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Hindley–Milner type system
A Hindley–Milner (HM) type system is a classical type system for the lambda calculus with parametric polymorphism. It is also known as Damas–Milner or Damas–Hindley–Milner. It was first described by J
Value restriction
In programming languages with Hindley-Milner type inference and imperative features, in particular the ML programming language family, the value restriction means that declarations are only polymorphi
Type inference
Type inference refers to the automatic detection of the type of an expression in a formal language. These include programming languages and mathematical type systems, but also natural languages in som
Principal type
In type theory, a type system is said to have the principal type property if, given a term and an environment, there exists a principal type for this term in this environment, i.e. a type such that al