Category: Simplicial homology

Simplicial map
A simplicial map (also called simplicial mapping) is a function between two simplicial complexes, with the property that the images of the vertices of a simplex always span a simplex. Simplicial maps
Barycentric subdivision
In mathematics, the barycentric subdivision is a standard way to subdivide a given simplex into smaller ones. Its extension on simplicial complexes is a canonical method to refine them. Therefore, the
Simplicial homology
In algebraic topology, simplicial homology is the sequence of homology groups of a simplicial complex. It formalizes the idea of the number of holes of a given dimension in the complex. This generaliz
Independence complex
The independence complex of a graph is a mathematical object describing the independent sets of the graph. Formally, the independence complex of an undirected graph G, denoted by I(G), is an abstract