Category: Algebraic homogeneous spaces

Affine Grassmannian (manifold)
In mathematics, there are two distinct meanings of the term affine Grassmannian. In one it is the manifold of all k-dimensional affine subspaces of Rn (described on this page), while in the other the
Principal homogeneous space
In mathematics, a principal homogeneous space, or torsor, for a group G is a homogeneous space X for G in which the stabilizer subgroup of every point is trivial. Equivalently, a principal homogeneous
Quadric (algebraic geometry)
In mathematics, a quadric or quadric hypersurface is the subspace of N-dimensional space defined by a polynomial equation of degree 2 over a field. Quadrics are fundamental examples in algebraic geome
In mathematics, the Grassmannian Gr(k, V) is a space that parameterizes all k-dimensional linear subspaces of the n-dimensional vector space V. For example, the Grassmannian Gr(1, V) is the space of l
Generalized flag variety
In mathematics, a generalized flag variety (or simply flag variety) is a homogeneous space whose points are flags in a finite-dimensional vector space V over a field F. When F is the real or complex n