Category: Smooth manifolds

Tubular neighborhood
In mathematics, a tubular neighborhood of a submanifold of a smooth manifold is an open set around it resembling the normal bundle. The idea behind a tubular neighborhood can be explained in a simple
In mathematics, a nilmanifold is a differentiable manifold which has a transitive nilpotent group of diffeomorphisms acting on it. As such, a nilmanifold is an example of a homogeneous space and is di
Almost complex manifold
In mathematics, an almost complex manifold is a smooth manifold equipped with a smooth linear complex structure on each tangent space. Every complex manifold is an almost complex manifold, but there a
Haefliger structure
In mathematics, a Haefliger structure on a topological space is a generalization of a foliation of a manifold, introduced by André Haefliger in 1970. Any foliation on a manifold induces a special kind
Poisson manifold
In differential geometry, a Poisson structure on a smooth manifold is a Lie bracket (called a Poisson bracket in this special case) on the algebra of smooth functions on , subject to the Leibniz rule
In mathematics, a diffeology on a set generalizes the concept of smooth charts in a differentiable manifold, declaring what the "smooth parametrizations" in the set are. The concept was first introduc
Finsler manifold
In mathematics, particularly differential geometry, a Finsler manifold is a differentiable manifold M where a (possibly asymmetric) Minkowski functional F(x, −) is provided on each tangent space TxM,
Differentiable manifold
In mathematics, a differentiable manifold (also differential manifold) is a type of manifold that is locally similar enough to a vector space to allow one to apply calculus. Any manifold can be descri
Almost symplectic manifold
In differential geometry, an almost symplectic structure on a differentiable manifold is a two-form on that is everywhere non-singular. If in addition is closed then it is a symplectic form. An almost
Almost-contact manifold
In the mathematical field of differential geometry, an almost-contact structure is a certain kind of geometric structure on a smooth manifold. Such structures were introduced by Shigeo Sasaki in 1960.
Fundamental vector field
In the study of mathematics and especially differential geometry, fundamental vector fields are an instrument that describes the infinitesimal behaviour of a smooth Lie group action on a smooth manifo
CR manifold
In mathematics, a CR manifold, or Cauchy–Riemann manifold, is a differentiable manifold together with a geometric structure modeled on that of a real hypersurface in a complex vector space, or more ge
Perfect obstruction theory
In algebraic geometry, given a Deligne–Mumford stack X, a perfect obstruction theory for X consists of: 1. * a perfect two-term complex in the derived category of quasi-coherent étale sheaves on X, a
Rizza manifold
In differential geometry a Rizza manifold, named after Giovanni Battista Rizza, is an almost complex manifold also supporting a Finsler structure: this kind of manifold is also referred as almost Herm
Kenmotsu manifold
In the mathematical field of differential geometry, a Kenmotsu manifold is an almost-contact manifold endowed with a certain kind of Riemannian metric.
Smale conjecture
The Smale conjecture, named after Stephen Smale, is the statement that the diffeomorphism group of the 3-sphere has the homotopy-type of its isometry group, the orthogonal group O(4). It was proved in
Symplectic manifold
In differential geometry, a subject of mathematics, a symplectic manifold is a smooth manifold, , equipped with a closed nondegenerate differential 2-form , called the symplectic form. The study of sy
Kirwan map
In differential geometry, the Kirwan map, introduced by British mathematician Frances Kirwan, is the homomorphism where * is a Hamiltonian G-space; i.e., a symplectic manifold acted by a Lie group G
Pseudo-Riemannian manifold
In differential geometry, a pseudo-Riemannian manifold, also called a semi-Riemannian manifold, is a differentiable manifold with a metric tensor that is everywhere nondegenerate. This is a generaliza