Category: Topological algebra

Linear topology
In algebra, a linear topology on a left -module is a topology on that is invariant under translations and admits a fundamental system of neighborhood of that consists of submodules of If there is such
Topological semigroup
In mathematics, a topological semigroup is a semigroup that is simultaneously a topological space, and whose semigroup operation is continuous. Every topological group is a topological semigroup.
Completion of a ring
In abstract algebra, a completion is any of several related functors on rings and modules that result in complete topological rings and modules. Completion is similar to localization, and together the
Adele ring
In mathematics, the adele ring of a global field (also adelic ring, ring of adeles or ring of adèles) is a central object of class field theory, a branch of algebraic number theory. It is the restrict
Topological ring
In mathematics, a topological ring is a ring that is also a topological space such that both the addition and the multiplication are continuous as maps: where carries the product topology. That means
Topological module
In mathematics, a topological module is a module over a topological ring such that scalar multiplication and addition are continuous.
Topological divisor of zero
In mathematics, an element of a Banach algebra is called a topological divisor of zero if there exists a sequence of elements of such that 1. * The sequence converges to the zero element, but 2. * T
Topological algebra
In mathematics, a topological algebra is an algebra and at the same time a topological space, where the algebraic and the topological structures are coherent in a specified sense.