Category: Theorems in complex geometry

Appell–Humbert theorem
In mathematics, the Appell–Humbert theorem describes the line bundles on a complex torus or complex abelian variety.It was proved for 2-dimensional tori by Appell and Humbert, and in general by Lefsch
Kodaira vanishing theorem
In mathematics, the Kodaira vanishing theorem is a basic result of complex manifold theory and complex algebraic geometry, describing general conditions under which sheaf cohomology groups with indice
Hurwitz's automorphisms theorem
In mathematics, Hurwitz's automorphisms theorem bounds the order of the group of automorphisms, via orientation-preserving conformal mappings, of a compact Riemann surface of genus g > 1, stating that
Kodaira embedding theorem
In mathematics, the Kodaira embedding theorem characterises non-singular projective varieties, over the complex numbers, amongst compact Kähler manifolds. In effect it says precisely which complex man
Hirzebruch–Riemann–Roch theorem
In mathematics, the Hirzebruch–Riemann–Roch theorem, named after Friedrich Hirzebruch, Bernhard Riemann, and Gustav Roch, is Hirzebruch's 1954 result generalizing the classical Riemann–Roch theorem on
AF+BG theorem
In algebraic geometry the AF+BG theorem (also known as Max Noether's fundamental theorem) is a result of Max Noether that asserts that, if the equation of an algebraic curve in the complex projective
Torelli theorem
In mathematics, the Torelli theorem, named after Ruggiero Torelli, is a classical result of algebraic geometry over the complex number field, stating that a non-singular projective algebraic curve (co
Birkhoff–Grothendieck theorem
In mathematics, the Birkhoff–Grothendieck theorem classifies holomorphic vector bundles over the complex projective line. In particular every holomorphic vector bundle over is a direct sum of holomorp
Nakano vanishing theorem
In mathematics, specifically in the study of vector bundles over complex Kähler manifolds, the Nakano vanishing theorem, sometimes called the Akizuki–Nakano vanishing theorem, generalizes the Kodaira
Oka coherence theorem
In mathematics, the Oka coherence theorem, proved by Kiyoshi Oka, states that the sheaf of germs of holomorphic functions on over a complex manifold is coherent.
Marden's theorem
In mathematics, Marden's theorem, named after Morris Marden but proved about 100 years earlier by Jörg Siebeck, gives a geometric relationship between the zeroes of a third-degree polynomial with comp