Category: Tropical geometry

Tropical compactification
In algebraic geometry, a tropical compactification is a compactification (projective completion) of a subvariety of an algebraic torus, introduced by Jenia Tevelev. Given an algebraic torus and a conn
Tropical geometry
In mathematics, tropical geometry is the study of polynomials and their geometric properties when addition is replaced with minimization and multiplication is replaced with ordinary addition: So for e
Tropical analysis
In the mathematical discipline of idempotent analysis, tropical analysis is the study of the tropical semiring.
Introduction to Tropical Geometry
Introduction to Tropical Geometry is a book on tropical geometry, by Diane Maclagan and Bernd Sturmfels. It was published by the American Mathematical Society in 2015 as volume 161 of Graduate Studies
Tropical projective space
In tropical geometry, a tropical projective space is the tropical analog of the classic projective space.
Tropical cryptography
In tropical analysis, tropical cryptography refers to the study of a class of cryptographic protocols built upon tropical algebras. In many cases, tropical cryptographic schemes have arisen from adapt