Category: Theorem proving software systems

Larch Prover
The Larch Prover, or LP for short, was an interactive theorem proving systemfor multi-sorted first-order logic. It was used at MIT and elsewhere during the 1990sto reason about designs for circuits, c
Planner (programming language)
Planner (often seen in publications as "PLANNER" although it is not an acronym) is a programming language designed by Carl Hewitt at MIT, and first published in 1969. First, subsets such as Micro-Plan
MALPAS Software Static Analysis Toolset
MALPAS is a software toolset that provides a means of investigating and proving the correctness of software by applying a rigorous form of static program analysis. The tool uses directed graphs and re
MASON (Java)
MASON is a multi-agent simulation environment developed in Java.
Vampire (theorem prover)
Vampire is an automatic theorem prover for first-order classical logic developed in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Manchester. Up to Version 3, it was developed by Andrei Voro
Maple (software)
Maple is a symbolic and numeric computing environment as well as a multi-paradigm programming language. It covers several areas of technical computing, such as symbolic mathematics, numerical analysis
Term indexing
In computer science, a term index is a data structure to facilitate fast lookup of terms and clauses in a logic program, deductive database, or automated theorem prover.
Equational prover
EQP, an abbreviation for equational prover, is an automated theorem proving program for equational logic, developed by the Mathematics and Computer Science Division of the Argonne National Laboratory.
Theorem Proving System
The Theorem Proving System (TPS) is an automated theorem proving system for first-order and higher-order logic. TPS has been developed at Carnegie Mellon University. An educational version of it is kn
Nqthm is a theorem prover sometimes referred to as the Boyer–Moore theorem prover. It was a precursor to ACL2.
Twelf is an implementation of the logical framework LF developed by Frank Pfenning and Carsten Schürmann at Carnegie Mellon University. It is used for logic programming and for the formalization of pr
Geometry Expert
Geometry Expert (GEX) is a Chinese software package for dynamic diagram drawing and automated geometry theorem proving and discovering. There's a new Chinese version of Geometry Expert, called . Java
Logic Theorist
Logic Theorist is a computer program written in 1956 by Allen Newell, Herbert A. Simon, and Cliff Shaw. It was the first program deliberately engineered to perform automated reasoning and is called "t
Wolfram Mathematica
Wolfram Mathematica is a software system with built-in libraries for several areas of technical computing that allow machine learning, statistics, symbolic computation, data manipulation, network anal
OBJ (programming language)
OBJ is a programming language family introduced by Joseph Goguen in 1976, and further worked on by Jose Meseguer.
CARINE (Computer Aided Reasoning Engine) is a first-order classical logic automated theorem prover. It was initially built for the study of the enhancement effects of the strategies delayed clause-con