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In Pegu, Burma, the abucco (plural abucci or abuccos) was a unit of mass used for gold and silver. It was approximately 196.44 grams or 6.316 troy ounces. Other units of mass were: * 1 biza = 4 agiros = 8 abucci = 100 teccalis * 1 agiro = 2 abucci = 25 teccalis * 1 abacco = 12+1⁄2 teccalis (Wikipedia).

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Loca-Juan Darienzo

Orquesta de Juan Darienzo - The power of tango .

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The GlobeShow

Les particules et notre santé avec Ugo Amaldi

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Piazzolla, Guitarra, Bandoneón y Orquesta de Cuerdas-Alondra de la Parra & Orchestre de París

Alondra de la Parra – Directora Richard Galliano – Bandoneón Yamandu Costa- Guitarra Orchestre de Paris Director Musical – Paavo Järvi Video - Jean-Pierre Loisil ARTE France

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Tango Dancers : Mariano Chicho FRUMBOLI y Juana SEPULVEDA ADAGIO in G Minor (ALBINONI) by Berliner Philharmoniker - Herbert VON KARAJAN

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Viendo: Imágenes anamórficas.

Usando nuestro libro de actividades “Viendo” podremos descifrar imágenes anamórficas.

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We Love Opera! What is a recitative in an opera?

A quick definition of the opera term "recitative." It's a little break from the more complicated singing. Want to go to the opera, but you're not sure you'll understand what's going on? "We Love Opera" is a video series from Socratica that will help you understand what opera is all abo

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