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ABC Software Metric

The ABC software metric was introduced by Jerry Fitzpatrick in 1997 to overcome the drawbacks of the LOC. The metric defines an ABC score as a triplet of values that represent the size of a set of source code statements. An ABC score is calculated by counting the number of assignments (A), number of branches (B), and number of conditionals (C) in a program. ABC score can be applied to individual methods, functions, classes, modules or files within a program. ABC score is represented by a 3-D vector < Assignments (A), Branches (B), Conditionals (C) >. It can also be represented as a scalar value, which is the magnitude of the vector < Assignments (A), Branches (B), Conditionals (C) >, and is calculated as follows: By convention, an ABC magnitude value is rounded to the nearest tenth. (Wikipedia).

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APIs for Beginners - How to use an API (Full Course / Tutorial)

⚠️ Watch the UPDATED version of this course: What is an API? Learn all about APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) in this full tutorial for beginners. You will learn what APIs do, why APIs exist, and the many benefits of APIs. APIs are used all the time i

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Using Dimensional Analysis to Find the Units of a Constant

This video shows you how to use dimensional analysis to find the units for constants in physics and chemistry equations. For example, why are the units for the gravitational constant (G) newtons, meters squared over kilograms squared. Dimensional analysis in physics is an important tool t

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What is a metric space? An example

This is a basic introduction to the idea of a metric space. I introduce the idea of a metric and a metric space framed within the context of R^n. I show that a particular distance function satisfies the conditions of being a metric.

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GORUCO 2016 - Keynote: Code Quality Lessons Learned Bryan Helmkamp

Keynote: Code Quality Lessons Learned Bryan Helmkamp We started Code Climate with a simple hypothesis: static analysis can help developers ship better code, faster. Five years later, we analyze over 70,000 repositories each day spanning a wide variety of programming languages, and along t

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Rigidity of the hexagonal triangulation of the plane and its applications - Feng Luo

Feng Luo, Rutgers October 5, 2015 015-2016 Monday, October 5, 2015 - 08:00 to Friday, October 9, 2015 - 12:00 This workshop is part of the topical program "Geometric Structures on 3-Manifolds" which will take place during the 2015-2016 academic year

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Metric Unit Conversion

This video explains how to convert to different metric units of measure for length, capacity, and mass.

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Applying Machine Learning To Predict Consumer Spending | Machine Learning Tutorial | Simplilearn

🔥Artificial Intelligence Engineer Program (Discount Coupon: YTBE15): 🔥Professional Certificate Program In AI And Machine Learning: https://www.sim

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American Unit Conversion

This video explains how to convert between different American or Standard unit of measure for length, capacity, and weight.

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Some tools for approximate Bayesian inference, Umberto Picchini - Bayes@Lund 2018

Find more info about Bayes@Lund, including slides, here:

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More Standard Deviation and Variance

Further explanations and examples of standard deviation and variance

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Stanford Seminar - Jupyter Notebooks and Academic Publication

Fernando Perez University of California, Berkeley Guido van Rossum Dropbox May 15, 2019 Jupyter Notebooks are a emerging way to express and present research results. Notebooks are a kind of IDE Framework for doing science, one which is better suited to presenting algorithms and data tha

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Bulk dual to (charged) SYK model from 3D by Gautam Mandal

ORGANIZERS : Pallab Basu, Avinash Dhar, Rajesh Gopakumar, R. Loganayagam, Gautam Mandal, Shiraz Minwalla, Suvrat Raju, Sandip Trivedi and Spenta Wadia DATE : 21 May 2018 to 02 June 2018 VENUE : Ramanujan Lecture Hall, ICTS Bangalore In the past twenty years, the discovery of the AdS/C

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Generalized Hydrodynamics and the classical Toda chain BY Herbert Spohn

PROGRAM :UNIVERSALITY IN RANDOM STRUCTURES: INTERFACES, MATRICES, SANDPILES ORGANIZERS :Arvind Ayyer, Riddhipratim Basu and Manjunath Krishnapur DATE & TIME :14 January 2019 to 08 February 2019 VENUE :Madhava Lecture Hall, ICTS, Bangalore The primary focus of this program will be on the

From playlist Universality in random structures: Interfaces, Matrices, Sandpiles - 2019

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Velocity 2012: Vik Chaudhary, "Broadening the User Perspective"

The state of Web performance analysis, testing and monitoring today relies on the industry practice of clean-room, synthetic measurements from high-speed backbone or DSL-speed end-points in locations all over the world. Next generation Operations teams are broadening their perspective on w

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Excel Statistical Analysis 01: Data & Statistics

Download Excel File: Topics in video: (00:00) Introduction (00:54) Use File Explorer, Show File Extensions, Create Folder for class (02:59) Use People Web Site to download files for this class (05:58) How to open Excel files using File Explorer (0

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