Circles of latitude

11th parallel south

The 11th parallel south is a circle of latitude that is 11 degrees south of the Earth's equatorial plane. It crosses the Atlantic Ocean, Africa, the Indian Ocean, Australasia, the Pacific Ocean and South America. (Wikipedia).

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Driving Downtown - Times Square 4K - New York City USA

Driving Downtown Streets - Seventh Avenue - Manhattan New York City New York USA - Episode 13. Starting Point: Seventh Avenue & 58th Street - . Seventh Avenue – co-named Fashion Avenue between West 26th Street and 42nd Streets, and known as Adam Clayton P

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Paris 4K - Classic Paris Streets - Driving Downtown

How can you not love Paris!? Thursday afternoon drive around the district home to the President of France, a host of luxury fashion brands, the Champs-Élysées, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Place de la Concorde, as well as the Élysée Palace in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. Filmed on my

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Driving Downtown - NYC Hell's Kitchen 4K - USA

Driving Downtown Streets - 9th Avenue - New York City New York USA Starting Point: 9th Avenue . Like the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side is an affluent, primarily residential area with many of its residents working in commercial areas of Midtown and Lo

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Find the midpoint between two points w(–12,–7), T(–8,–4)

👉 Learn how to find the midpoint between two points. The midpoint between two points is the point halfway the line joining two given points in the coordinate plane. To find the midpoint between two points we add the x-coordinates of the two given points and divide the result by 2. This giv

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intersecting streets - g6

a problem dealing with parallel lines and transversals

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New York City Drive - America's Avenue 4K - USA

Driving Downtown Streets - 6th Avenue / Avenue Of The Americas - New York City New York USA Starting Point: 6th Avenue Sixth Avenue - officially Avenue of the Americas - is a major commercial avenue in New York City with the nickname of Skycraper Alley in

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Los Angeles Drive - Historic Architecture 4K - USA

Driving Downtown Streets - 7th Street - Los Angelas California USA - Episode 89. Starting Point: 7th Street . More than seventy-five percent of the buildings on 7th St between Figueroa and Los Angeles Streets were built before 1929, creating an invaluable a

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07 Supplementary Angles and Algebra Spicy 1

A fun problem involving supplementary angles

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Why New York's North River Tunnels were cursed from the beginning - IT'S HISTORY

The North River Tunnels are a pair of rail tunnels that carry Amtrak and New Jersey Transit lines under the Hudson River between Weehawken, New Jersey, and the Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan. Constructed in 1910, the North River Tunnels is a critical travel option for commuters on the N

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America's Greatest Border Dispute: The Story of the Mason-Dixon Line

The Mason Dixon line is the product of a famous border dispute. although it does not extend west of the Ohio River, The Mason Dixon Line is a disagreement between Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia, which resulted in the political and social divide between the North and the Sou

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PHL 354 3-27-13

Lecture 23, Anselm, of PHL 354/CTI 335, History of Christian Philosophy, The University of Texas at Austin, Spring 2013

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Honor and International Violence - Barry O'Neill

Leon Levy Lecture Institute for Advanced Study April 30, 2009 Barry O'Neill, Leon Levy Foundation Member, School of Social Science. Many of the world’s societies function by codes of honor. Violence between ethnic groups or countries often follows the rules of honor among individuals, in

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The use of armor in the jungles by the United States Eleventh Cavalry in the 1960's.

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What are acute, obtuse, right, and straight angles

👉 Learn how to define angle relationships. Knowledge of the relationships between angles can help in determining the value of a given angle. The various angle relationships include: vertical angles, adjacent angles, complementary angles, supplementary angles, linear pairs, etc. Vertical a

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History of Korea

Support CaspianReport on Patreon: Bitcoin: 1MwRNXWWqzbmsHova7FMW11zPftVZVUfbU Ether: 0xfE4c310ccb6f52f9D220F25Ce76Dec0493dF9aA0 Bitcoin Cash: 1BKLti4Wq4EK9fsBnYWC91caK7NZfUhNw9 BAKU - Korea’s long and troubled history is largely defined by its geogra

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Medieval Trade Networks | The History of Europe and Africa

In medieval times, trade networks transformed society and culture forever in Europe and Africa. Commercial towns sprang up and serfdom took a backstage to townships. "Settle" in with this look at urban life in the Middle Ages. This video is lecture 10 from the series The Middle Ages aroun

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Panel Discussion on “Containment: Rebuilding a Strategy Against Global Terror”

Panel Discussion on Ian Shapiro’s new book Containment: Rebuilding a Strategy Against Global Terror.

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DjangoCon US 2018 - It's about time by Russell Keith-Magee

DjangoCon US 2018 - It's about time by Russell Keith-Magee Here’s a fun experiment: Mention timezones within earshot of any experienced programmer. Now wait until the profanity stops. Handling dates and time is an incredibly common requirement in computer applications. That’s hardly surp

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Muslim Perceptions and Receptions of the Bible - Sabine Schmidtke

Sabine Schmidtke Professor, School of Historical Studies October 27, 2014 The Qurʾān defines itself as the last, perfect link in a chain of progressive divine revelations. This determines the ambivalent attitude of the Qurʾān and the Muslim tradition towards the two earlier monotheistic r

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New York City 4K - Neon Nightlife Drive

Thursday night drive in the nightlife district of New York City. The video starts on Broadway, continues through Times Square, passes the famous 42nd Street theaters, and continues to Grand Central Station. New York City's Theater District is an area in Midtown Manhattan where most Broad

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