Category: Category theorists

Jacques Feldbau
Jacques Feldbau was a French mathematician, born on 22 October 1914 in Strasbourg, of an Alsatian Jewish traditionalist family. He died on 22 April 1945 at the Ganacker Camp, annex of the concentratio
Joachim Lambek
Joachim "Jim" Lambek FRSC (5 December 1922 – 23 June 2014) was a German-born Canadian mathematician. He was Peter Redpath Emeritus Professor of Pure Mathematics at McGill University, where he earned h
Jean Bénabou
Jean Bénabou (1932 – 11 February 2022) was a Moroccan-born French mathematician, known for his contributions to category theory. He directed the Research Seminar in Category Theory at the Institut Hen
John R. Isbell
John Rolfe Isbell (October 27, 1930 – August 6, 2005) was an American mathematician, for many years a professor of mathematics at the University at Buffalo (SUNY).
Saunders Mac Lane
Saunders Mac Lane (4 August 1909 – 14 April 2005) was an American mathematician who co-founded category theory with Samuel Eilenberg.
Věra Trnková
Věra Šedivá-Trnková (March 16, 1934 – 27 May 2018) was a Czech mathematician known for her work in topology and in category theory.
Zdeněk Hedrlín
Zdeněk Hedrlín (1933 – April 22, 2018) was a Czech mathematician, specializing in universal algebra and combinatorial theory, both in pure and applied mathematics. Zdeněk Hedrlín received his PhD from
Maria Hasse
Maria-Viktoria Hasse (May 30, 1921 – January 10, 2014) was a German mathematician who became the first female professor in the faculty of mathematics and science at TU Dresden. She wrote books on set
Nicolae Popescu
Nicolae Popescu (Romanian: [nikoˈla.e poˈpesku]; 22 September 1937 – 29 July 2010) was a Romanian mathematician and professor at the University of Bucharest. He also held a research position at the In
Samuel Eilenberg
Samuel Eilenberg (September 30, 1913 – January 30, 1998) was a Polish-American mathematician who co-founded category theory (with Saunders Mac Lane) and homological algebra.
Max Kelly
Gregory Maxwell "Max" Kelly (5 June 1930 – 26 January 2007) was an Australian mathematician who worked on category theory.
Jacques Riguet
Jacques Riguet (1921 to October 20, 2013) was a French mathematician known for his contributions to algebraic logic and category theory. According to Gunther Schmidt and Thomas Ströhlein, "Alfred Tars
Myles Tierney
Myles Tierney (September 1937 – 5 October 2017) was an American mathematician and Professor at Rutgers University who founded the theory of elementary toposes with William Lawvere. Tierney obtained hi
John C. Oxtoby
John C. Oxtoby (1910–1991) was an American mathematician. In 1936, he graduated with a Master of Science in Mathematics from Harvard University. He was professor of mathematics at Bryn Mawr College in
Charles Ehresmann
Charles Ehresmann (19 April 1905 – 22 September 1979) was a German-born French mathematician who worked in differential topology and category theory. He was an early member of the Bourbaki group, and