Category: Effective descriptive set theory

Arithmetical hierarchy
In mathematical logic, the arithmetical hierarchy, arithmetic hierarchy or Kleene–Mostowski hierarchy (after mathematicians Stephen Cole Kleene and Andrzej Mostowski) classifies certain sets based on
Arithmetical set
In mathematical logic, an arithmetical set (or arithmetic set) is a set of natural numbers that can be defined by a formula of first-order Peano arithmetic. The arithmetical sets are classified by the
Analytical hierarchy
In mathematical logic and descriptive set theory, the analytical hierarchy is an extension of the arithmetical hierarchy. The analytical hierarchy of formulas includes formulas in the language of seco
Lightface analytic game
In descriptive set theory, a lightface analytic game is a game whose payoff set A is a subset of Baire space; that is, there is a tree T on which is a computable subset of , such that A is the project
Effective Polish space
In mathematical logic, an effective Polish space is a complete separable metric space that has a . Such spaces are studied in effective descriptive set theory and in constructive analysis. In particul
Effective descriptive set theory
Effective descriptive set theory is the branch of descriptive set theory dealing with sets of reals having lightface definitions; that is, definitions that do not require an arbitrary real parameter (