Category: Intersection

Intersection (set theory)
In set theory, the intersection of two sets and denoted by is the set containing all elements of that also belong to or equivalently, all elements of that also belong to
In mathematics, the intersection of two or more objects is another object consisting of everything that is contained in all of the objects simultaneously. For example, in Euclidean geometry, when two
Erdős–Ko–Rado theorem
In mathematics, the Erdős–Ko–Rado theorem limits the number of sets in a family of sets for which every two sets have at least one element in common. Paul Erdős, Chao Ko, and Richard Rado proved the t
Sunflower (mathematics)
In the mathematical fields of set theory and extremal combinatorics, a sunflower or -system is a collection of sets whose pairwise intersection is constant. This constant intersection is called the ke