Circles of latitude

71st parallel north

The 71st parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 71 degrees north of the Earth's equatorial plane, in the Arctic. It crosses the Atlantic Ocean, Europe, Asia and North America, and passes through some of the southern seas of the Arctic Ocean. At this latitude the sun is visible for 24 hours, 0 minutes during the summer solstice and Civil Twilight during the winter solstice. (Wikipedia).

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intersecting streets - g6

a problem dealing with parallel lines and transversals

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corresponding angles and straight lines - g5

using straight angles to find the values of different angles

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corresponding angles - g5

an example that using properties of corresponding angles

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Assault Helicopter Companies of the Vietnam War

Vietnam was not the first conflict to include helicopters, but much of the doctrine of their use was developed there. A coin sent by a viewer helps The History Guy to recall the forgotten story of the Assault Helicopter Companies of the War in Vietnam. This is original content based on

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06 Parallel Lines Spicy 2

A fun problem involving parallel lines

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Finding Your Way Around Perimeter | Real World College Math | Study Hall

Calculating the distance around a shape sounds like a fairly simple task. But in real life we don’t always have access to the length of every side of the shape we are dealing with, so sometimes calculating the distance around a shape involves a bit of logic to determine the missing informa

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Example: Determine Positive and Negative Coterminal Angles

This video provides an examples of how to determine a positive and negative coterminal angle of a given angle. Complete Video List at or search them at

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Bearings Example (1 of 2: Understanding the situation)

More resources available at

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Solstice and Equinox - Sixty Symbols

Summer solstice, equinox, Stonehenge and strange movements of the sun. Sixty Symbols tracks the sun's passage through the sky. More physics and astronomy at Follow us on Twitter at!/periodicvideos And Facebook at http://www.face

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Chicago's Forgotten Lake Tunnels, Cribs, and Waterworks - IT'S HISTORY

The History of Chicago's waterworks is jam-packed with some of the most remarkable examples of human innovation, from the miles of tunnels built directly under lake Michigan to the artificial islands known as water cribs, the lifting of the entire city, and the reversal of the Chicago Rive

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30-60-90 Triangles(HD)


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What's on the rooftops of New York's most famous skyscrapers? - IT'S HISTORY

Claim your SPECIAL OFFER for MagellanTV here: Start your free trial TODAY so you can watch the Rooftops Of The Great Cities, and the rest of MagellanTV’s history collection: What's on the

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Pilotless: Three Planes That Flew Themselves.

Among the strangest mishaps in aviation are those where the plane makes off without a pilot. The History Guy remembers when three different planes did just that. This is original content based on research by The History Guy. Images in the Public Domain are carefully selected and provide i

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Empire State Building | All the Secrets of the Engineering Wonder

Let's explore all the engineering secretes behind the engineering wonder - Empire state building. Please support us on Patreon - If you are comfortable with JOIN button - LinkedIn : https://www.

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Japanese Army vs. Killer Crocodiles 1945

Find out what happened when 900 Japanese soldiers, trapped by a British landing on Ramree Island, Burma in 1945, tried to retreat through 10 miles of mangrove swamps. They faced an enemy as old as the dinosaurs and just as fierce. Help support my channel - see below for details: https://w

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Grasshopper vs. Fieseler Storch - WW2's Weirdest Dogfight

Find out what happened when a US Army Grasshopper spotter plane came face-to-face with its German counterpart, the Fieseler 156 Storch in the skies over waitron Germany, April 1945. Dr. Mark Felton is a well-known British historian, the author of 22 non-fiction books, including bestseller

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Jared Diamond - How Belief Systems Affect Believers

Why do people believe the things they do? We like to think that we are rational, that what we believe is true. But often we come to our beliefs, unknowingly, as a product of our particular 'belief systems'. How do belief systems work their credulous magic? What is the psychology of religio

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Physics Ch 67.1 Advanced E&M: Review Vectors (9 of 55) What is The Position Vector?

Visit for more math and science lectures! To donate: We will find the position vector pointing to a charge and the position vector pointing to the field point. Next video in this series


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Astronomy - Ch. 28: The Milky Way (4 of 27) Orientation of the Ecliptic Plane

Visit for more math and science lectures! To donate: We will learn about the ecliptic plane of our solar system in relationship with our Milky Way Galaxy respect to theta=angle between g


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The Lost Streetcars of Chicago | Finding the Last Green Hornet Tracks - IT'S HISTORY

If you need help falling asleep, check out Endel. The first 100 people to download Endel at will get a free week of audio experience. Join this channel to get access to perks:

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