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The Webalizer is web log analysis software, which generates web pages of analysis, from access and usage logs. It is one of the most commonly used web server administration tools. It was initiated by in 1997. Statistics commonly reported by Webalizer include hits, visits, referrers, the visitors' countries, and the amount of data downloaded. These statistics can be viewed graphically and presented by different time frames, such as by day, hour, or month. (Wikipedia).

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the Internet (part 2)

An intro to the core protocols of the Internet, including IPv4, TCP, UDP, and HTTP. Part of a larger series teaching programming. See

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What is HTML?

In this video, you’ll learn about HTML and how it is used to code webpages. We hope you enjoy! To learn more, check out our Basic HTML tutorial here: #whatishtml #htmlcode #learnhtml

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DeepSec 2007: Economics of Information Security

Thanks to the DeepSec organisation for making these videos available and let me share the videos on YouTube. Speaker: Tyler Moore, University of Cambridge The economics of information security has recently become a thriving and fastmoving discipline. As distributed systems are assembled

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WebAssembly: The What, Why and How

WebAssembly is a portable, size, and load-time efficient binary format for the web. It is an emerging standard being developed in the WebAssembly community group, and supported by multiple browser vendors. This talk details what WebAssembly is, the problems it is trying to solve, exciting

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Cybertalk Clips | Best Web App Pentesting Tools

Welcome to the first episode of Cybertalk! My co-host is Cristi Vlad and together where we will be covering all your questions related to Infosec and Cyber-security. If you want your question answered/featured in the next episode, you can post them in the Google form linked below. In this

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WebAssembly for Web Developers

WebAssembly is often hailed as a performance tool for critical tasks or to bring existing C++ code bases to the web – such as games. But WebAssembly is so much more. You can use WebAssembly as a puzzle piece to give the web platform the few missing capability that you are missing or to sur

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LS2A - Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems

Life Science Disciplinary Core Idea 2A: Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems In this video Paul Andersen explains the important relationships that exist in ecosystems. He starts by delineating between organisms and their environment. He explains how food webs can be used to show

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ShmooCon 2012: TTL of a Penetration (EN)

Speaker: Branson Matheson In the world of information security, it's not a matter of how anymore.. it's a matter of when. With the advent of penetration tools such as Metaspolit, AutoPwn, etc.; and day-to-day use of in-secure operating systems, applications and websites; reactive systems

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How To Use Burp Suite In Web App Penetration Testing | Session 01 | #cybersecurity

Don’t forget to subscribe! In this project series, you will learn to use Burp Suite in web application penetration testing. Burp Suite is a Full Suite of Tools that any Web Application Penetration Tester should have, It can be used for Dynamic Testing Irrespective of the Fact that it is

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OHM2013: Alternative to commercial web-analytics tools, a cookie story

For more information visit: To download the video visit: Playlist OHM 2013: Speaker: hcderaad Talk aimed at the current state of EU cookie/privacy laws and how to utilize open source software to comply with that. Ta

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How to Work with Wikipedia Sandbox

This is a short video that helps students or editors of Wikipedia to access and edit in the Sandbox of their user account. This was made for the Wiki Edu Project. I do not own or hold copyright over any aspect of the Wikipedia site or its pages. ***There is no audio***

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Drunk Hacking My Own Website (Web App 101)

Timeline: 0:00 - Welcome 3:15 - Overview on lesson 5:55 - Bug bounty programs and web app resources 25:20 - Hacking my own website (tools and methodologies) 1:57:20 - Q&A Resources: https:

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O'Reilly Webcast: Introduction to Gearman

Come learn the fundamentals of how to leverage Gearman, the open source, distributed job queuing system. Originally designed to scale, Gearman is now faster than ever and can help you build your own scalable applications. Gearman's generic design allows it to be used as a b

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ISPS DEMOCRACY SERIES: Rethinking Political Representation

A panel of innovators discuss new and important ideas for reforming democratic representation and improving our system of elections, including deliberative assemblies, representation lotteries, quota systems, and ranked choice voting. Featured panelists are Elisa Celis (Yale), Mark Gorton

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WebAssembly: Real World Applications

WebAssembly brings a new capability to the web, delivering a performant run-time to allow compiled languages such as C++ to be used in web applications. In this video, Alex Danilo and Deepti Gandluri introduce the principles for using WebAssembly in a web application, techniques for debugg

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Debugging Tools

Most of us have to make our web pages work in The Big Five browsers, so I thought it was about time I introduce you to the debugging tools for each of those browsers with a couple of tips thrown in to the mix. Original post the extra information, demos and source: http://jqueryfordesigner

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Ethical Hacking in 12 Hours - Full Course - Learn to Hack!

Full Course: All Course Resources/Links: A shout out to all those involved with helping out on this course: Alek - Creating "Academy", "Dev", and "Bl

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