Category: Uniform spaces

Uniformizable space
In mathematics, a topological space X is uniformizable if there exists a uniform structure on X that induces the topology of X. Equivalently, X is uniformizable if and only if it is homeomorphic to a
Metric space
In mathematics, a metric space is a set together with a notion of distance between its elements, usually called points. The distance is measured by a function called a metric or distance function. Met
Uniform isomorphism
In the mathematical field of topology a uniform isomorphism or uniform homeomorphism is a special isomorphism between uniform spaces that respects uniform properties. Uniform spaces with uniform maps
Totally bounded space
In topology and related branches of mathematics, total-boundedness is a generalization of compactness for circumstances in which a set is not necessarily closed. A totally bounded set can be covered b
Complete topological vector space
In functional analysis and related areas of mathematics, a complete topological vector space is a topological vector space (TVS) with the property that whenever points get progressively closer to each
Complete metric space
In mathematical analysis, a metric space M is called complete (or a Cauchy space) if every Cauchy sequence of points in M has a limit that is also in M. Intuitively, a space is complete if there are n
Uniform property
In the mathematical field of topology a uniform property or uniform invariant is a property of a uniform space which is invariant under uniform isomorphisms. Since uniform spaces come as topological s
Uniform space
In the mathematical field of topology, a uniform space is a set with a uniform structure. Uniform spaces are topological spaces with additional structure that is used to define uniform properties such
Uniformly connected space
In topology and related areas of mathematics a uniformly connected space or Cantor connected space is a uniform space U such that every uniformly continuous function from U to a discrete uniform space