Category: Electron beams in manufacturing

Electron-beam welding
Electron-beam welding (EBW) is a fusion welding process in which a beam of high-velocity electrons is applied to two materials to be joined. The workpieces melt and flow together as the kinetic energy
Electron-beam furnace
An electron-beam furnace (EB furnace) is a type of vacuum furnace employing high-energy electron beam in vacuum as the means for delivery of heat to the material being melted. It is one of the electro
Electron-beam machining
Electron-beam machining (EBM) is a process where high-velocity electrons concentrated into a narrow beam that are directed towards the work piece, creating heat and vaporizing the material. EBM can be
Electron-beam freeform fabrication
Electron-beam freeform fabrication (EBF3) is an additive manufacturing process that builds near-net-shape parts requiring less raw material and finish machining than traditional manufacturing methods.
Electron beam texturing
Electron beam texturing (EBT) is a technology used to apply roughness to the surface of rolling mill cylinders by impinging the surface of these cylinders with a modulated electron beam. The beam loca
Electron-beam additive manufacturing
Electron-beam additive manufacturing, or electron-beam melting (EBM) is a type of additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, for metal parts. The raw material (metal powder or wire) is placed under a vac
Electron-beam processing
Electron-beam processing or electron irradiation (EBI) is a process that involves using electrons, usually of high energy, to treat an object for a variety of purposes. This may take place under eleva