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Willem Abraham Wythoff

Willem Abraham Wythoff, born Wijthoff (Dutch pronunciation: [ʋɛithɔf]), (6 October 1865 – 21 May 1939) was a Dutch mathematician. (Wikipedia).

Willem Abraham Wythoff
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Wythoff's Game (Get Home)

Wythoff's Game is played on a chessboard. Two players take it in turns to move a piece. That piece can move any number of square to the left, and number of squares down, or any number of squares on a down-left diagonal. The winner is the player who moves the piece to the bottom-left square

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Steven Weinberg and the Quest to Explain the World

Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg was one of the world’s foremost theoretical physicists and a passionate advocate for science. Among his many influential contributions is the co-discovery of the electroweak theory that unifies electromagnetism and the weak nuclear force, a central pillar in

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Michel Rigo: From combinatorial games to shape-symmetric morphisms

Abstract: The general aim of these lectures is to present some interplay between combinatorial game theory (CGT) and combinatorics on (multidimensional) words. In the first introductory lecture, we present some basic concepts from combinatorial game theory (positions of a game, Nim-sum, Sp

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Dutch Windmills

Explore an 18th century windmill with a modern day Dutch miller. NOVA Facebook: NOVA Twitter: PRODUCTION CREDITS Produced, Written, and Directed by Miles O'Brien Additional Producing Cameron Hickey and Suzi Tobias Ed

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Two opposite games involving golden ratio (ft. Tom Rocks Maths)

Thanks Tom for the little cameo in the beginning of the video! Dr. Tom Crawford, who got his PhD in Cambridge, is currently at the University of Oxford teaching undergraduates in St. Edmund Hall (nicknamed Teddy Hall, hence the name of the competition), St. Hugh's College and St. John's Co

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Harvard Scientist Believes an Interstellar Meteor Hit Earth in 2014

You can buy Universe Sandbox 2 game here: Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about an interstellar meteor that hit Earth in 2014 and may have been confirmed in this paper by Harvard scientists: S

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The Moth: Suffering for Science by Frank Wilczek

Nobel Prize-winning physicist Frank Wilczek recounts how imprecise editing in popular science media can lead to apocalyptic visions, as well as awkwardly hilarious moments. Scientists, writers, and artists take to the stage to tell stories about their personal relationship to science. The

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Alternative Concepts of God | Episode 1104 | Closer To Truth

Philosophers explore novel ideas of what God may be like. They challenge classical theism, the personal creator of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Featuring interviews with Yujin Nagasawa, Marcel Sarot, Willem Drees, John Bishop, and Eric Steinhart. Season 11, Episode 4 - #CloserToTruth

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The Life of Max Meyerhof through his correspondence - Isolde Lehnert

Scholarly Correspondences Among Orientalists during the Early and Late Modern Period as a Historical Source: A Series of Lectures. Topic: The Life of Max Meyerhof through his correspondence Speaker: Isolde Lehnert Date: March 17, 2023 Max Meyerhof, born in 1874 as the only son of a Germ

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B. L. van der Waerden's life before Quantum Mechanics

In this video I speak about the early life of Bartel Leendert van der Waerden, from the university to Amsterdam, over Göttingen and Groningen. This covers Martina R. Schneider's book "Zwischen zwei Disziplinen", the content from about page 70 to 120. Here' some notes as .md file: https://

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Gastkommentar: Kunst & Rechtsgeschichte mit Rechtshistoriker Stefan Vogenauer

Was sieht ein Rechtshistoriker in den Werken der Städel Sammlung? In diesem Gastkommentar eröffnet Stefan Vogenauer (Direktor am Max-Planck-Institut für Rechtsgeschichte und Rechtstheorie) seine individuelle Sichtweise auf die Kunstwerke im Städel Museum. Er schaut sich Job Adriaenszoon B

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3 The True Fathers of Romanticism (Isaiah Berlin 1965)

Isaiah Berlin gives the 3rd lecture in a series of 6 on Romanticism and its roots. All 6 lectures: For Berlin, the Romantics set in motion a vast, unparalleled revolution in humanity’s view of itself. They destroyed

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Queen Juliana's Birthday (1969)

No title. Queen Juliana's 60th birthday - grandson Willem Alexander steals show. Amsterdam, Holland (Netherlands). High angled panning shot crowds filing past Soestdijk Palace. Panning M/S Dutch Royal Family standing on steps of the Soestdijk Palace. C/U Prince Claus Von Amsberg and

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Did Albert Einstein believe in God?

What made Albert Einstein one of the greatest scientific geniuses the world has ever known? His scientific breakthroughs revolutionized the way we understand the universe. The World Science Festival, in partnership with the 92Y’s 7 Days of Genius Festival, presents an in-depth look into th

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Episode 024: Don’t Take a Job at a Lighthouse, You’ll Go Mad! The Lighthouse (2019)

***Originally published on December 14, 2020*** Join Alex in a solo episode as he discusses the psychological concepts in a well-filmed but strikingly strange film The Lighthouse (2019) ( It stars Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe, ONLY, as we explore

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Willem de Kooning, Woman, I

Willem de Kooning, Woman, I, 1950-52, oil on canvas, 192.7 x 147.3 cm (The Museum of Modern Art) © The Willem de Kooning Foundation A conversation between Dr. Beth Harris and Dr. Steven Zucker.

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Who is Lilith? Adam’s first wife?

Another video discussing the complex ancient history surrounding a biblical character! Today, I’m going to try to answer the question: Who was Lilith? And what did she mean to the bible’s original authors? Whip out your Dead Sea Scrolls for this detailed textual analysis of the biblical ch

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[Old Version] Dutch Monarchs Family Tree

Buy the poster:

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