Category: Subharmonic functions

Fine topology (potential theory)
In mathematics, in the field of potential theory, the fine topology is a natural topology for setting the study of subharmonic functions. In the earliest studies of subharmonic functions, namely those
Subharmonic function
In mathematics, subharmonic and superharmonic functions are important classes of functions used extensively in partial differential equations, complex analysis and potential theory. Intuitively, subha
Plurisubharmonic function
In mathematics, plurisubharmonic functions (sometimes abbreviated as psh, plsh, or plush functions) form an important class of functions used in complex analysis. On a Kähler manifold, plurisubharmoni
Polar set (potential theory)
In mathematics, in the area of classical potential theory, polar sets are the "negligible sets", similar to the way in which sets of measure zero are the negligible sets in measure theory.
Perron method
In the mathematical study of harmonic functions, the Perron method, also known as the method of subharmonic functions, is a technique introduced by Oskar Perron for the solution of the Dirichlet probl