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Abductive logic programming

Abductive logic programming (ALP) is a high-level knowledge-representation framework that can be used to solve problems declaratively based on abductive reasoning. It extends normal logic programming by allowing some predicates to be incompletely defined, declared as abducible predicates. Problem solving is effected by deriving hypotheses on these abducible predicates (abductive hypotheses) as solutions of problems to be solved. These problems can be either observations that need to be explained (as in classical abduction) or goals to be achieved (as in normal logic programming). It can be used to solve problems in diagnosis, planning, natural language and machine learning. It has also been used to interpret negation as failure as a form of abductive reasoning. (Wikipedia).

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Chapter 8 - Logic (intro) - IB Math Studies (Math SL)

Hello and welcome to What Da Math This video is an introduction to logic from Chapter 8 of Haese edition of IB Math Studies book. In this and other chapter 8 videos we will focus on truth tables, deductive reasoning and logic, conjunction, disjunction, negation and exclusive disjunction.

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Inductive Reasoning


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Associative Binary Operations and Examples Video

Please Subscribe here, thank you!!! https://goo.gl/JQ8Nys Associative Binary Operations and Examples Video. This is video 2 on Binary Operations.

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Introduction to Predicate Logic

This video introduces predicate logic. mathispower4u.com

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Are Scientific Models Fictions? Model-Based Science as Epistemic Warfare, Lorenzo Magnani

In the current epistemological debate, scientific models are not only considered as useful devices for explaining facts or discovering new entities, laws, and theories.  They are also rubricated under various new labels:  from the classical ones, as abstract entities and idealizations, to

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C23 More about the annihilator approach

Finding the annihilator differential operator for other types of expressions.

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Ross King: "Automating Science using Robot Scientists"

Machine Learning for Physics and the Physics of Learning 2019 Workshop I: From Passive to Active: Generative and Reinforcement Learning with Physics "Automating Science using Robot Scientists" Ross King, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) Abstract: A Rob

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Paola Cantù : Logic and Interaction:pragmatics and argumentation theory

HYBRID EVENT Recorded during the meeting "Logic and transdisciplinarity" the February 11, 2022 by the Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques (Marseille, France) Filmmaker: Guillaume Hennenfent Find this video and other talks given by worldwide mathematicians on CIRM's Audiov

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Definition of a Surjective Function and a Function that is NOT Surjective

We define what it means for a function to be surjective and explain the intuition behind the definition. We then do an example where we show a function is not surjective. Surjective functions are also called onto functions. Useful Math Supplies https://amzn.to/3Y5TGcv My Recording Gear ht

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Geometry - Ch. 2: Reasoning and Proofs (12 of 46) What is Inductive Reasoning?

Visit http://ilectureonline.com for more math and science lectures! In this video I will review inductive reasoning (from previous videos) and its advantages and weaknesses. Inductive reasoning is used by 1) finding a pattern, and 2) perform observations (examples or trends) in order to d


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What Distinguishes a Person from a Word? The Thought of C. S. Peirce

A lecture given on the thought of Charles Sanders Peirce by Grant Franks in 2017 at St. John's College. #Philosophy #Epistemology #Mind

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Translating ENGLISH into PREDICATE LOGIC - Logic

In this video on Logic, we learn to translate English sentences into Predicate Logic. We do sentences with only constants and predicates, as well as introduce the universal and existential quantifier "some x is P" and "every x is P" and then do some practice problems. Predicate Logic trans

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Logic for Programmers: Propositional Logic

Logic is the foundation of all computer programming. In this video you will learn about propositional logic. 🔗Homework: http://www.codingcommanders.com/logic.php 🎥Logic for Programmers Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWKjhJtqVAbmqk3-E3MPFVoWMufdbR4qW 🔗Check out the Cod

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Science Fiction's Influence on UFO Pop Culture - Offworld Episode 29

On Offworld this week, Ariel is joined by guests Rose Eveleth and Laura Welcher to discuss the 1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind. From the culture of UFO obsessives and the idea of music as a communication tool, we look at this science fiction film's legacy in popular media and

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Ancient Aliens: The Extraterrestrial Agenda (Season 9) | History

Tune in to Alien Invasion Week on History starting Monday 9/30 through Friday 10/4 for new Ancient Aliens, plus the premiere of In Search Of, new UFO Specials and More! Reports of alien abductions lead Ancient Astronaut Theorists to suggest there is a secret alien agenda to experiment wit

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Ancient Aliens: Aliens Human Hybrids Revealed (Season 4) | History

Documented cases of alien abductions led ancient astronaut theorists to believe that aliens were using human DNA to create hybrid humans, in this clip from Season 4, "The Greys." Watch all new episodes of Ancient Aliens, Fridays at 9/8c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite The HIS

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André Freitas - Building explanation machines for science: a neuro-symbolic perspective

Recorded 12 January 2023. André Freitas of the University of Manchester presents "Building explanation machines for science: a neuro-symbolic perspective" at IPAM's Explainable AI for the Sciences: Towards Novel Insights Workshop. Learn more online at: http://www.ipam.ucla.edu/programs/wor

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Logic: The Structure of Reason

As a tool for characterizing rational thought, logic cuts across many philosophical disciplines and lies at the core of mathematics and computer science. Drawing on Aristotle’s Organon, Russell’s Principia Mathematica, and other central works, this program tracks the evolution of logic, be

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Ancient Aliens: Biblical Encounter Linked to Alien Abduction (Season 5) | History

Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe that Moses’ encounter with God was very physical and changed his overall appearance - is there a possibility that extraterrestrials might’ve abducted him? Find out in this clip from Season 5, "Strange Abductions." Watch all new episodes of Ancient Alien

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