Category: Differential geometers

Wilhelm Klingenberg
Wilhelm Paul Albert Klingenberg (28 January 1924 – 14 October 2010) was a German mathematician who worked on differential geometry and in particular on closed geodesics.
Roland Weitzenböck
Roland Weitzenböck (26 May 1885 – 24 July 1955) was an Austrian mathematician working on differential geometry who introduced the Weitzenböck connection. He was appointed professor of mathematics at t
Hsien Chung Wang
Hsien Chung (or Hsien-Chung or Hsien-chung) Wang ( 王宪钟 Wang Xian Zhong; 18 April 1918 in Beijing – 25 June 1978 in New York City) was a Chinese-American mathematician, specializing in differential geo
Manfredo do Carmo
Manfredo Perdigão do Carmo (15 August 1928, Maceió – 30 April 2018, Rio de Janeiro) was a Brazilian mathematician. He spent most of his career at IMPA and is seen as the doyen of differential geometry
Elwin Bruno Christoffel
Elwin Bruno Christoffel (German: [kʁɪˈstɔfl̩]; 10 November 1829 – 15 March 1900) was a German mathematician and physicist. He introduced fundamental concepts of differential geometry, opening the way
Salomon Bochner
Salomon Bochner (20 August 1899 – 2 May 1982) was an Austrian mathematician, known for work in mathematical analysis, probability theory and differential geometry.
Arthur Preston Mellish
Arthur Preston Mellish (10 June 1905 – 7 February 1930) was a Canadian mathematician, known for his generalization of Barbier's theorem. Arthur Mellish received in 1928 an M.A. in mathematics from the
Egbert Brieskorn
Egbert Valentin Brieskorn (7 July 1936, in Rostock – 11 July 2013, in Bonn) was a German mathematician who introduced Brieskorn spheres and the Brieskorn–Grothendieck resolution.
Gregorio Ricci-Curbastro
Gregorio Ricci-Curbastro (Italian: [ɡreˈɡɔːrjo ˈrittʃi kurˈbastro]; 12 January 1853 – 6 August 1925) was an Italian mathematician. He is most famous as the discoverer of tensor calculus. With his form
Luis Santaló
Luís Antoni Santaló Sors (October 9, 1911 – November 22, 2001) was a Spanish mathematician. He graduated from the University of Madrid and he studied at the University of Hamburg, where he received hi
Paulette Libermann
Paulette Libermann (14 November 1919 – 10 July 2007) was a French mathematician, specializing in differential geometry.
Mauro Francaviglia
Mauro Francaviglia (Torino, 22 June 1953 – Arcavacata, 24 June 2013) was an Italian mathematician. He was a professor at University of Torino and he worked mainly on geometric methods applied to mecha
Patrick du Val
Patrick du Val (March 26, 1903 – January 22, 1987) was a British mathematician, known for his work on algebraic geometry, differential geometry, and general relativity. The concept of Du Val singulari
Ernesto Cesàro
Ernesto Cesàro (12 March 1859 – 12 September 1906) was an Italian mathematician who worked in the field of differential geometry. He wrote a book, Lezioni di geometria intrinseca (Naples, 1890), on th
Kentaro Yano (mathematician)
Kentaro Yano (1 March 1912 in Tokyo, Japan – 25 December 1993) was a mathematician working on differential geometry who introduced the Bochner–Yano theorem. He also published a classical book about ge
Pierre Ossian Bonnet
Pierre Ossian Bonnet (French: [bɔnɛ]; 22 December 1819, Montpellier – 22 June 1892, Paris) was a French mathematician. He made some important contributions to the differential geometry of surfaces, in
Werner Fenchel
Moritz Werner Fenchel (German: [ˈfɛnçəl]; 3 May 1905 – 24 January 1988) was a mathematician known for his contributions to geometry and to optimization theory. Fenchel established the basic results of
Isadore Singer
Isadore Manuel Singer (May 3, 1924 – February 11, 2021) was an American mathematician. He was an Emeritus Institute Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technol
Marston Morse
Harold Calvin Marston Morse (March 24, 1892 – June 22, 1977) was an American mathematician best known for his work on the calculus of variations in the large, a subject where he introduced the techniq
Luigi Bianchi
Luigi Bianchi (18 January 1856 – 6 June 1928) was an Italian mathematician. He was born in Parma, Emilia-Romagna, and died in Pisa. He was a leading member of the vigorous geometric school which flour
Robert Alfred Herman
Robert Alfred Herman (1861–1927) was a fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, who coached many students to a high wrangler rank in the Cambridge Mathematical Tripos. Herman was senior wrangler in 1882.
Ziauddin Ahmad
Sir Ziauddin Ahmad CIE (born Ziauddin Ahmed Zuberi; 13 February 1873 – 23 December 1947) was an Indian mathematician, parliamentarian, logician, natural philosopher, politician, political theorist, ed
Benjamin Kagan
Veniamin Fyodorovich Kagan (Russian: Вениами́н Фёдорович Ка́ган; 10 March 1869 – 8 May 1953) was a Russian and Soviet mathematician and expert in geometry. He is the maternal grandfather of mathematic
Tullio Levi-Civita
Tullio Levi-Civita, ForMemRS (English: /ˈtʊlioʊ ˈlɛvi ˈtʃɪvɪtə/, Italian: [ˈtulljo ˈlɛːvi ˈtʃiːvita]; 29 March 1873 – 29 December 1941) was an Italian mathematician, most famous for his work on absolu
Syamadas Mukhopadhyaya
Syamadas Mukhopadhyaya (22 June 1866 – 8 May 1937) was an Indian mathematician who introduced the four-vertex theorem and Mukhopadhyaya's theorem in plane geometry.
Ilie Popa (mathematician)
Ilie Popa (July 20, 1907 – July 26, 1983) was a Romanian mathematician and Head of the Mathematical Analysis Department at the University of Iași. He is known for his contributions to differential geo
Albert Victor Bäcklund
Albert Victor Bäcklund (11 January 1845 – 23 February 1922) was a Swedish mathematician and physicist. He was a professor at Lund University and its rector from 1907 to 1909. He was born in Malmöhus C
Charles Dupin
Baron Pierre Charles François Dupin (6 October 1784, Varzy, Nièvre – 18 January 1873, Paris, France) was a French Catholic mathematician, engineer, economist and politician, particularly known for wor
Ettore Bortolotti
Ettore Bortolotti (6 March 1866 – 17 February 1947) was an Italian mathematician.
Aleksandr Danilovich Aleksandrov
Aleksandr Danilovich Aleksandrov (Russian: Алекса́ндр Дани́лович Алекса́ндров, alternative transliterations: Alexandr or Alexander (first name), and Alexandrov (last name)) (4 August 1912 – 27 July 19
Wang Qiming
Wang Qiming (simplified Chinese: 王启明; traditional Chinese: 王啓明; pinyin: Wáng Qǐmíng; June 4, 1941 – April 7, 1989) was a Chinese mathematician who was known for his work in differential geometry. He w
Yoshie Katsurada
Yoshie Katsurada (Japanese: 桂田 芳枝, 3 September 1911 – 10 May 1980) was a Japanese mathematician specializing in differential geometry. She became the first Japanese woman to earn a doctorate in mathem
Harry Rauch
Harry Ernest Rauch (November 9, 1925 – June 18, 1979) was an American mathematician, who worked on complex analysis and differential geometry. He was born in Trenton, New Jersey, and died in White Pla
Shiing-Shen Chern
Shiing-Shen Chern (/tʃɜːrn/; Chinese: 陳省身; pinyin: Chén Xǐngshēn, Mandarin: [tʂʰən.ɕiŋ.ʂən]; October 28, 1911 – December 3, 2004) was a Chinese-American mathematician and poet. He made fundamental con
Arthur Milgram
Arthur Norton Milgram (3 June 1912, in Philadelphia – 30 January 1961) was an American mathematician. He made contributions in functional analysis, combinatorics, differential geometry, topology, part
Luther P. Eisenhart
Luther Pfahler Eisenhart (13 January 1876 – 28 October 1965) was an American mathematician, best known today for his contributions to semi-Riemannian geometry.
Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi
Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi (/dʒəˈkoʊbi/; German: [jaˈkoːbi]; 10 December 1804 – 18 February 1851) was a German mathematician who made fundamental contributions to elliptic functions, dynamics, different
Heinz Hopf
Heinz Hopf (19 November 1894 – 3 June 1971) was a German mathematician who worked on the fields of topology and geometry.
Abram Ilyich Fet
Abram Fet (Russian: Абрам Ильич Фет) (5 December 1924 — 30 July 2007) was a Russian mathematician, Soviet dissident, philosopher, Samizdat translator and writer. He used various pseudonyms for Samizda
Johann Christian Martin Bartels
Johann Christian Martin Bartels (12 August 1769 – 20 December [O.S. 7 December] 1836) was a German mathematician. He was the tutor of Carl Friedrich Gauss in Brunswick and the educator of Lobachevsky
Tadashi Nagano
Tadashi Nagano (長野正, Nagano Tadashi, January 9, 1930 – February 1, 2017) was a Taiwan-born Japanese mathematician who worked mainly on differential geometry and related subjects.
Lev Schnirelmann
Lev Genrikhovich Schnirelmann (also Shnirelman, Shnirel'man; Лев Ге́нрихович Шнирельма́н; 2 January 1905 – 24 September 1938) was a Soviet mathematician who worked on number theory, topology and diffe
Viktor Wagner
Viktor Vladimirovich Wagner, also Vagner (Russian: Виктор Владимирович Вагнер) (4 November 1908 – 15 August 1981) was a Russian mathematician, best known for his work in differential geometry and on s
Wilhelm Blaschke
Wilhelm Johann Eugen Blaschke (13 September 1885 – 17 March 1962) was an Austrian mathematician working in the fields of differential and integral geometry.
Hidehiko Yamabe
Hidehiko Yamabe (山辺 英彦, Yamabe Hidehiko, August 22, 1923 in Ashiya, Hyōgo, Japan – November 20, 1960 in Evanston, Illinois) was a Japanese mathematician. Above all, he is famous for discovering that e
Ian R. Porteous
Ian Robertson Porteous (9 October 1930 – 30 January 2011) was a Scottish mathematician at the University of Liverpool and an educator on Merseyside. He is best known for three books on geometry and mo
Ernest Preston Lane
Ernest Preston Lane (28 November 1886, Russellville, Tennessee – October 1969) was an American mathematician, specializing in differential geometry.
Jan Arnoldus Schouten
Jan Arnoldus Schouten (28 August 1883 – 20 January 1971) was a Dutch mathematician and Professor at the Delft University of Technology. He was an important contributor to the development of tensor cal
Théophile Lepage
Théophile Lepage (24 March 1901 – 1 April 1991) was a Belgian mathematician.
William M. Boothby
William Munger Boothby (April 1, 1918 – February 14, 2021) was an American mathematician and professor emeritus of mathematics at Washington University in St. Louis, known for his work in differential
Vijay Kumar Patodi
Vijay Kumar Patodi (12 March 1945 – 21 December 1976) was an Indian mathematician who made fundamental contributions to differential geometry and topology. He was the first mathematician to apply heat
Wanxiong Shi
Wanxiong Shi (Chinese: 施皖雄; pinyin: Shī Wǎnxióng; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Si Oán-hiông; 6 October 1963 - 30 September 2021) was a Chinese mathematician. He was known for his fundamental work in the theory of Ricc
Nikolai Yefimov
Nikolai Vladimirovich Yefimov (Russian: Никола́й Влади́мирович Ефи́мов; 31 May 1910 in Orenburg – 14 August 1982 in Moscow) was a Soviet mathematician. He is most famous for his work on generalized Hi
Johannes Knoblauch
Johannes Knoblauch (27 August 1855, Halle (Saale) – 22 July 1915, Berlin) was a German mathematician.
Erich Bessel-Hagen
Erich Bessel-Hagen (12 September 1898 in Charlottenburg – 29 March 1946 in Bonn) was a German mathematician and a historian of mathematics. Erich Paul Werner Bessel-Hagen was born in 1898 in Charlotte
Raoul Bott
Raoul Bott (September 24, 1923 – December 20, 2005) was a Hungarian-American mathematician known for numerous basic contributions to geometry in its broad sense. He is best known for his Bott periodic
Lazar Lyusternik
Lazar Aronovich Lyusternik (also Lusternik, Lusternick, Ljusternik; Ла́зарь Аро́нович Люсте́рник; 31 December 1899, in Zduńska Wola, Congress Poland, Russian Empire – 23 July 1981, in Moscow, Soviet U
Georg Scheffers
Georg Scheffers (21 November 1866 – 12 August 1945) was a German mathematician specializing in differential geometry.
Georges Henri Halphen
Georges-Henri Halphen (French: [ʒɔʀʒ ɑ̃ʁi alfɛn]; 30 October 1844, Rouen – 23 May 1889, Versailles) was a French mathematician. He was known for his work in geometry, particularly in enumerative geome
Émile Cotton
Émile Clément Cotton (5 February 1872 – 14 March 1950) was a professor of mathematics at the University of Grenoble. His PhD thesis studied differential geometry in three dimensions, with the introduc
Friedrich Schilling
Friedrich Georg Schilling (9 April 1868, Hildesheim – 25 May 1950, Gladbeck) was a German mathematician.
Jean Gaston Darboux
Jean-Gaston Darboux FAS MIF FRS FRSE (14 August 1842 – 23 February 1917) was a French mathematician.
Joseph Bertrand
Joseph Louis François Bertrand (French pronunciation: ​[ʒozɛf lwi fʁɑ̃swa bɛʁtʁɑ̃]; 11 March 1822 – 5 April 1900) was a French mathematician who worked in the fields of number theory, differential geo
Abraham H. Taub
Abraham Haskel Taub (/tɔːb/; February 1, 1911 – August 9, 1999) was a distinguished American mathematician and physicist, well known for his important contributions to the early development of general
Eugenio Giuseppe Togliatti
Eugenio Giuseppe Togliatti (3 November 1890 – 5 October 1977) was an Italian mathematician, the brother of politician Palmiro Togliatti. He was a researcher at the ETH Zurich from 1924 to 1926. He dis
Feodor Deahna
Heinrich Wilhelm Feodor Deahna (8 July 1815 – 8 January 1844) was a German mathematician.He is known for providing proof of what is now known as Frobenius theorem in differential topology, which he pu
Charles Ehresmann
Charles Ehresmann (19 April 1905 – 22 September 1979) was a German-born French mathematician who worked in differential topology and category theory. He was an early member of the Bourbaki group, and
Michael Atiyah
Sir Michael Francis Atiyah OM PRS FRSE FMedSci FAA FREng (/əˈtiːə/; 22 April 1929 – 11 January 2019) was a British-Lebanese mathematician specialising in geometry. His contributions include the Atiyah
Detlef Laugwitz
Detlef Laugwitz (1932–2000) was a German mathematician and historian, who worked in differential geometry, history of mathematics, functional analysis, and non-standard analysis.
Guido Fubini
Guido Fubini (19 January 1879 – 6 June 1943) was an Italian mathematician, known for Fubini's theorem and the Fubini–Study metric.
Heinrich Guggenheimer
Heinrich Walter Guggenheimer (July 21, 1924 – March 4, 2021) was a German-born Swiss-American mathematician who has contributed to knowledge in differential geometry, topology, algebraic geometry, and
Robert Osserman
Robert "Bob" Osserman (December 19, 1926 – November 30, 2011) was an American mathematician who worked in geometry. He is specially remembered for his work on the theory of minimal surfaces. Raised in
Enea Bortolotti
Enea Bortolotti (28 September 1896 – 22 June 1942) was an Italian mathematician born in Rome.
Gerrit Bol
Gerrit Bol (May 29, 1906 in Amsterdam – February 21, 1989 in Freiburg) was a Dutch mathematician who specialized in geometry. He is known for introducing Bol loops in 1937, and on sextactic points.
Eugenio Beltrami
Eugenio Beltrami (16 November 1835 – 18 February 1900) was an Italian mathematician notable for his work concerning differential geometry and mathematical physics. His work was noted especially for cl
M. S. Narasimhan
Mudumbai Seshachalu Narasimhan FRS (7 June 1932 – 15 May 2021) was an Indian mathematician. His focus areas included number theory, algebraic geometry, representation theory, and partial differential
John Forbes Nash Jr.
John Forbes Nash Jr. (June 13, 1928 – May 23, 2015) was an American mathematician who made fundamental contributions to game theory, real algebraic geometry, differential geometry, and partial differe
Octav Onicescu
Octav Onicescu (Romanian pronunciation: [okˈtav oniˈt͡ʃesku]; August 20, 1892 – August 19, 1983) was a Romanian mathematician and a member of the Romanian Academy. Together with his student, Gheorghe
Alfred Gray (mathematician)
Alfred Gray (October 22, 1939 – October 27, 1998) was an American mathematician whose main research interests were in differential geometry. He also made contributions in the fields of complex variabl
Paul Stäckel
Paul Gustav Samuel Stäckel (20 August 1862, Berlin – 12 December 1919, Heidelberg) was a German mathematician, active in the areas of differential geometry, number theory, and non-Euclidean geometry.
Michael Spivak
Michael David Spivak (25 May 1940 – 1 October 2020) was an American mathematician specializing in differential geometry, an expositor of mathematics, and the founder of Publish-or-Perish Press. Spivak
Aleksei Pogorelov
Aleksei Vasil'evich Pogorelov (Russian: Алексе́й Васи́льевич Погоре́лов, Ukrainian: Олексі́й Васи́льович Погорє́лов; March 2, 1919 – December 17, 2002), was a Soviet and Ukrainian mathematician. Speci
Jean-Pierre Demailly
Jean-Pierre Demailly (25 September 1957 – 17 March 2022) was a French mathematician who worked in complex geometry. He was a professor at Université Grenoble Alpes and a permanent member of the French
William Thurston
William Paul Thurston (October 30, 1946 – August 21, 2012) was an American mathematician. He was a pioneer in the field of low-dimensional topology and was awarded the Fields Medal for his contributio
Detlef Gromoll
Detlef Gromoll (13 May 1938 – 31 May 2008) was a mathematician who worked in Differential geometry.
Dmitri Egorov
Dmitri Fyodorovich Egorov (Russian: Дми́трий Фёдорович Его́ров; December 22, 1869 – September 10, 1931) was a Russian and Soviet mathematician known for contributions to the areas of differential geom
Alfred Enneper
Alfred Enneper (June 14, 1830, Barmen – March 24, 1885 Hanover) was a German mathematician. Enneper earned his PhD from the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen in 1856, under the supervision of Peter G
Boleslav Mlodzeevskii
Boleslav Kornelievich Mlodzeevskii, also Mlodzievskii (Russian: Болеслав Корнелиевич Млодзиевский, Pre-Reform Russian: Млодзѣевскій; born July 10 [O.S. June 28] 1858, died January 18, 1923) was a Russ
Gheorghe Țițeica
Gheorghe Țițeica (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈɡe̯orɡe t͡siˈt͡sejka]; 4 October 1873 – 5 February 1939) publishing as George or Georges Tzitzéica) was a Romanian mathematician who made important contribu
Jesse Douglas
Jesse Douglas (3 July 1897 – 7 September 1965) was an American mathematician and Fields Medalist known for his general solution to Plateau's problem.
Hermann Weyl
Hermann Klaus Hugo Weyl, ForMemRS (German: [vaɪl]; 9 November 1885 – 8 December 1955) was a German mathematician, theoretical physicist and philosopher. Although much of his working life was spent in
Bernhard Riemann
Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann (German: [ˈɡeːɔʁk ˈfʁiːdʁɪç ˈbɛʁnhaʁt ˈʁiːman]; 17 September 1826 – 20 July 1866) was a German mathematician who made contributions to analysis, number theory, and dif
Robert W. Brooks
Robert Wolfe Brooks (Washington, D.C., September 16, 1952 – Montreal, September 5, 2002) was a mathematician known for his work in spectral geometry, Riemann surfaces, circle packings, and differentia
Victor Andreevich Toponogov
Victor Andreevich Toponogov (Russian: Ви́ктор Андре́евич Топоно́гов; March 6, 1930 – November 21, 2004) was an outstanding Russian mathematician, noted for his contributions to differential geometry a
Thierry Aubin
Thierry Aubin (6 May 1942 – 21 March 2009) was a French mathematician who worked at the Centre de Mathématiques de Jussieu, and was a leading expert on Riemannian geometry and non-linear partial diffe
Vladimir Arnold
Vladimir Igorevich Arnold (alternative spelling Arnol'd, Russian: Влади́мир И́горевич Арно́льд, 12 June 1937 – 3 June 2010) was a Soviet and Russian mathematician. While he is best known for the Kolmo
Victor Zalgaller
Victor (Viktor) Abramovich Zalgaller (Hebrew: ויקטור אבּרמוביץ' זלגלר; Russian: Виктор Абрамович Залгаллер; 25 December 1920 – 2 October 2020) was a Russian-Israeli mathematician in the fields of geom
Joseph Alfred Serret
Joseph Alfred Serret (French: [sɛʁɛ]; August 30, 1819 – March 2, 1885) was a French mathematician who was born in Paris, France, and died in Versailles, France.
Attilio Palatini
Attilio Palatini (18 November 1889 – 24 August 1949) was an Italian mathematician born in Treviso.
Arthur Sard
Arthur Sard (28 July 1909, New York City – 31 August 1980, Basel) was an American mathematician, famous for his work in differential topology and in spline interpolation. His fame stems primarily from
Hermann Vermeil
Hermann Vermeil (1889–1959) was a German mathematician who produced the first published proof that the scalar curvature is the only absolute invariant among those of prescribed type suitable for Alber
Nguyen Dinh Ngoc
Nguyen Dinh Ngoc (13 August 1932 – 2 May 2006) was a Vietnamese Army intelligence officer, later a general, and a mathematician.
Gaspard Monge
Gaspard Monge, Comte de Péluse (9 May 1746 – 28 July 1818) was a French mathematician, commonly presented as the inventor of descriptive geometry, (the mathematical basis of) technical drawing, and th
Élie Cartan
Élie Joseph Cartan ForMemRS (French: [kaʁtɑ̃]; 9 April 1869 – 6 May 1951) was an influential French mathematician who did fundamental work in the theory of Lie groups, differential systems (coordinate
Edward Kasner
Edward Kasner (April 2, 1878 – January 7, 1955) was an American mathematician who was appointed Tutor on Mathematics in the Columbia University Mathematics Department. Kasner was the first Jewish pers
William Francis Pohl
William Francis Pohl (16 September 1937 – 9 December 1988) was an American mathematician, specializing in differential geometry and known for the Clifton–Pohl torus. Pohl received from the University
Carl Friedrich Gauss
Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss (/ɡaʊs/; German: Gauß [kaʁl ˈfʁiːdʁɪç ˈɡaʊs]; Latin: Carolus Fridericus Gauss; 30 April 1777 – 23 February 1855) was a German mathematician and physicist who made significa
Hans Samelson
Hans Samelson (3 March 1916 – 22 September 2005) was a German-American mathematician who worked in differential geometry, topology and the theory of Lie groups and Lie algebras—important in describing
Lesley Sibner
Lesley Millman Sibner (August 13, 1934 – September 11, 2013) was an American mathematician and professor of mathematics at Polytechnic Institute of New York University. She earned her Bachelors at Cit
Masatake Kuranishi
Masatake Kuranishi (倉西 正武 Kuranishi Masatake; July 19, 1924 – June 22, 2021) was a Japanese mathematician who worked on several complex variables, partial differential equations, and differential geom
Antonio Maria Bordoni
Antonio Maria Bordoni (19 July 1789 – 26 March 1860) was an Italian mathematician who did research on mathematical analysis, geometry, and mechanics. Joining the faculty of the University of Pavia in
Shoshichi Kobayashi
Shoshichi Kobayashi (小林 昭七, Kobayashi Shōshichi, 4 January 1932 - 29 August 2012) was a Japanese mathematician. He was the eldest brother of electrical engineer and computer scientist Hisashi Kobayash
Stefan Cohn-Vossen
Stefan Cohn-Vossen (28 May 1902 – 25 June 1936) was a mathematician, who was responsible for Cohn-Vossen's inequality and the is also named for him. He proved the first version of the splitting theore
Marcel Berger
Marcel Berger (14 April 1927 – 15 October 2016) was a French mathematician, doyen of French differential geometry, and a former director of the Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques (IHÉS), France.
André Lichnerowicz
André Lichnerowicz (January 21, 1915, Bourbon-l'Archambault – December 11, 1998, Paris) was a noted French differential geometer and mathematical physicist of Polish descent. He is considered the foun
José F. Escobar
José Fernando "Chepe" Escobar (born 20 December 1954, in Manizales, Colombia) was a Colombian mathematician known for his work on differential geometry and partial differential equations. He was profe
Delfino Codazzi
Delfino Codazzi (7 March 1824 in Lodi – 21 July 1873 in Pavia) was an Italian mathematician. He made some important contributions to the differential geometry of surfaces, such as the Codazzi–Mainardi
Herbert Busemann
Herbert Busemann (12 May 1905 – 3 February 1994) was a German-American mathematician specializing in convex and differential geometry. He is the author of Busemann's theorem in Euclidean geometry and
David J. Simms
David John Simms (13 January 1933 – 24 June 2018) was an Indian-born Irish mathematician who was a Fellow Emeritus and former Associate Professor of Mathematics at Trinity College, Dublin. Born in San
Ernest Julius Wilczynski
Ernest Julius Wilczynski (November 13, 1876 – September 14, 1932) was an American mathematician considered the founder of projective differential geometry. Born in Hamburg, Germany, Wilczynski's famil
Antonio Fais
Antonio Fais (25 April 1841 – 20 April 1925) was an Italian mathematician and railway engineer.He was rector at the University of Cagliari from 1897 to 1898. As an engineer he worked for the Royal Sar
Ferdinand Minding
Ernst Ferdinand Adolf Minding (Russian: Фердинанд Готлибович Миндинг; January 11 1806 [O.S. December 30] – May 13 [O.S. May 1] 1885) was a German-Russian mathematician known for his contributions to d
Felix Klein
Christian Felix Klein (German: [klaɪn]; 25 April 1849 – 22 June 1925) was a German mathematician and mathematics educator, known for his work with group theory, complex analysis, non-Euclidean geometr
Joseph Liberman
Joseph Liberman (1917 in Henichesk – August 1941 in Russian: Иосиф Меерович Либерман) was a Soviet mathematician, a student of Aleksandrov, best known for Liberman's lemma.
Corrado Segre
Corrado Segre (20 August 1863 – 18 May 1924) was an Italian mathematician who is remembered today as a major contributor to the early development of algebraic geometry.
Mileva Prvanović
Mileva Prvanović (born July 16, 1929 - 2016) was a Serbian differential geometer. She is a retired professor of mathematics at the University of Novi Sad and a member of the Serbian Academy of Science
Paul Finsler
Paul Finsler (born 11 April 1894, in Heilbronn, Germany, died 29 April 1970 in Zurich, Switzerland) was a German and Swiss mathematician. Finsler did his undergraduate studies at the Technische Hochsc
Elmer Rees
Elmer Gethin Rees, CBE FRSE (19 November 1941 – 4 October 2019) was a Welsh mathematician with publications in areas ranging from topology, differential geometry, algebraic geometry, linear algebra an
Gheorghe Vrănceanu
Gheorghe Vrănceanu (June 30, 1900 – April 27, 1979) was a Romanian mathematician, best known for his work in differential geometry and topology. He was titular member of the Romanian Academy and vice-