Category: Statistical tests for contingency tables

Fisher's exact test
Fisher's exact test is a statistical significance test used in the analysis of contingency tables. Although in practice it is employed when sample sizes are small, it is valid for all sample sizes. It
Barnard's test
In statistics, Barnard’s test is an exact test used in the analysis of 2 × 2 contingency tables with one margin fixed. Barnard’s tests are really a class of hypothesis tests, also known as uncondition
Yates's correction for continuity
In statistics, Yates's correction for continuity (or Yates's chi-squared test) is used in certain situations when testing for independence in a contingency table. It aimsat correcting the error introd
Cochran–Armitage test for trend
The Cochran–Armitage test for trend, named for William Cochran and Peter Armitage, is used in categorical data analysis when the aim is to assess for the presence of an association between a variable
Boschloo's test
Boschloo's test is a statistical hypothesis test for analysing 2x2 contingency tables. It examines the association of two Bernoulli distributed random variables and is a uniformly more powerful altern
Cochran–Mantel–Haenszel statistics
In statistics, the Cochran–Mantel–Haenszel test (CMH) is a test used in the analysis of stratified or matched categorical data. It allows an investigator to test the association between a binary predi
In statistics, G-tests are likelihood-ratio or maximum likelihood statistical significance tests that are increasingly being used in situations where chi-squared tests were previously recommended. The
Pearson's chi-squared test
Pearson's chi-squared test is a statistical test applied to sets of categorical data to evaluate how likely it is that any observed difference between the sets arose by chance. It is the most widely u
Chi-squared test
A chi-squared test (also chi-square or χ2 test) is a statistical hypothesis test used in the analysis of contingency tables when the sample sizes are large. In simpler terms, this test is primarily us