Category: Super linear algebra

Poisson superalgebra
In mathematics, a Poisson superalgebra is a Z2-graded generalization of a Poisson algebra. Specifically, a Poisson superalgebra is an (associative) superalgebra A with a Lie superbracket such that (A,
Super vector space
In mathematics, a super vector space is a -graded vector space, that is, a vector space over a field with a given decomposition of subspaces of grade and grade . The study of super vector spaces and t
Brauer–Wall group
In mathematics, the Brauer–Wall group or super Brauer group or graded Brauer group for a field F is a group BW(F) classifying finite-dimensional graded central division algebras over the field. It was
Supercommutative algebra
In mathematics, a supercommutative (associative) algebra is a superalgebra (i.e. a Z2-graded algebra) such that for any two homogeneous elements x, y we have where |x| denotes the grade of the element
Supergroup (physics)
The concept of supergroup is a generalization of that of group. In other words, every supergroup carries a natural group structure, but there may be more than one way to structure a given group as a s
In mathematics and theoretical physics, the Berezinian or superdeterminant is a generalization of the determinant to the case of supermatrices. The name is for Felix Berezin. The Berezinian plays a ro
In mathematics, a supermodule is a Z2-graded module over a superring or superalgebra. Supermodules arise in super linear algebra which is a mathematical framework for studying the concept supersymmetr
In mathematics and theoretical physics, a supermatrix is a Z2-graded analog of an ordinary matrix. Specifically, a supermatrix is a 2×2 block matrix with entries in a superalgebra (or superring). The
In the theory of superalgebras, if A is a commutative superalgebra, V is a free right A-supermodule and T is an endomorphism from V to itself, then the supertrace of T, str(T) is defined by the follow
In mathematics and theoretical physics, a superalgebra is a Z2-graded algebra. That is, it is an algebra over a commutative ring or field with a decomposition into "even" and "odd" pieces and a multip