Category: Units of luminance

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Skot (unit)
Skot (symbol: sk) is an old and deprecated measurement unit of luminance, used for self-luminous objects (dark luminance).
Nit (unit)
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The apostilb is an obsolete unit of luminance. The SI unit of luminance is the candela per square metre (cd/m2). In 1942 Parry Moon proposed to rename the apostilb the blondel, after the French physic
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Lambert (unit)
The lambert (symbol L, la or Lb) is a non-SI metric unit of luminance named for Johann Heinrich Lambert (1728–1777), a Swiss mathematician, physicist and astronomer. A related unit of luminance, the f
Blondel (unit)
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Bril (unit)
The bril is an old, non-SI, unit of luminance. The SI unit of luminance is the candela per square metre.
A foot-lambert or footlambert (fL, sometimes fl or ft-L) is a unit of luminance in United States customary units and some other unit systems. A foot-lambert equals 1/π or 0.3183 candela per square foo
Stilb (unit)
The stilb (sb) is the CGS unit of luminance for objects that are not self-luminous. It is equal to one candela per square centimeter or 104 nits (candelas per square meter). The name was coined by the
Candela per square metre
The candela per square metre (symbol: cd/m2) is the unit of luminance in the International System of Units (SI). The unit is based on the candela, the SI unit of luminous intensity, and the square met