewish mathematician, known for his work on set theory and foundational results on several complex variables.
Stanisław Zaremba (mathematician)
Stanisław Zaremba (3 October 1863 – 23 November 1942) was a Polish mathematician and engineer. His research in partial differential equations, applied mathematics and classical analysis, particularly
Georg Nöbeling
Georg August Nöbeling (12 November 1907 – 16 February 2008) was a German mathematician.
Richard Askey
Richard Allen Askey (4 June 1933 – 9 October 2019) was an American mathematician, known for his expertise in the area of special functions. The Askey–Wilson polynomials (introduced by him in 1984 toge
Viktor Bunyakovsky
Viktor Yakovlevich Bunyakovsky (Russian: Ви́ктор Я́ковлевич Буняко́вский, Ukrainian: Ві́ктор Я́кович Буняко́вський; 16 December [O.S. 4 December] 1804, Bar, Podolia Governorate, Russian Empire – 12 De
Johann Friedrich Pfaff
Johann Friedrich Pfaff (sometimes spelled Friederich; 22 December 1765 – 21 April 1825) was a German mathematician. He was described as one of Germany's most eminent mathematicians during the 19th cen
Boris Korenblum
Boris Isaac Korenblum (Борис Исаакович Коренблюм, 12 August 1923, Odessa, now Ukraine – 15 December 2011, Slingerlands, New York) was a Soviet-Israeli-American mathematician, specializing in mathemati
Giulio Ascoli
Giulio Ascoli (20 January 1843, Trieste – 12 July 1896, Milan) was a Jewish-Italian mathematician. He was a student of the Scuola Normale di Pisa, where he graduated in 1868. In 1872 he became Profess
Richard S. Varga
Richard Steven Varga (October 9, 1928 - February 25, 2022) was an American mathematician who specialized in numerical analysis and linear algebra. He was an Emeritus University Professor of Mathematic
Aleksandr Korkin
Aleksandr Nikolayevich Korkin (Russian: Александр Николаевич Коркин; 3 March [O.S. 19 February] 1837 – 1 September [O.S. 19 August] 1908) was a Russian mathematician. He made contribution to the devel
Fritz Carlson
Fritz David Carlson (23 July 1888 – 28 November 1952) was a Swedish mathematician. After the death of Torsten Carleman, he headed the Mittag-Leffler Institute. Carlson's contributions to analysis incl
Rudolf Lipschitz
Rudolf Otto Sigismund Lipschitz (14 May 1832 – 7 October 1903) was a German mathematician who made contributions to mathematical analysis (where he gave his name to the Lipschitz continuity condition)
Philip Hartman
Philip Hartman (May 16, 1915 – August 28, 2015) was an American mathematician at Johns Hopkins University working on differential equations who introduced the Hartman–Grobman theorem. He served as Cha
Francesco Severi
Francesco Severi (13 April 1879 – 8 December 1961) was an Italian mathematician. He was the chair of the committee on Fields Medal on 1936, at the first delivery. Severi was born in Arezzo, Italy. He
Édouard Goursat
Édouard Jean-Baptiste Goursat (21 May 1858 – 25 November 1936) was a French mathematician, now remembered principally as an expositor for his Cours d'analyse mathématique, which appeared in the first
Cesare Arzelà
Cesare Arzelà (6 March 1847 – 15 March 1912) was an Italian mathematician who taught at the University of Bologna and is recognized for his contributions in the theory of functions, particularly for h
Joseph-Louis Lagrange
Joseph-Louis Lagrange (born Giuseppe Luigi Lagrangia or Giuseppe Ludovico De la Grange Tournier; 25 January 1736 – 10 April 1813), also reported as Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange or Lagrangia, was an Italian
Lars Ahlfors
Lars Valerian Ahlfors (18 April 1907 – 11 October 1996) was a Finnish mathematician, remembered for his work in the field of Riemann surfaces and his text on complex analysis.
Ennio de Giorgi
Ennio De Giorgi (8 February 1928 – 25 October 1996), a member of the House of Giorgi, was an Italian mathematician who worked on partial differential equations and the foundations of mathematics.
Maurice Sion
Maurice Sion (17 October 1927, Skopje – 17 April 2018, Vancouver) was an American and Canadian mathematician, specializing in measure theory and game theory. He is known for Sion's minimax theorem.
Caius Iacob
Caius Iacob (March 29, 1912 – February 6, 1992) was a Romanian mathematician, professor at the University of Bucharest, and titular member of the Romanian Academy. After the fall of communism in 1989,
Alexandru Ghika
Alexandru Ghika (June 22, 1902 – April 11, 1964) was a Romanian mathematician, founder of the Romanian school of functional analysis.
Hubert Stanley Wall
Hubert Stanley Wall (December 2, 1902 – September 12, 1971)was an American mathematician who worked primarily in the field of continued fractions. He is also known as one of the leading proponents of
Theodore J. Rivlin
Theodore Joseph Rivlin (11 September 1926, Brooklyn – 22 July 2006, Croton-on-Hudson) was an American mathematician, specializing in approximation theory. He is known for his 1969 book An Introduction
Frank Smithies
Frank Smithies FRSE (1912–2002) was a British mathematician who worked on integral equations, functional analysis, and the history of mathematics. He was elected as a fellow of the Royal Society of Ed
Miron Nicolescu
Miron Nicolescu (Romanian: [miˈron nikoˈlesku]; August 27, 1903 – June 30, 1975) was a Romanian mathematician, best known for his work in real analysis and differential equations. He was President of
Pierre Varignon
Pierre Varignon (1654 – 23 December 1722) was a French mathematician. He was educated at the Jesuit College and the University of Caen, where he received his M.A. in 1682. He took Holy Orders the foll
Bertram Martin Wilson
Prof Bertram Martin Wilson FRSE (14 November 1896, London – 18 March 1935, Dundee, Scotland) was an English mathematician, remembered primarily as a co-editor, along with G. H. Hardy and P. V. Seshu A
Einar Hille
Carl Einar Hille (28 June 1894 – 12 February 1980) was an American mathematics professor and scholar. Hille authored or coauthored twelve mathematical books and a number of mathematical papers.
Pierre Dolbeault
Pierre Dolbeault (October 10, 1924 – June 12, 2015) was a French mathematician. Dolbeault studied with Henri Cartan and graduated in 1944 from the École Normale Supérieure. He completed his Ph.D. at t
Edward Bromhead
Sir Edward Thomas ffrench Bromhead, 2nd Baronet FRS FRSE (26 March 1789 – 14 March 1855) was a British landowner and mathematician, best remembered as patron of the mathematician and physicist George
Hermann Hankel
Hermann Hankel (14 February 1839 – 29 August 1873) was a German mathematician. Having worked on mathematical analysis during his career, he is best known for introducing the Hankel transform and the H
James Alexander Shohat
James Alexander Shohat (aka Jacques Chokhate (or Chokhatte), 18 November 1886, Brest-Litovsk – 8 October 1944, Philadelphia) was a Russian-American mathematician at the University of Pennsylvania who
Guido Fubini
Guido Fubini (19 January 1879 – 6 June 1943) was an Italian mathematician, known for Fubini's theorem and the Fubini–Study metric.
John Radford Young
John Radford Young (born 8 April 1799, in Southwark – 5 March 1885, in Peckham) was an English mathematician, professor and author, who was almost entirely self-educated. He was born of humble parents
Tommaso Boggio
Tommaso Boggio (22 December 1877 – 25 May 1963) was an Italian mathematician. Boggio worked in mathematical physics, differential geometry, analysis, and financial mathematics. He was an invited speak
Charles Earl Rickart
Charles Earl Rickart (1913 – 17 April 2002) was an American mathematician, known for Rickart spaces. Rickart was born in Osage City, Kansas, and earned his B.A. and M.A. from the University of Kansas.
Traian Lalescu
Traian Lalescu (Romanian: [traˈjan laˈlesku]; 12 July 1882 – 15 June 1929) was a Romanian mathematician. His main focus was on integral equations and he contributed to work in the areas of functional
Clarence Raymond Adams
Clarence Raymond Adams (April 10, 1898 – October 15, 1965) was an American mathematician who worked on partial difference equations. He entered Brown University in the fall of 1915 and graduated in 19
Joseph Liouville
Joseph Liouville FRS FRSE FAS (/ˌliːuːˈvɪl/; French: [ʒɔzɛf ljuvil]; 24 March 1809 – 8 September 1882) was a French mathematician and engineer.
Andrei Bolibrukh
Andrei Andreevich Bolibrukh (Russian: Андрей Андреевич Болибрух) (30 January 1950 – 11 November 2003) was a Soviet and Russian mathematician. He was known for his work on ordinary differential equatio
Rodion Kuzmin
Rodion Osievich Kuzmin (Russian: Родион Осиевич Кузьмин, 9 November 1891, Riabye village in the Haradok district – 24 March 1949, Leningrad) was a Soviet mathematician, known for his works in number t
Salvatore Pincherle
Salvatore Pincherle (March 11, 1853 – July 10, 1936) was an Italian mathematician. He contributed significantly to (and arguably helped to found) the field of functional analysis, established the Ital
Constantin Carathéodory
Constantin Carathéodory (Greek: Κωνσταντίνος Καραθεοδωρή, romanized: Konstantinos Karatheodori; 13 September 1873 – 2 February 1950) was a Greek mathematician who spent most of his professional career
Nicolaus II Bernoulli
Nicolaus II Bernoulli, a.k.a. Niklaus Bernoulli, Nikolaus Bernoulli (6 February 1695, Basel, Switzerland – 31 July 1726, St. Petersburg, Russia) was a Swiss mathematician as were his father Johann Ber
Richard Courant
Richard Courant (January 8, 1888 – January 27, 1972) was a German American mathematician. He is best known by the general public for the book What is Mathematics?, co-written with Herbert Robbins. His
Thomas Simpson
Thomas Simpson FRS (20 August 1710 – 14 May 1761) was a British mathematician and inventor known for the eponymous Simpson's rule to approximate definite integrals. The attribution, as often in mathem
Ivan Privalov
Ivan Ivanovich Privalov (Russian: Ива́н Ива́нович Привáлов; 11 February 1891 – 13 July 1941) was a Russian mathematician best known for his work on analytic functions.
Guido Stampacchia
Guido Stampacchia (26 March 1922 – 27 April 1978) was an Italian mathematician, known for his work on the theory of variational inequalities, the calculus of variation and the theory of elliptic parti
Paul Émile Appell
Paul Émile Appell (27 September 1855, in Strasbourg – 24 October 1930, in Paris) was a French mathematician and Rector of the University of Paris. Appell polynomials and Appell's equations of motion a
Mikhail Kadets
Mikhail Iosiphovich Kadets (Russian: Михаил Иосифович Кадец, Ukrainian: Михайло Йосипович Кадець, sometimes transliterated as Kadec, 30 November 1923 – 7 March 2011) was a Soviet-born Jewish mathemati
Michelle Schatzman
Michelle Schatzman (1949–2010) was a French mathematician, specializing in applied mathematics, who combined research as a CNRS research director and teaching as a professor at the Claude Bernard Univ
Pia Nalli
Pia Maria Nalli (10 February 1886 – 27 September 1964) was an Italian mathematician known for her work on the summability of Fourier series, on Morera's theorem for analytic functions of several varia
Pierre Alphonse Laurent
Pierre Alphonse Laurent (18 July 1813 – 2 September 1854) was a French mathematician, engineer, and Military Officer best known for discovering the Laurent series, an expansion of a function into an i
Laurence Chisholm Young
Laurence Chisholm Young (14 July 1905 – 24 December 2000) was a British mathematician known for his contributions to measure theory, the calculus of variations, optimal control theory, and potential t
Pierre Lelong
Pierre Lelong (14 March 1912 Paris – 12 October 2011) was a French mathematician who introduced the Poincaré–Lelong equation, the Lelong number and the concept of plurisubharmonic functions.
Walter Hayman
Walter Kurt Hayman FRS (6 January 1926 – 1 January 2020) was a British mathematician known for contributions to complex analysis. He was a professor at Imperial College London.
George Peacock
George Peacock FRS (9 April 1791 – 8 November 1858) was an English mathematician and Anglican cleric. He founded what has been called the British algebra of logic.
Lipman Bers
Lipman Bers (Latvian: Lipmans Berss; May 22, 1914 – October 29, 1993) was a Latvian-American mathematician, born in Riga, who created the theory of pseudoanalytic functions and worked on Riemann surfa
Wolfgang Heinrich Johannes Fuchs
Wolfgang Heinrich Johannes Fuchs (May 19, 1915, Munich – February 24, 1997) was a British mathematician specializing in complex analysis. His main area of research was Nevanlinna theory. Fuchs receive
Dimitrie Pompeiu
Dimitrie D. Pompeiu (Romanian: [diˈmitri.e pomˈpeju]; 4 October [O.S. 22 September] 1873 – 8 October 1954) was a Romanian mathematician, professor at the University of Bucharest, titular member of the
Norman Levinson
Norman Levinson (August 11, 1912 in Lynn, Massachusetts – October 10, 1975 in Boston) was an American mathematician. Some of his major contributions were in the study of Fourier transforms, complex an
Michael Spivak
Michael David Spivak (25 May 1940 – 1 October 2020) was an American mathematician specializing in differential geometry, an expositor of mathematics, and the founder of Publish-or-Perish Press. Spivak
Igor Kluvánek
Igor Kluvánek (27 January 1931 – 24 July 1993) was a Slovak-Australian mathematician.
G. N. Watson
George Neville Watson FRS FRSE (31 January 1886 – 2 February 1965) was an English mathematician, who applied complex analysis to the theory of special functions. His collaboration on the 1915 second e
Gianfranco Cimmino
Gianfranco Cimmino (12 March 1908 – 30 May 1989) was an Italian mathematician, working mathematical analysis, numerical analysis, and theory of elliptic partial differential equations: he is known for
A. Edward Nussbaum
Adolf Edward Nussbaum (10 January 1925 – 31 October 2009) was a German-born American theoretical mathematician who was a professor of mathematics at Washington University in St. Louis for nearly 40 ye
Kenneth I. Gross
Kenneth Irwin Gross (14 October 1938 – 10 September 2017) was an American mathematician. Born in Malden, Massachusetts in 1938, Gross received from Brandeis University his bachelor's degree in 1960 an
Emil Grosswald
Emil Grosswald (December 15, 1912 – April 11, 1989) was a mathematician who worked primarily in number theory.
Henri Poincaré
Jules Henri Poincaré (UK: /ˈpwæ̃kɑːreɪ/ [US: stress final syllable], French: [ɑ̃ʁi pwɛ̃kaʁe]; 29 April 1854 – 17 July 1912) was a French mathematician, theoretical physicist, engineer, and philosopher
Nathan Fine
Nathan Jacob Fine (22 October 1916 in Philadelphia – 18 November 1994 in Deerfield Beach, Florida) was an American mathematician who worked on basic hypergeometric series. He is best known for his lec
Suzan Kahramaner
Suzan Kahramaner (May 21, 1913 – February 22, 2006) was one of the first female mathematicians in Turkish academia.
Paul Matthieu Hermann Laurent
Paul Matthieu Hermann Laurent (2 September 1841, in Luxembourg City – 19 February 1908, in Paris, France) was a French mathematician. Despite his large body of works, Laurent series expansions for com
Alberto González Domínguez
Alberto González Domínguez (11 April 1904 in Buenos Aires – 14 September 1982 in Buenos Aires) was an Argentine mathematician working on analysis, probability theory and quantum field theory. González
George Pólya
George Pólya (/ˈpoʊljə/; Hungarian: Pólya György, pronounced [ˈpoːjɒ ˈɟørɟ]; December 13, 1887 – September 7, 1985) was a Hungarian mathematician. He was a professor of mathematics from 1914 to 1940 a
Eugenio Elia Levi
Eugenio Elia Levi (18 October 1883 – 28 October 1917) was an Italian mathematician, known for his fundamental contributions in group theory, in the theory of partial differential operators and in the
Jesse Douglas
Jesse Douglas (3 July 1897 – 7 September 1965) was an American mathematician and Fields Medalist known for his general solution to Plateau's problem.
Evgenii Landis
Evgenii Mikhailovich Landis (Russian: Евге́ний Миха́йлович Ла́ндис, Yevgeny Mikhaylovich Landis; 6 October 1921 – 12 December 1997) was a Soviet mathematician who worked mainly on partial differential
Ralph Henstock
Ralph Henstock (2 June 1923 – 17 January 2007) was an English mathematician and author. As an Integration theorist, he is notable for Henstock–Kurzweil integral. Henstock brought the theory to a highl
Georgy Pfeiffer
Georgy Pfeiffer also Yurii or Yury Pfeiffer (Russian: Гео́ргий Васи́льевич Пфе́йффер, German: Georg Ferdinand Pfeiffer, 23 December 1872, Sokirincy, Poltava Governorate, Russian Empire – 10 October 19
Pierre-Simon Laplace
Pierre-Simon, marquis de Laplace (/ləˈplɑːs/; French: [pjɛʁ simɔ̃ laplas]; 23 March 1749 – 5 March 1827) was a French scholar and polymath whose work was important to the development of engineering, m
Albert Wilansky
Albert "Tommy" Wilansky (13 September 1921, St Johns, Newfoundland – 3 July 2017, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) was a Canadian-American mathematician, known for introducing Smith numbers.
Georges Valiron
Georges Jean Marie Valiron (7 September 1884 – 17 March 1955) was a French mathematician, notable for his contributions to analysis, in particular, the asymptotic behaviour of entire functions of fini
Kiyoshi Oka
Kiyoshi Oka (岡 潔, Oka Kiyoshi, April 19, 1901 – March 1, 1978) was a Japanese mathematician who did fundamental work in the theory of several complex variables.
Lipót Fejér
Lipót Fejér (or Leopold Fejér, Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈfɛjeːr]; 9 February 1880 – 15 October 1959) was a Hungarian mathematician of Jewish heritage. Fejér was born Leopold Weisz, and changed to the
Moedomo Soedigdomarto
Moedomo Soedigdomarto, also spelled Mudomo Sudigdomarto, (29 November 1927, Magetan – 5 November 2005, Bandung) was an Indonesian mathematician, educator and professor at the Bandung Institute of Tech
William Mann (mathematician)
William Robert Mann (September 21, 1920 – January 20, 2006) was a mathematician from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Mann worked in mathematical analysis. He was the discoverer and eponym of the Mann ite
Vladimir Arnold
Vladimir Igorevich Arnold (alternative spelling Arnol'd, Russian: Влади́мир И́горевич Арно́льд, 12 June 1937 – 3 June 2010) was a Soviet and Russian mathematician. While he is best known for the Kolmo
René Maurice Fréchet
René Maurice Fréchet (French: [ʁəne mɔʁis fʁeʃɛ, moʁ-]; 2 September 1878 – 4 June 1973) was a French mathematician. He made major contributions to general topology and was the first to define metric s
George Mackey
George Whitelaw Mackey (February 1, 1916 – March 15, 2006) was an American mathematician known for his contributions to quantum logic, representation theory, and noncommutative geometry.
Pierre Boutroux
Pierre Léon Boutroux (French: [butʁu]; 6 December 1880 – 15 August 1922) was a French mathematician and historian of science. Boutroux is chiefly known for his work in the history and philosophy of ma
Elias M. Stein
Elias Menachem Stein (January 13, 1931 – December 23, 2018) was an American mathematician who was a leading figure in the field of harmonic analysis. He was the Albert Baldwin Dod Professor of Mathema
Gerhard Thomsen
Gerhard Thomsen (23 June 1899 – 4 January 1934) was a German mathematician, probably best known for his work in various branches of geometry.
John Horvath (mathematician)
John Michael Horvath (born János Horváth; 30 July 1924 in Budapest – 12 March 2015) was a Hungarian-American mathematician noted for his contributions to analysis especially in functional analysis and
Hans Rådström
Hans Vilhem Rådström (1919–1970) was a Swedish mathematician who worked on complex analysis, continuous groups, convex sets, set-valued analysis, and game theory. From 1952, he was lektor (assistant p
Gábor Szegő
Gábor Szegő (Hungarian: [ˈɡaːbor ˈsɛɡøː]) (January 20, 1895 – August 7, 1985) was a Hungarian-American mathematician. He was one of the foremost mathematical analysts of his generation and made fundam
Robert Fricke
Karl Emanuel Robert Fricke (24 September 1861 – 18 July 1930) was a German mathematician, known for his work in complex analysis, especially on elliptic, modular and automorphic functions. He was one
Nikolay Yakovlevich Sonin
Nikolay Yakovlevich Sonin (Russian: Никола́й Я́ковлевич Со́нин, February 22, 1849 – February 27, 1915) was a Russian mathematician.
Marcel Riesz
Marcel Riesz (Hungarian: Riesz Marcell [ˈriːs ˈmɒrt͡sɛll]; 16 November 1886 – 4 September 1969) was a Hungarian mathematician, known for work on summation methods, potential theory, and other parts of
Solomon Mikhlin
Solomon Grigor'evich Mikhlin (Russian: Соломо́н Григо́рьевич Ми́хлин, real name Zalman Girshevich Mikhlin) (the family name is also transliterated as Mihlin or Michlin) (23 April 1908 – 29 August 1990
Zoia Ceaușescu
Zoia Ceaușescu (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈzoja tʃe̯a.uˈʃesku]; 28 February 1949 – 20 November 2006) was a Romanian mathematician, the daughter of Communist leader Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife, Elena
Victor Lidskii
Victor Borisovich Lidskii (Russian: Виктор Борисович Лидский, 4 May 1924, Odessa – 29 July 2008, Moscow) was a Soviet and Russian mathematician who worked in spectral theory, operator theory, and shel
Edward Charles Titchmarsh
Edward Charles "Ted" Titchmarsh (June 1, 1899 – January 18, 1963) was a leading British mathematician.
Yakov Geronimus
Yakov Lazarevich Geronimus, sometimes spelled J. Geronimus (Russian: Я́ков Лазаре́вич Геро́нимус; February 6, 1898, Rostov – July 17, 1984, Kharkov) was a Russian mathematician known for contributions
Henry Helson
Henry Berge Helson (June 2, 1927 – January 10, 2010) was an American mathematician at the University of California at Berkeley who worked on analysis.
Leopoldo Nachbin
Leopoldo Nachbin (7 January 1922 – 3 April 1993) was a Jewish-Brazilian mathematician who dealt with topology, and harmonic analysis. Nachbin was born in Recife, and is best known for Nachbin's theore
Victor Gustave Robin
Victor Gustave Robin (French: [ʁɔbɛ̃]; 17 May 1855 – 1897) was a French mathematical analyst and applied mathematician who lectured in mathematical physics at the Sorbonne in Paris and also worked in
Robert G. Bartle
Robert Gardner Bartle (November 20, 1927 – September 18, 2003) was an American mathematician specializing in real analysis. He is known for writing the popular textbooks The Elements of Real Analysis
Valentin Afraimovich
Valentin Afraimovich (Russian: Валентин Сендерович Афраймович, 2 April 1945, Kirov, Kirov Oblast, USSR – 21 February 2018, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) was a Soviet, Russian and Mexican mathematician. He
William Fogg Osgood
William Fogg Osgood (March 10, 1864, Boston – July 22, 1943, Belmont, Massachusetts) was an American mathematician.
Alfred Tauber
Alfred Tauber (5 November 1866 – 26 July 1942) was a Hungarian-born Austrian mathematician, known for his contribution to mathematical analysis and to the theory of functions of a complex variable: he
Augustin-Louis Cauchy
Baron Augustin-Louis Cauchy FRS FRSE (/koʊˈʃiː/, koh-SHEE; French: [oɡystɛ̃ lwi koʃi]; 21 August 1789 – 23 May 1857) was a French mathematician, engineer, and physicist who made pioneering contributio
Antonio Maria Bordoni
Antonio Maria Bordoni (19 July 1789 – 26 March 1860) was an Italian mathematician who did research on mathematical analysis, geometry, and mechanics. Joining the faculty of the University of Pavia in
Hiroshi Okamura
Hiroshi Okamura (岡村 博, Okamura Hiroshi, November 10, 1905 – September 3, 1948) was a Japanese mathematician who made contributions to analysis and the theory of differential equations. He was a profes
L. E. J. Brouwer
Luitzen Egbertus Jan Brouwer (/ˈbraʊ.ər/; Dutch: [ˈlœy̯tsə(n) ɛɣˈbɛrtəs jɑn ˈbrʌu̯ər]; 27 February 1881 – 2 December 1966), usually cited as L. E. J. Brouwer but known to his friends as Bertus, was a
Otto Toeplitz
Otto Toeplitz (1 August 1881 – 15 February 1940) was a German mathematician working in functional analysis.
Robert William Genese
Robert William Genese (1848, Dublin – 1928) was an Irish mathematician whose career was spent in Wales.
Stefan E. Warschawski
Stefan Emanuel "Steve" Warschawski (April 18, 1904 – May 5, 1989) was a mathematician, a professor and department chair at the University of Minnesota and the founder of the mathematics department at
Alexander Ostrowski
Alexander Markowich Ostrowski (Ukrainian: Олександр Маркович Островський; Russian: Алекса́ндр Ма́ркович Остро́вский; 25 September 1893, in Kiev, Russian Empire – 20 November 1986, in Montagnola, Lugan
Errett Bishop
Errett Albert Bishop (July 14, 1928 – April 14, 1983) was an American mathematician known for his work on analysis. He expanded constructive analysis in his 1967 Foundations of Constructive Analysis,
Federico Cafiero
Federico Cafiero (24 May 1914 – 7 May 1980) was an Italian mathematician known for his contributions in real analysis, measure and integration theory, and in the theory of ordinary differential equati
Otto Stolz
Otto Stolz (3 July 1842 – 23 November 1905) was an Austrian mathematician noted for his work on mathematical analysis and infinitesimals. Born in Hall in Tirol, he studied in Innsbruck from 1860 and i
Stefan Bergman
Stefan Bergman (5 May 1895 – 6 June 1977) was a Congress Poland-born American mathematician whose primary work was in complex analysis. His name is also written Bergmann; he dropped the second "n" whe
Karel deLeeuw
Karel deLeeuw, or de Leeuw (February 20, 1930 – August 18, 1978), was a mathematics professor at Stanford University, specializing in harmonic analysis and functional analysis.
Ernest Michael
Ernest A. Michael (August 26, 1925 – April 29, 2013) was a prominent American mathematician known for his work in the field of general topology, most notably for his pioneering research on set-valued
Konstantin Posse
Konstantin Alexandrovich Posse (Russian: Константин Александрович Поссе; September 29, 1847 - August 24, 1928) was a Russian mathematician known for contributions to analysis and in particular approxi
Paul Chernoff
Paul Robert Chernoff (21 June 1942, Philadelphia – 17 January 2017) was an American mathematician, specializing in functional analysis and the mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics. He is know
Paul Halmos
Paul Richard Halmos (Hungarian: Halmos Pál; March 3, 1916 – October 2, 2006) was a Hungarian-born American mathematician and statistician who made fundamental advances in the areas of mathematical log
Giovanni Sansone
Giovanni Sansone (24 May 1888 – 13 October 1979) was an Italian mathematician, known for his works on mathematical analysis, on the theory of orthogonal functions and on the theory of ordinary differe
Henri Cartan
Henri Paul Cartan (French: [kaʁtɑ̃]; 8 July 1904 – 13 August 2008) was a French mathematician who made substantial contributions to algebraic topology. He was the son of the mathematician Élie Cartan,
Henri Milloux
Paul Henri Milloux (13 April 1898, in Crépy-en-Laonnois – 28 June 1980, in Bordeaux) was a French mathematician, specializing in holomorphic functions and meromorphic functions in complex analysis. Mi
Leonida Tonelli
Leonida Tonelli (19 April 1885 – 12 March 1946) was an Italian mathematician, noted for creating Tonelli's theorem, a variation of Fubini's theorem, and for introducing semicontinuity methods as a com
Eugenius Nulty
Eugenius Nulty (1790 – July 3, 1871) was an Irish born American mathematician of the 19th century. He served on the faculty of Dickinson College from 1814 to 1816, and later taught and tutored promine
Max Mason
Charles Max Mason (26 October 1877–22 March 1961), better known as Max Mason, was an American mathematician. Mason was president of the University of Chicago (1925–1928) and president of the Rockefell
Eduard Heine
Heinrich Eduard Heine (16 March 1821 – 21 October 1881) was a German mathematician. Heine became known for results on special functions and in real analysis. In particular, he authored an important tr
Jovan Karamata
Jovan Karamata (Serbian Cyrillic: Јован Карамата; February 1, 1902 – August 14, 1967) was a Serbian mathematician. He is remembered for contributions to analysis, in particular, the Tauberian theory a
Carl S. Herz
Carl Samuel Herz (10 April 1930 – 1 May 1995) was an American-Canadian mathematician, specializing in harmonic analysis. His name is attached to the Herz–Schur multiplier. He held professorships at Co
Roger Cotes
Roger Cotes FRS (10 July 1682 – 5 June 1716) was an English mathematician, known for working closely with Isaac Newton by proofreading the second edition of his famous book, the Principia, before publ
Johannes Boersma
Johannes Boersma (5 December 1937 Marrum – 29 November 2004 Eindhoven) was a Dutch mathematician who specialized in mathematical analysis. His PhD advisor at the University of Groningen was .
Børge Jessen
Børge Christian Jessen (19 June 1907 – 20 March 1993) was a Danish mathematician best known for his work in analysis, specifically on the Riemann zeta function, and in geometry, specifically on Hilber
Simion Stoilow
Simion Stoilow or Stoilov (14 September [O.S. 2 September] 1887 – 4 April 1961) was a Romanian mathematician, creator of the Romanian school of complex analysis, and author of over 100 publications.
Moshe Zakai
Moshe Zakai (December 22, 1926 – November 27, 2015) was a Distinguished Professor at the Technion, Israel in electrical engineering, member of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities and Rothsch
Gilbert Ames Bliss
Gilbert Ames Bliss, (9 May 1876 – 8 May 1951), was an American mathematician, known for his work on the calculus of variations.
Émile Picard
Charles Émile Picard FRS(For) FRSE (French: [ʃaʁl emil pikaʁ]; 24 July 1856 – 11 December 1941) was a French mathematician. He was elected the fifteenth member to occupy seat 1 of the Académie françai
Giuseppe Vitali
Giuseppe Vitali (26 August 1875 – 29 February 1932) was an Italian mathematician who worked in several branches of mathematical analysis. He gives his name to several entities in mathematics, most not
Cabiria Andreian Cazacu
Cabiria Andreian Cazacu (February 19, 1928 – May 22, 2018) was a Romanian mathematician known for her work in complex analysis. She held the chair in mathematical analysis at the University of Buchare
Johann Friedrich Hennert
Johann Friedrich Hennert (19 October 1733 – 30 March 1813) was German-born and lectured in mathematics and physics at the University of Utrecht. He was a significant student of Leonhard Euler. He was
Hans Lewy
Hans Lewy (20 October 1904 – 23 August 1988) was a Jewish American mathematician, known for his work on partial differential equations and on the theory of functions of several complex variables.
José Luis Massera
José Luis Massera (Genoa, Italy, June 8, 1915 – Montevideo, September 9, 2002) was a Uruguayan dissident and mathematician who researched the stability of differential equations. Massera's lemma is na
Joseph Fourier
Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier (/ˈfʊrieɪ, -iər/; French: [fuʁje]; 21 March 1768 – 16 May 1830) was a French mathematician and physicist born in Auxerre and best known for initiating the investigation of
Renato Caccioppoli
Renato Caccioppoli (Italian: [reˈnaːto katˈtʃɔppoli]; 20 January 1904 – 8 May 1959) was an Italian mathematician, known for his contributions to mathematical analysis, including the theory of function
Joaquim Gomes de Souza
Joaquim Gomes de Souza "Souzinha" (15 February 1829, in Itapecuru Mirim – 1 June 1864, in London) was a Brazilian mathematician who worked on numerical analysis and differential equations. He was a pi
Stanisław Saks
Stanisław Saks (30 December 1897 – 23 November 1942) was a Polish mathematician and university tutor, a member of the Lwów School of Mathematics, known primarily for his membership in the Scottish Caf
Carlo Miranda
Carlo Miranda (15 August 1912 – 28 May 1982) was an Italian mathematician, working on mathematical analysis, theory of elliptic partial differential equations and complex analysis: he is known for giv
Richard Friederich Arens
Richard Friederich Arens (24 April 1919 – 3 May 2000) was an American mathematician. He was born in Iserlohn, Germany. He emigrated to the United States in 1925. Arens received his Ph.D. in 1945 from
Ralph Lent Jeffery
Ralph Lent Jeffery (3 October 1889 Overton, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada – 1975 Wolfville, Nova Scotia) was a Canadian mathematician working on analysis. He taught at several institutions incl
Frederick Valentine Atkinson
Frederick Valentine "Derick" Atkinson (25 January 1916 – 13 November 2002) was a British mathematician, formerly of the University of Toronto, Canada, where he spent most of his career. Atkinson's the
Olga Ladyzhenskaya
Olga Aleksandrovna Ladyzhenskaya (Russian: Óльга Алекса́ндровна Лады́женская; 7 March 1922 – 12 January 2004) was a Russian mathematician who worked on partial differential equations, fluid dynamics,
Anton Davidoglu
Anton Davidoglu (June 30, 1876–May 27, 1958) was a Romanian mathematician who specialized in differential equations. He was born in 1876 in Bârlad, Vaslui County, the son of Profira Moțoc and Doctor C
Alessandro Faedo
Alessandro Faedo (18 November 1913 – 15 June 2001) (also known as Alessandro Carlo Faedo or Sandro Faedo) was an Italian mathematician and politician, born in Chiampo. He is known for his work in nume
Enzo Martinelli
Enzo Martinelli (11 November 1911 – 27 August 1999) was an Italian mathematician, working in the theory of functions of several complex variables: he is best known for his work on the theory of for ho
Nikolai Andreevich Lebedev
Nikolai Andreevich Lebedev (Russian: Никола́й Андре́евич Ле́бедев; August 8, 1919 – January 8, 1982) was a Soviet mathematician who worked on complex function theory and geometric function theory. Joi
Walter Rudin
Walter Rudin (May 2, 1921 – May 20, 2010) was an Austrian-American mathematician and professor of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. In addition to his contributions to complex and ha