Category: Units of catalytic activity

The katal (symbol: kat) is the unit of catalytic activity in the International System of Units (SI) used for quantifying the catalytic activity of enzymes (that is, measuring the enzymatic activity le
Enzyme unit
The enzyme unit, or international unit for enzyme (symbol U, sometimes also IU) is a unit of enzyme's catalytic activity. 1 U (μmol/min) is defined as the amount of the enzyme that catalyzes the conve
Turnover number
Turnover number has two different meanings: In enzymology, turnover number (also termed kcat) is defined as the maximum number of chemical conversions of substrate molecules per second that a single a
Degree Lintner
°Lintner or degrees Lintner (per pound of grain) is a unit used to measure the ability of a malt to reduce starch to sugar, that is, its diastatic power. While the measurement is applicable to any amy